How to Set Up Wi-Fi on your Behmor Connected Brewer | Behmor

Behmor. Passion for all things coffee. Setting up wifi. Start by downloading the free Behmor app from
the Apple App Store or from Google Play. Open the app and tap ‘next’ to get started.
When you first turn on your Behmor Connected Brewer, the ring light around the ‘start/stop’
button will turn red then green. Then you’ll see the Dado button begin to flash
on and off. Go to your phone settings, select ‘wifi’
and choose ‘Dado’ under networks. Then return to the Behmor app and tap ‘ready’.
Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your network of choice.
Your phone and the brewer will need to be connected to the same network.
Enter the network and password and select ‘okay’.
The app will then scan for your your Behmor brewer to connect.
Once it connects, you’ll see a notification that says ‘fetching your products’.
Once the app connects to your brewer, it’ll notify you that you’re all set.
And the flashing ‘Dado’ light will be solid.
Tap the blue coffee mug icon and it’ll become a large plus symbol.
Now, just that that plus sign, and begin brewing. To learn more about the features of Behmor
brewers, visit our YouTube channel or go to

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