Hunting Mantis Shrimp with Bamboo Trap Catch and Cook

Hunting Mantis Shrimp with Bamboo Trap Catch and Cook

Look at this mantis shrimp pit and this look at the gravel and this is in the middle of the hole so if it’s a shrimp hole like this means the rocky inner hole in the sand it’s rocky Try opening the door of the hole first this see wow giant okay now get the trap we are the best which one is this? good all the traps I think this one is more solid okay This must be seen first where the hole okay the direction is to the west so the direction is westward, meaning to set the trap from the east okay already completed applause (to wake the mantis shrimp to respond quickly to the bait) jadi ini mau di tinggal now it’s around five in the afternoon so I want to find more mantis shrimp holes towards that end of the island more or less 1 hour more this device I live but if I get the shrimp one hour, I just came here, this shrimp is either dead or not because it has been exposed to war but if you can, hopefully you can survive not die okay go straight there ow … what’s going on here? so fierce The crab is not in the size of this catch The crab is not in the size of this catch OK, have reached the end of the island and look at this bro, I think there are more shrimp holes the size is not included in the capture size so this trap doesn’t fit either This trap won’t fit into its shrimp pit okay wait about 2 months and then enter the size of the capture wow look at the tide a little water hasn’t receded all of this anyway so you can’t find mantis shrimp on the north side of the island there are so many holes in that area but this water does not recede all dan surut nya sudah mulai malam so you have to go back to the place you were before who knows there’s another hole there and who knows the trap that had successfully trapped the mantis shrimp it hasn’t been an hour yet but if you can, hopefully still survive, not die finally the trap position looks like it has managed to trap the shrimp so this is its function so that it can withstand traps if it gets shrimp so it doesn’t go inside ok this should be slow to pull look at the shrimp fight kuat sekali this injury is carapace luka sedikit doang sih and this size has entered the size of capture lihat besar banget the size is also already above 20 cm if under 15 cm it is illegal not to catch it must be released again mantis shrimp can also be measured from the hole if the hole like this is the size of the catch and this trap tool is also set and only fits the legal size allowed to be caught Wow, look at the sunset, bro really beautiful love

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  1. Ini lokasinya di sumenep dmn ya,, msh asri dan alami skli pantainya, apakah lokasiny jauh dari pemukiman? Baru tau ad pantai sealami ini, ga harus ke daerah timur indonesia 👍

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