How To Rotisserie Roast Turkey

How To Rotisserie Roast Turkey

Hi ya it’s Bill West with barbecue tricks
dot com with the lowdown on how to rotisserie roast a turkey. Alright, it’s the same kinda deal for chicken
but you need just little more space and I’ve got
a pretty big bird here I’m demo-ing. About a fifteen-pound turkey. And
the first thing I’m gonna say is… wash your hands!
Wash all your utensils … The cutting board – everything.
Get everything really clean. You’re dealing with poultry and you don’t want to deal with
any bacteria. Use hot soapy water. And I gotta say there’s just something about
a rotisserie roasted turkey. It’s just something
to rave about. There’s only about four ingredients:
First, start with a clean bird and then you rub it with basically a house seasoning. Rinse
that chicken inside and out with cold water get the giblets and excess
funk out of the inside — you can prepare those
if you want i don’t really using them for barbecue
maybe for Crab bait here in South Carolina but not for barbecue. Pat the chicken dry
inside and out using a paper towel – then get the spice
rub… about 2 tablespoons kosher salt half of a tablespoon fresh ground black
pepper and i actually like to grind it.
Half of a tablespoon garlic powder and half tablespoon paprika for some color
it’s the basic house seasoning then rub it inside
and out of that bird -generously – I’m trying not to put too much salt
inside – but you can put it underneath the skin all the way I mean
this one’s pretty big you can yse a lot all the way inside
underneath the skin you can actually get down to the legs as well
this whole process it’s what I call getting to poultry third base.
get it underneath the skin because skins basically a wet suit its not gonna
get spice from the outside the skin in So get it underneath you can rub some on the
outsidens and if you wanna even injected my trick is
to inject from inside of the cavity into the meat so
do you dont difigure the skin at all. Alright my big rotisserie tip is: make sure
before you even put the chicken or turkey on the spit… Mark the location
of the grill’s burner with to marks on the spit.
I used a sharpie permanent marker. Just so you know where the center point
is where the meats gonna be cooking on the heat. Simple as that. You mark the center
point before you even get started because it’s hard to move around later. You can find rotisseries made for both gas
score charcoal grills follow your manufacturer’s directions of course.
The biggest thing is you want to make sure that it rotates freely on the spit
you want it to spin around in a nice balanced way. You may have to tuck the legs in. I try
if I can -not – have to truss it. I’ll actually skewer them in with the end
clamps of the wing tips and the legs if possible . And really clamp
it up tight so its a nice compact mass and rotates
smoothly . And of couse this turkey’s pretty big.
I had to remove the grill grates and actually the little covers for
the gas burners on the bottom to make it spin round we’re not actually using some
flame off these bburners so that’s fine it doesn’t really matter.
Again, after you have it rotating on the hot heat it’s hard to adjust
use pliers and secure the thumbscrews pretty good. You don’t want any
end to slide off as ive had it do before. That’s not fun… You can add some water to the drip pan or
sometimes, I like to add a bunch of root vegetables in the pan and let those roast
along with the bird that’s kinda fun too . Basically just let it roll. Check it at the beginning
after about 15 minutes before you leave it unattended
for too long make sure that it’s going good and it’s not
to loosen up or shake loose and then just let it roll – role that beautiful
bird footage! For a medium sized chicken you know the one
I tried was about four and a half to 5 pounds that
took about two hours ofcooking on this grill -gas – this is a 15 pounder
and all said and done it took about five hours but check it when it gets
golden brown keep checking it with a good meat thermometer…let it get to abut 160
degrees and it will come up a little bit more once
it rests but with 160 degrees in the thickest part of the thigh
or the breast it is hot and on that hot skewer so use gloves
and set it aside on a cutting board to rest. Youll also know it’s done when the legs loosen
up like this take a look. There’s just nothing like the skin from a
rotisserie roasted bird. look at that!… I’ll set that aside here…
And that’s it -hey if you can subscribe on youtube: support this channel we
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  1. Thanksgiving eve 2015 12:30 am …..Im so hungry for that turkey and will go to sleep now dreaming of it…. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

  2. thanks for the advice….I had to use my briquet grill…gas grille wouldn't get over 250 degrees..anyways I did as you said and even stuffed butter up into bird with seasonings…and brushed bird every half hr. with vegetable oil with spices. Bird came out beautiful looking….awesome bronze tan…. looked better than a hot blonde with fake tan….haha! Thanks for video….people flipped out on the turkey's look and taste…you can't get a bird that looks that nice from one cooked in a pan….GBYAY!

  3. My oven have 2 pairs of heaters one pair above the rotating bar and another pair at below the bar. Im not sure if I should switch on both pairs or only one of them. Pls advice. Thanks for the nice video.

  4. Too much time spent on the rub, and not enough on how hot the BBQ should be; what burners should be lit; how long should it cook; how to deal with the drippings, etc. Nice looking video quality, however.

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