I Am A Kombucha Brewmaster | INDIE ALASKA

I Am A Kombucha Brewmaster | INDIE ALASKA

Palmer itself is a very open
and welcoming community. There’s been kind of a steady
growth in this area of town. Enough things to do that
you can come over here
and hang out for an afternoon. I do have a pretty sensitive
gut. Over time, when I drink
kombucha regularly I have a better ability
to take the foods. Kombucha is a fermented
tea drink. The fermentation
comes from the cultured that is both bacteria and yeast.
We call it a scoby. Good morning. Woah… If you get a good wiff
and it’s hard to breath,
that’s a good sign. That scoby feed off the sugar
and tea nutrients and
produces a number acids, bacterias and carbon dioxide. The kombucha we make is following
pretty much the standard old
time recipe of basic organic tea blends.
Black tea, green tea. We use
some roy boost tea, we use some yamamoto It makes me feel better daily.
It’s replacing something that’s
bad for you and giving you something
that’s good for you. We spent a whole year
wholesaling it, sampling it, farmers markets,
restaurant sampling…
Everything to try to just teach people about it. Answer
questions, kind of maybe get
rid of some of the mystery and or the bad
impressions you might have. It proved to be Alaska was
ready for kombucha. Sound of Needle Drop Vinyl night… ♪♪ through working with
other people in the community
and even folks that just walk in the door. We’re still shaping
the second half of what this
business can be. And that’s what’s so great
about such a simple and
small business model. We can run experimental
things, and if it doesn’t work,
do it differently next time. It’s really simple.
It’s iteration. That’s how
things are invented. It’s perfect. Kombucha is a personal drink.
It has a profile to it. You can
enjoy it. You can talk about it
with your friends. Maybe people really want
something that tastes almost
like soda. And I can see disapoinment in
their face like, “Oh this still does taste like
what I thought kombucha
tastes like.” And that’s okay. I have sparkling water
for those people.

3 thoughts on “I Am A Kombucha Brewmaster | INDIE ALASKA”

  1. I love your kombucha setup and that you've created a business for it! I am a new kombucha home brewer; about 2 months now, but no where near the type of setup you have. Your booch looks delicious! I just subscribed to your channel as well. 🙂

  2. Kombucha is the new "must try" thing here in Brazil too! I love your channel. Makes me want to visit Alaska for vacation!

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