How To Use A Bain Marie | 1 Minute Tips | French Guy Cooking

How To Use A Bain Marie | 1 Minute Tips | French Guy Cooking

Hey Guys I want to show you how to make a
Bain Marie also known as a double boiler a Bain Marie is perfect to cook gently at low
and even temperature spot on to make some chocolate chips or scrambled eggs fill a pan
with water til you reach half of it place it on medium high heat and let it reach soft boil
then place a large and heat proof bowl on top use this set up to melt chocolate for example the
heat will be slow soft and even when you remove the bowl always take care that the steam doesn’t
burn you and that is how to make a Bain Marie if you want more tips then click on the link!

28 thoughts on “How To Use A Bain Marie | 1 Minute Tips | French Guy Cooking”

  1. The music is too loud can hardly hear him. What's more impotent, for us to hear the music you didn't pay royalties on or hear of the technique?

    And why is the water touching the bowl?

  2. I noticed that the bowl was sitting on the water. I've always been told that the water and bowl should never make contact. Which method is correct?

  3. Is it possible to cook rice this way?
    I keep burning my rice when I'm cooking over my gas stove (yes it's at the lowest setting).

  4. For chocolate especially for white chocolate, the bowl should not get in touch with the water and the water should only simmer and not boil as seen in the video when the bowl was inside the pot.

  5. I've heard on the different Masterchef shows that when melting chocolate it shouldn't get hotter than 50-60 degrees Celcius as it's bad for the taste and texture. Does this only refer to when tempering chocolate to get a smooth consistency and a crunchy texture when it dries or is this something to take notice for when used in cakes etc.?

  6. seriously is this guy teaching? He doesn't even know the proper technique to melt chocolate lol.. come on jamie oliver are you really gonna associate your brand with this?

  7. To Whomever edited this video… The reason it's called background music is because it plays in the background. It's actually not supposed to drown out the voice of the person talking in the video… Just saying *~

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