How to use Wood Smoking Chips | Easy Grilling Tips

How to use Wood Smoking Chips | Easy Grilling Tips

How to use wood smoking chips? What are wood smoking chips?
Well, these are those little chips of different flavored woods that you get in the bag that
you use for smoking. They come in different sizes and shapes.
You can use them dry or soak. You can soak them in water, beer, wine or
juices. As an example, if you put dry wood chips on
your charcoal it starts to smoke rather quickly and it proceeds to engulf itself in flames
creating, in my opinion, a harsh smoke. Putting soaked wood chips on charcoal takes
a little longer to start smoking and even longer to catch on fire creating what I believe
is a sweeter release of smoke. Closing the lid does smother the flames and
the chips will smoke for a longer period. But there is what I feel a better alternative.
Take a large sheet of aluminum foil, add some soaked chips and some dry chips, mix them
up. We are looking for 50/50 ratio.
And then close for a packet making sure that you fold both wings back in on itself so that
you will have 3 thick layers of aluminum foil. Flip your packet over and puncture some holes
in the top. Place your packet on some hot coals and enjoy
that sweet smoke from those apple chips. Without the flare-up your wood chips will
last much longer this way. So tell me what you think in the comments
below, do you use wood chips wet or dry? What secrets or tips do you have?
Hey, that’s it. Thanks for watching.
This is Gary House with Cooking Everything Outdoors show.
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16 thoughts on “How to use Wood Smoking Chips | Easy Grilling Tips”

  1. Yes, yes, yes… now that I see it, it so simple.

    I spend the last weekend laboratoring  with chips in my wood fire oven… ok, actually I charcoal fired it. Poor results.

    But the aluminium foil wrap creates an own – lets call it boiling unit – for the wood… and it takes care of the temperature and avoids to much vaporisation.

    This works for sure. Thanks a lot.

  2. I have several extra old cast iron humidifiers that look something like a tea pot. they are sold in hardware stores in the stove fireplace section for less than 20 bucks brand new.   I have an offset chamber smoking grill.  I add some charcoals to grate and fill the cast iron pot full of wood chips.  the smoke comes out of the spout readily.  I have used both wet and dry chips. I'll try mixed next.  I may fill the pot full of water and add the chips in foil beside it.   options.

  3. I have done all the above with wood chips and in either application wood chips should only be used for your shorter cooks.  The foil application does extend the smoking time.  

  4. In used the exact method described in the video for years and it works well. I used gas mainly in those days and found the packet situated between two flavor bars to gave a good lengthy smoke. I've since graduated to charcoal and smoke most of my food either on my kettles or uds. I've found chunks to work well and I can even space it out to control the amount and length of smoke. I may revisit this method for my kettles though as the chunks can be wasteful on short cooks like chicken.

  5. Well
    I started using wet chips in foil, like you did in the video. Then I moved to the dry ones because I really believe that wet + foil is not nevessary.
    That's my thought.
    Keep on helping us beginners with more tip & triks.
    Ciao Enrico

  6. Absolutely!  This is my preferred method for using chips, but I still don't soak mine.  I usually poke just one or two holes in the foil pouch and they smoke for a long time… great tip!

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