I Dry-Aged a $1,000.00 WAGYU STEAK MSB7 at home!

I Dry-Aged a $1,000.00 WAGYU STEAK MSB7 at home!

This is a $1,000 piece of meat, by far
the most expensive I’ve ever held in my hands. It is an Australian Wagyu marbling
score seven. What that means is that the intramuscular fat is very high and
you will see that very shortly. And today I’m going to be dry-aging to see if I
can make it even better, or if it’s gonna be a complete disaster and waste of
money. And the first thing we need to do is to cut it open. Once I opened it up I
was surprised on the intramuscular fat. I had marbling score seven before and
this one looks like an eight. I think I got lucky. For you to better understand
how prestigious is I will explain. Wagyu means Japanese cow, it is the most
prestigious in the world. In order to be called wagyu it must be a hundred percent
full blood and this is what this is. Unlike American Wagyu which is the cross
of Angus cattle with Wagyu and most of the time it is not Black Angus they use
red Angus this is a hundred percent full blood Wagyu. Even though this is
Australian it is a hundred percent Wagyu Japanese cow he just came from
Australia. And as I cut them into steaks you can see how perfect every single one
is. To keep this test consistent I will be
freezing these steaks, to compare with the dry age and to see how different it
will be. And if you are concerned because I am freezing them, I’ll put a link on
the description down below about a freezing experiment I did. If you do
everything right it is pretty much as good as fresh steaks. Once I was done
vacuum packing them they were ready for the freezer. The second half I am going
to be dry-aging and I’ll be using the my dry bags. It is
the only way I trust to dry-aged this expensive cut of meat. This is not a
regular bag it is a membrane and it was designed to allow moisture to escape
without letting anything bad to go back in, and it’s also perfect for me as it
allows me to dry aged at home without any special equipment. I started by
transferring it directly into the bag, pushing it to the side, and tried to
remove as much air out. Then using the special fabric that comes in the kit I
was able to remove most of the air out. There is no way you will be able to
remove 100% of the air and that’s okay. Then I folded the excess and put it over
our cooling rack so that it can dry age in my refrigerator, it is my regular
standard refrigerator at home. And the temperature is always at 34 degrees
Fahrenheit or 1 degree Celsius. But now there’s nothing else to do but wait 45
day. After 45 days as expected the UMAI dry worked like a charm. So I quickly
opened it up and I was rewarded with a beautiful and perfectly dry aged Wagyu. As you can see you can still see the
marbling, and the fat is very different from anything I’ve ever experienced
before. It stills melts with a touch of my hand.
It is perfectly dry-aged and now it’s time to open it up. Once I was done cutting all the steaks
you can see the intramuscular fat is incredible and way better than when he
was fresh. I am no longer calling them marbling score seven they have just been
upgraded to eight. Wow! The wonderful thing about dry aging is
that now he is okay to vacuum-pack them and eat them when you’re ready. A lot of
people like to remove the pellicles at this time. Pellicles are the outer edges
of the steak that are bad, they don’t taste good.
They have great uses for hamburgers and other things but on the actual steak you
don’t want it. But I like to freeze it this way and this is the one we’re gonna
be cooking today. I’m just shocked how wonderful it looks and I’m ready to
taste it. For a better comparison you can see the
fresh steak on the left and the dry-aged on the right. As the steak lost a lot of
moisture content it compressed all the fat and made it much more marbled but
it also reduced in size and I can’t wait to taste it. So I quickly removed all the
pellicles it is important to remove as much as necessary. This is not a steak
for you to get full, it is a tasting steak. Not your everyday New York Strip
and every bite counts, so remove as much as necessary. Once I was done this is
what it looks like. And stay tuned for the trimmings you’ll be seeing a video
on that real soon. So we can really see how much it was lost I’m also going to
trim the fresh steak as well which was previously frozen as you know that’s why
you see a little bit of oxidation on top. But once I apply the super trim you can
see what they both look like next to each other. Fresh steak on the left and
dry aged steak on the right. But now that you see the difference it is time for
the taste test. To taste the beef and keeping the seasoning simple with only
salt and pepper and nothing else. To ensure both steaks will be cooked to
perfection I am using my wireless thermometers. I’m gonna be using the
reverse sear method, I will cook the steaks in indirect heat until they reach
a hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit, once that’s done, I will be removing my
thermometers and searing them off. But now I say it is enough talking and it is
time to cook them. So let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steaks right here. I don’t know if I have ever Angel being excited about a steak
it is this one. I’m super pumped I can’t believe this day happened. You have no
idea what’s going on. Nope I have no idea. Well, you’ll find out real soon once you try the very
first one. Let’s go for this one here first tell me how you like it. Right here? Yes, yes
tell me is it good tell me you tried it go for it. Well is good. Oh yea. This is incredible everybody. OK There’s people that ask oh don’t you get tired of steak?
Are you crazy! There’s me what I say that? What’s wrong
with you people, what’s wrong with you people?
Can you actually get tired of steak everybody’s is that humanly possible? whoa! What
are you doing bro relax bro? Whats up? Relax bro. Hold on. I’ve been attacked! Yes you have! You went whoa! Yes yes exactly
because now we’re gonna try this one. Cheers buddy! Wow Oh my god Ha, ha. Sorry that was like a crazy laugh right? Like you’re a mad scientist right there. Ookay are we
allowed to go again? What do you think about this steak Angel first of all. I
mean I’d rather go for that one and this one is awesome.
Oh my goodness everybody it’s incredible. I wanna go! You can go, go for it.
That thing is like irresistible. You have to describe that kind of, is it even
possible to describe this kind of taste that we’re having right now. I don’t
think it is. It is very tender ridiculously tender because the steak,
Angel let me just tell Angel right now I can’t hold it back anymore. This
is dry aged .Definitely it is dry aged and this one what is this here? Not dry aged.
Exactly but what kind of steak is this? Think you’ve seen it in the refrigerator
New York? Yes what is it? Australian? Australian. ahahaha. Yes Australian
Wagyu marbling score eight and dry-aged Australian marbling score eight. Wow I
better hurry up and talk because you are just keep on going. I’m gonna compare
them I know you’re gonna compare them again and go ahead for it. It tastes like
a dry aged steak but on steroids alright. For this one it has like that
traditional steak taste that we always get, and then this one has that dry aged
like mmm I don’t know you can’t really describe that. Is like an umami flavor a little
bit nutty I say nutty you don’t say nutty I don’t. You say something else.
I feel like it tastes like it’s like kind of wine-ish. Wine-ish. There’s yeah like
a fine taste. Fermented it kind of taste a little like fermented a little
bit. I could eat the whole thing. I know, right? I am being nice right now. Are you being polite? Go for it Angel. Go for it. I know what you’re gonna ask me. Is it better than Japanese Wagyu A5. Yes! It is. That is so mean, thats just a mean comparison. It is better my god. But it’s dry aged. I know. It is seems
like cheating . Is cheating it is cheating. If you want to get full this is not a
stake to get full. This is an enjoyable steak so cutting it nice and thin was a
very good recommendation. I’s like… Whoa c’mon man! Guys I hope you enjoyed this video,
if you do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a
subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re
interested in anything I use, everything is always in the description down below.
Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one take care everybody. Bye bye. It’s amazing because we ate the
whole thing there’s no more.

