How to Sharpen a Chef Knife ! Chef Knife Makeover 4/4

How to Sharpen a Chef Knife ! Chef Knife Makeover 4/4

Hey guys, salut this is Alex. In this episode of the chef knife makeover series, this is the fourth and final one, sadly, uh… I’m gonna show you how to sharpen your custom chef knife. That being said, you can also learn to sharpen your chef knife, even if it’s not custom I’m just saying This is my chef knife makeover How to customise the chef knife, new design, new shape, new handle, new edge, and of course, new style. To catch a specific result hit the link. Viewer discretion is advised. In this series we’re using dangerously sharp and stupidly… powerful… tools. So would you ever want to use your fingers or your eyes in the future Wear protections! Working with a dull knife doesn’t seem dangerous but it is ’cause you will definitely put much pressure on it then it will slip and go right into the opposite hand. #[email protected]&%*! Bad! Six stitches… bad. Trust me when I say something. So my custom chef knife—which is beautiful by the way We made this lovely, tattooed blade in the previous episode. It’s not dull But, you know… it can be sharpened a bit more. The first method to sharpen a chef knife is to use a honing steel It’s fast but truth be told, it doesn’t actually sharpen your blade. It’s more like “correcting” in fact. So it’s good to improve the edge, but not if you have a dull knife. A sharpening stone usually has two sides A rough one—quickly smooth it down. And a finer one to properly finish it. In order to use it I’m soaking that stone in water first For a few minutes or until no bubbles come out of it. Then I’m securing it on the table with kitchen paper. To sharpen the chef knife just imagine you have to cut slices out of that stone at a 15 degrees angle. 15 degrees angle? What?! I know it’s not super easy to get the angle right So here’s how I cheat on this every time: If you lay the blade flat, this is zero degrees. If you hold it vertically, this is 90 degrees. Between those is 45 degrees. Between those, 22.5 degrees and between those about 11 degree-ish, so just a touch more than that will be 15 degrees. Ah, don’t worry. It works perfectly. Each side gets 3 passes, then 2 passes… then one… done. Studio update about cookbooks. I have a few Japanese cookbooks But the one I use the most is not the most common Let me give you a quick look. And this is the most useful Japanese cookbook ever. It’s called “OISHINBO” and it’s a manga story. I’ve got six of them and every one is about a specific theme Like… this one is about rice, vegetables, sake. This one is about fish, sushi and sashimi. This one is about izakaya—which is the local Japanese pub. And this one is about ramen and gyoza. Ramen being the Japanese soup and gyoza, being some Japanese dumpling. So the reason why I like those books so much is that it’s about learning of course but in a funny way… …in a very casual way. You know grabbing every bits, learning every tricks, eh like remembering every recipe. It’s great to learn. Aaand of the..(x__x ) I should work on my abs… And of the studio update. A whetstone is great, however… it’s hard to be consistent and to keep the angle… And to keep the stone flat as well so… …that is why I am using an electric file instead. I’ve got powerful problems. First off, switch any rough sanding belt for a finer one. This one is a smooth 320 grit. Then I’m running it on the slowest speed. Again, just imagine you’re cutting out slices of that belt at a 15 degrees angle. Each side gets, 3, 2… 1 passes. Done! Although I would not do this on an expensive blade… I find that this works perfectly for me. And my chef knife is definitely way sharper now. As much as I like cutting paper, you know… Let’s cook a few veggies and cut them into slices. The chef knife is now complete with a new edge, a new style, a new handle, and of course a new shape. You know it’s not only about showing off. Indeed it’s a bit about showing off, but mostly it’s about bond between a random tool and a person. And now it’s not a random tool anymore. It’s my little buddy. And he’s ready to go with me in all my adventures. And now people this is your turn. I want to see your creations. Your work. Your tattoo. Your, your sharpening style. Your, your new handles. Just post them online. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. Just tag me in “French Guy Cooking” most of the time. And also add the hashtag #spreaditlikebutter I will showcase the best one. So I really hope you enjoy the whole series and this project as much as I did I mean. And if you did give it a “like” thumbs up and share that to various social media using the hashtag… #spreaditlikebutter This is my favorite hashtag ever. Guys subscribe to the channel of course ’cause I make new videos on Sunday. And it’s mostly about getting the posh out of cooking in general. But also, eh, making obsessive series about things in the kitchen like for example: Pizza, or bread, or tartines (open-face sandwiches). If you want to see something completely different than this knife adventures then you can check out This video where I made four twists out of brioche bread dough. Take care guys. It’s been a pleasure. Bye bye. Salut.

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  1. I do have the stone and the long tool you showed at the beginning but I find the bottom of a China bowl works a charm😆

  2. bon jour Alex,what a beautiful day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i just prayed Fajr and accessed online, once i opened this vedio i received adsense mail they told me my money is ready to be withdrawn , i have waited entire year for that mail!!!!!!!!! and it came to me on your lovely face!!!!!!!!! god bless you,I am Hadeer from Egypt

  3. an angle more than 15° and less than 45° will result in a very sharp blade but a very very brittle one where it is easy to chip so keep around an angle of 15°to20°

  4. I'm dying to try to make my own chef knife now! Better wait until I get home though, they don't appreciate knives on planes for some reason…. 😂😂

  5. Please make a ramen series, nobody has done something similar on youtube, and it could be very informative and entertaining

  6. I recently found your channel and love it! why don't you try a "what you eat in a day" video.
    I live in the US and find it so Interesting to see what other people around the world eat during their day 😊

  7. Oishinbo manga series are the best!
    Other valuable book i use frequently is the 'Flavor Bible'.

    Great foodie YT show. Thanks!

  8. How often is it normal to have to sharpen a chef knife? My knife was great for about a year without any sharpening but now it seems it must be sharpened before every use. Is this normal or am I just bad at sharpening?

  9. Salut! Tout d'abord merci pour tes vidéos super intéressants et drôles. Je voulais savoir la raison pour laquelle tu as choisi ce couteau et non pas le Victorinox. Est ce que c'est à cause de sa solidité?

  10. Some friendly advice: when you use the knife to scrape the veggies from the cutting board into the pan, you should always use the back of the blade. For one, you won't mess up your sharp edge of the blade and second, you don't scrape tiny pieces of the cutting board into the wok.
    Watching your show is enternaining and i learn a few bits here and there. Good work.

  11. Very good videos!

    BTW something I've been curious about for a while, is this your real accent or a fake one? 🙂

  12. Great tips on letting people know how to quickly sharpen their knives, but sadly to say the edges will not last and will blunt quite quickly. TL;DR use a series of whetstones if you want a lasting edge.

  13. You should get a Japanese Stone and feel for the Burr or wired edge. Litterally a later video where you do this. I love that video.

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