I cooked a FRANKLIN BBQ EXPERIMENT for my friends!

I cooked a FRANKLIN BBQ EXPERIMENT for my friends!

After going to Franklin’s barbecue in
Austin Texas and having an amazing experience my nephew Angel was always
asking me Guga you should have taken me. And I don’t blame him I really should
have, and ever since then it’s always on the back of my mind to make it up to him
and today’s that day and I’m cooking him a Franklin barbecue experience the best
way I can. And the best part he will not be waiting seven hours in line like I
did. So let’s do it! This is a sterling silver 14 and a half
pounds choice grade packer brisket which I got from my meat dealer and it is
absolutely gorgeous. If you are unfamiliar with brisket there are two
muscles we have the flat and the point as you can see the point has a
tremendous amount of fat and there’s no way you will all render during the
cooking process, so you want to do some trimming. I like to take as much of the
hunk chunk fat out and on the point section which is the most lean part of
the brisket leave about a quarter inch so you have a nice balance with the lean
and fat. Point has a really good amount of intramuscular fat so I try to remove
as much as I can. When trimming I look for two things remove the fat that will
not render and try to give my brisket a nice shape for airflow. Once I’m done
this is what it looks like. As you can see the top fat from the point was completely removed, and the flat I try to leave a quarter inch all the way around.
And that’s how I like to trim my brisket. For the seasoning I’m keeping a pretty
simple Texas style and we are only using two ingredients coarse black pepper and
coarse salt. When I open the pepper up you can see it’s a nice coarse ground
that will give you a nice spark in the end. You could also use a freshly ground
black pepper mill but that’s not what they do in Texas and I want to keep it
original. And if I put both in my hands you can see the difference between them.
And if you are wondering at Franklin’s they use the coarse one and not freshly
ground black pepper. For the salt it is also course you don’t want to use fine
table salt it is much harder to judge table salt
as it is too fine and most of the time when using it you will over salt it. I’m
gonna be using a 50/50 mix just put them together combine everything and your
brisket seasoning is ready. Some people like to use Worcestershire sauce yellow
mustard and I’ve even heard that a lot of people use olive oil as well. For
today I’ll be using Worcestershire sauce. The Worcestershire sauce it’s not
to give additional flavor it’s just to ensure that my seasoning will stick. I want my brisket very flavorful so I’m letting it dry brine overnight so that the
salt can penetrate deeply into the meat. The second thing I had there in Franklin’s
was beef ribs and men was it good, but since I have these short ribs here in
the house I’m gonna cook them up just like they do, and the first thing I like
to do is to remove the fat. This fat will not render under the cooking process and
if I leave it on my seasoning will not penetrate, so I like to remove it. And as
you know short rib has a really good amount of intramuscular fat. You don’t
need the additional layer on top so I’ll be removing almost all of it. Once I was
done this is what it looks like. Then I treated it the exact same way I did
with the brisket. A little bit of Worcestershire sauce and seasoned it
well with coarse salt and coarse black pepper. Keep in mind you want to season
every single part including the edges. And just like the brisket I’ll be
letting it dry brine overnight in my refrigerator so that the salt can
penetrate deeply into the meat. The very next morning I took the brisket out and
as you can see there is no longer any trace of salt, and it is fully seasoned.
I’m gonna be cooking this brisket at 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Once I have a nice
beautiful color on it I’ll be wrapping it with aluminum foil to tenderize it.
I’m doing the exact same thing with the short rib. Once it’s wrapped
I only know when it’s tender if I poke through it and it feels like butter,
that’s when I know they’ll both be done. if you are curious about temperature
before wrapping I’m shooting for about a hundred and sixty-five degrees
Fahrenheit, but I never go by temp I go by look and feel. I’m also gonna be
cooking some amazing sausages for us to try. But now I say it is enough talking and
it is time to make some amazing American barbecue so let’s do it! Alright everybody as you can see we have
our beautiful Franklin’s barbecue experience here. I got the real judge he
was there with me, Emilio. And I know that and take you and you’ve been asking me
for it. Emilio. So this one is for you, because I didn’t
take you. Ahhhh okay. Yes I felt bad everybody of not taking Angel. We have brisket flat,
point, sausages and also dinosaur ribs. Alright which one we are gonna go for first? Oh boy.
This is the best part. This should be the best part is the fattiest part of the
brisket. I’m gonna go this way over here. This one is the fatty one Angel. Im ready! I already had mine. Cheers oh you already had yours.. ha, ha, ha Mmm-hmm super fatty, smoky flavor that
salt and pepper is wonderful I think you I think you hit the spot man because one of the
things that I like about Franklin’s remember that there was the smoked
flavor but it wasn’t like overwhelming. Exactly it was not too powerful. Yeah the
other places that we went to you can have the smoked flavor for hours is
still in your mouth in your mouth this one is just perfect. It has a nice mild
smoke. Yeah it does. Yeah I agree with you. Okay
sausage time yeah. This sausage from my brother Emilio everybody Cheers! That’s a nice sausage Emilio. mm-hmm What
kind of sausage is that Emilio? This is Joe’s Pork. Pork sausage? Pork sausage yea. Mmm that’s awesome some nice blend spices in there really enjoy that one. Yeah really good. You didn’t even have to fly over there. I make it for you you dont have to go! We waited six hours. Six hours on the line everybody six hours.How long did i wait today? You just got here. Ha, ha. There you go! I just wanna keep eating. Emilio just wants to go. We have to do it a break for the camera so we can film it. Okay enough talking
dinosaur ribs yes we haven’t that yet. I wish Oscar was here with the Dinosaur ribs that’s what he calls it. Go for an Angel. Dinosaur ribs everybody. Cheers! They’re like meat butter.t’s like
meat butter. Emilio you’re ok? Um hum Wow. That is amazing. That’s actually really good. OK I have my favorite which one’s your favorite Angel?
Emilio what’s your favorite? I gotta go for this one. This is amazing everybody absolutely
incredible. Oh fall off the bone. Now I will say this I have a tremendous
amount of respect for Franklin it was a wonderful experience
there’s no way that I can compare myself to a true master like Franklin if you
have never been to his restaurant I recommended it a hundred percent, doing the line staying there, is it worth Emilio? Oh yea. It’s worth it
everybody it’s something that you will not do it all the time but it’s an
experience that we will never forget this. Unforgettable. Actually when we were on the line we were like Man I hope this is really worth it. But as soon as we gave it the first bite… Oh We forgot that we were there for seven hours. It was like barbecue paradise. Yea it was good huh? but I made for you! Uh huh. Franklin I love that guy, so good! Yeah no but I made it too. But I made it for you. Isn’t it good? It’s amazing but I don’t know what Franklin is like. Hey you see this inspired
me to make you today’s dinner yeah. Alright fine.
Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you do enjoyed this video make
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is always in the description down below. Thank you so much for watching I will
see you guys on the next one. Take care everybody. Bye bye