100 thoughts on “I Dry-Aged a $1,000.00 WAGYU STEAK MSB7 at home!”

  1. Bet "dry aging" was invented by the restuarants, so that they can have a reason to store unused meat longer xD I know drying meat is nothing new. Also, the younger guy Angelo or whatever, is more hungry than a meat nerd. You can buy him a pizza and he will eat it the same way it seems like almost

  2. One word or letter! Y??? Maybe if its a low grade but A5 are you kidding??? Its fine, salt ,pepper, BASTE with a beef fat/ unsalted butter blend. And when you cook the steaks use cast iron. Sometimes you just have to be humble and listen. It might be something you are missing and it may or may not be applicable. There are no boundaries in cooking nobody knows everything

  3. It is possible to get full by a Kobe a5 miuzaki prefecture steak , just order a 20 ounce one ! Its 1000 dollars here in toronto . Cheers .

  4. 0:39 „I have had marbling score 7 before and THIS looks like an 8“

    3:37 „I am no longer calling it a marbling 7, they have just been upgraded to 8“


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    love you guys. the first time I had Wagyu beef I was in the same situation. Dry aged Wagyu is next.

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  11. MBS 7+ is pretty much equivalent to A4 japanese wagyu steak btw. Looks Hella Delicious. if it's dry aged then yeah it would be more delicious. However, because they dry aged the MBS 7+ it's not really a fair comparison like give A5 Wagyu Steak the same dry aged treatment and then we talk.

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