100 thoughts on “I Gave A Kitchen Pantry Makeover To A Professional Chef”

  1. All very well and good, but how much did BuzzFeed pay for all those magic jars? Or Nifty or tasty or whoever it is for whom you work. How about Organization for the person that can't afford to go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of matching jars?

  2. Looks great! I have a small thing though, wouldn't it be better to have the labels on the jar closer to the top? That way you can read them still while utilizing the stair thing.

  3. Hi there:) Can you please tell me where to buy one of those label makers? I’d really appreciate it tysm!!

  4. Thank you guys so much for watching!! 💖 Are there any other space you’d like to see a mini makeover of? I’d love to do more of these in between Space Lift seasons! 😄

    FUN FACT!! : I got to work with the wonderful, amazing, creative genius- TARN on this video! (you can see her in the beginning hehe) She produced it! If you haven’t watched her Barbie DreamHouse makeover video YOU MUST. IM OBSESSED. ✨✨✨

  5. I always love these videos/content and I’m always like I definitely want to do something like this where do I get all these tools/supplies? And I go to see in the description box if maybe just maybe they started putting a link of what/where they got it from or just what the brand/name of the item but they never do!!! 😭 please please that’s all I ask 😩

  6. Uhm, like? I get an error 404 server not found it i click like. But i can dislike. I dont get it. But its a nice video

  7. It's better to use jars with screw-caps as food moths can get in any containers except the ones with screw-caps. Loose jar lids aside. Looove the tiles in that kitchen. But I would have loved to see a more detailed view of the new organisation.

  8. How did you know which items she wanted to keep? Did you just keep everything that wasn't expired? And I notice on the spices after you "organized" them – you can only see what the front row of them are – how is that helpful? She'll have to guess at what's in the rows behind.

  9. I love the content of space lift (and also organisation videos as such!), and love Ashley's energy. I believe lots of effort is involved by the whole team. Good job Nifty team!

  10. Yes, I loved the video and the organization, but no one is going to comment on the chef's hair? Sooo beautiful!

  11. This might sound salty so I apologized beforehand. But I wonder.. it seems like nowadays everyone can be a professional chef.. profesional organizer.. professional this and that

  12. When the before is more organized than your pantry and the after is more organized than your life 😂😂😢😢ah it's okay yeah keep lying to yourself 😢😢

  13. For anyone looking for the label maker we used you can get one here: https://www.containerstore.com/s/dymo-embossing-label-maker/d?productId=11000737&q=label%20maker

  14. i see people saying that decanting into jars reduces plastic waste and i am confused by that – obviously i get it if you’re going to one of those stores where they have non-packaged goods, but this video made this into two separate points. if you’re just going to a regular store, you’ll be buying the same stuff, it’ll just be living in jars when you get home – so i don’t really get the point that people are making there? am i missing something?

  15. Anyone else wish she'd put the labels higher on the spice jars, so Erica could see the labels on the second and third rows?!

  16. I love cooking and organizing.this is my goal. I would for my pantry to be organized. It is organized but this is gorgeous.

  17. This video gave this professional organizer an organization-orgasm!!! 😫🙌😂😘😘😘 And I learned a couple of new tricks, like the garbage bag holder! 😀👏

  18. Just watched Erica in Goodful channel!!she does meal prep for other people, this video was recommended next to watch, thank you YT!!🤗🤗

  19. Great makeover. Fair question how are you a professional "chef" if your miez doesn't flow? Professional? By all means be a lover of food and the craft, just be careful of the titles you bestow upon yourself.

  20. the label should have been near to the top otherwise you have to take out all the front jars to see the behind ones. just my thought

  21. She has such glorious hair! And a great figure. Sigh. I used to have glorious hair, and an okay figure.

  22. I love her, but she needs an intensive course on eyeshadowing. Nothing blended… it’s like the nineties all over again.

  23. The minishelf under the sink was clever as often the tip is a shower Rod which is pretty but often doesn’t fit because of pipes.

  24. How does it reduce waste if you’re buying stuff in plastic and then just filling it up in jars? You still throw away the plastic bag.

  25. Two areas that should NEVER use highly textured containers [woven baskets etc] are the kitchen and bathroom, for obvious challenges in sanitation. No baskets or highly textured items can ever be washed or laundered sufficiently for proper cleanliness. Think about it. As stupid as folks placing their open toothbrush holder close to [within 10 ft. of] their toilet.

  26. Had one of those label makers in the 80s. Prefer the newer ones. A actually didn’t know they still made them.

  27. “She did a good job putting a lot of stuff in a small place” 100% that’s not a small place at all

  28. Great makeover, I wish they'd given a more detailed tour of the finished pantry though…i.e. close ups and how's it's organised i.e. here's the spices, savoury, sweet, flours etc

  29. Everyone’s talking about the chefs hair… but her BUTT looks amazing in those pants lol. 🙈

  30. Oh my god every day one plastic bag?please stop it ..try to opt less waste life…there are plenty of videos on internet..pleasee stoppp doing it please

  31. Helpful suggestion: when I saw the "chef" standing on a chair to reach the higher storage shelves, I cringed and shouted: "Get a proper, sturdy step stool!" And yes, I was our OSHA rep at the research facility where I was a project chemist.

  32. Watching this video I have warnning all you people: Don't take a chair to reach anything! It's very dangerous!!! I've just broken my arm doing that. It's serious: don't do it!!!

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