100 thoughts on “I cooked a FRANKLIN BBQ EXPERIMENT for my friends!”

  1. fortunately for me when i went i only waited 3 hours… but this was when he was still pretty new, got there at 8am with 12 people in front, within an hour 300 people behind me… it was amazing and they are such great people

  2. $116 for a packer brisket?! I've got a ways to go before I start spending that kind of money on a brisket. I wish though. Looks good.

  3. haha you got me. I was thinking " there's no way the pull test will be that easy" …. and then I saw you do it.. you're the king

  4. The trick to the mild smoke flavor is keeping your smoke to a minimum. Out of the smoke stack it should never be white smoke.
    I prefer using wood only – NO Charcoal – pecan, cherry, white oak smokes venison so well.
    Anyway yeah keep a hot fire to pull red hot coals from

  5. Me: happy with my second try smoking a brisket today

    Also me: watching this video after I spent 12 hrs on my brisket depressed mine didn’t look like this one 😞

  6. Franklins is probably way way better. Based on what I am seeing. It took them years to perfect this year bbq. People wait around the block. Anyone saying this guys one time attempt puts him in the same category of the greatest bbq in the world is delusionL.

  7. Doing a franklin style bbq then use choice grade beef and coat with wisticher sauce both of which he does not use. Then you used the texas crutch wrap that he also does not use, he uses butcher paper. Why use his name for your video and not follow his simple process? I guess it gets you more views. I am sure your brisket came out fantastic but its not Franklin style its yours. I lie you and you seem like a nice guy but this was wrong click bait video beneath you

  8. I'm a Bayless & yes, he is my Cousin!. My paw was from Texas & I'm stuck in, Mi.. Great video & content. I thank thee for sharing all…

  9. Guga: (walks up to meat dealer) You got the stuff ?

    Meat dealer: Yea, thats gonna be $350

    Guga : Body slams meat dealer and runs away

    Guga: (starts video) So i got this from my meat dealer…

  10. Guga, there is a masterclass of Franklin teaching how to smoke brisket. You should watch it then make a video using his method

  11. 2:30 am, sitting here watching Guga do this BBQ……and I now understand where the term 'food porn' came from.

  12. Talk about pandering you don’t even cook at the same ways Franklin yet your name dropping him and his food isn’t even present. What was the point in using his name or referencing him at all other than getting views and making you look dumb. Might as well put a half naked woman on your thumbnail as well maybe you can get some more views that way

  13. I love the relationship you and angel have with each other. You can really tell you both love and care for each other very much.

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