87 thoughts on “I Challenged My Friend To Eat An 18½-Pound Bowl Of Ramen • Giant Food Time”

  1. These are the best kind of noods, am I right? 😋 🍜

    Do you think you could finish this giant bowl of ramen?

  2. Okay i lied with that another video of eating Pho with Andrew, i really think i am fallen in love with Brenden. Ramen speaks to me in so many different personal levels, (dont get me started please lmaaooo) and i love you Brenden date me i can cook you ramen 24/7 all the timeeeeee!!!

  3. Normal people eats one pack of Ramen noodle:ughhh im so full

    Me: inhales 15 packs of Ramen noodle* I'M STILL STARVING REEEEE

  4. I don't think they should be talking about how much they love something until they can prove they can eat the food… Talking trash before you can prove it, makes them sound…

  5. can we just stop pretending and hav a show where we see if she can just finish w.e item of food it is for the episode… I want to see to see her actually try! don't act like u people don't either ahaha

  6. Brenden: "If i could live in a bowl of ramen I would never leave"
    Brenden: "This looks like a job for me"

  7. I love that he’s this excited to eat ramen because that’s how I feel about it too lol. He has blessed his food well with his gratefulness.

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