I Got Roasted by PEWDIEPIE… 😱😡 *My Response*

I Got Roasted by PEWDIEPIE… 😱😡 *My Response*

Listen to the way. He says morgz. Can we get a replay on that mork’s mork’s mork’s? Seriously, bro it is morgz not mork’s? Boys and girls the time is currently 7 a.m. And Iay have been playing fortnite all night. But that doesn’t matter just follow jdbarwin on instagram and poop entertaiment(profile image on youtube is a action thing) There’s more important things at state right now ever since we moved into the new house mom’s been staying out She’s been struggling to wake up because she’s been so tired, and I thought why don’t I be the amazing son iam and help her out GRRR She is gonna kill me Good morning mom good morning i hope that you wake up and get your day started out look in the camera and say i have been pranked MUM:GO AWAY!!! i will do it if you don’t Mum:i have been pranked Mum: i have been pranked MORGAN Morgz Laughing Martin I think of my own broken mom and all not no boys and girls welcome back to another another fun action video Comin out today from I Don’t have a name for the house guys comment down below. What should we call the house Anyway we don’t need a name for the house right now. It’s still gonna be a lit video So yeah guys Let’s do this!! Mum the camera is off are you seriously mad at me? Mum:Yes iam mad Wait why is it was just a prank Go away you little idiot! You are not gonna be sleeping today Mum I’m sorry Mum:You douchbag (angry) I’ll buy you Starbucks Mum:Morgan F**k off that’s what iam saying Guys she has just freaked out more than I’ve ever seen her before I need to get out of the flipping out before she kills me Martin Due to circumstances Martin Help me help me Martin. I’ve got a wild and Jill on my hands She just took water all over me as you can see man. I like and She’s not happy, bro This wasn’t the way the vlog was supposed to start up on nevertheless if you’re new here Go down there and smash that subscribe button I’m trying to get 3 million subscribers And if you want to be a part of team Morgz and join me on my journey Then go down There smash that subscribe button and also seeing as I am now literally drenched in water Please smash that like button right down there. I’m freezing, but anyway guys Cena’s. We’re now in the woods We should take this as an opportunity to roll some woods cinematics role cinematic Martin: here, we see a wild Morgz in his natural habitat oh We’ve been spotted Three two one go I think Bruno right okay, so it’s pretty clear that I lost the Pogo I think we need maybe a little bit of an easier opponent Martin I Challenge you to a race Oh Now mum is angry and Marting fall down all because of me Muscle leg muscle thing you might lose in terms of broken ankle thingy Mum:Martin you alright You know woke up this morning get any worse Why don’t you just leave us alone? You’re stupid. Yes. You’ve kept us awake all night It’s the first morning the Martin said I’ll take the dog a walk and I’ll give you a rest so you can stay in bed rather than having to help a court to 7:00 every morning I Mum i apologize Hashtag morgues is sorry in the comments section Okay, so boys and girls what’s happening right now. I’m going out with my dad I haven’t seen my dad in a little bit I think we should maybe prank him or maybe judging by the events of the earlier pranks. We shouldn’t no I’m gonna I’m gonna prank him I’m gonna go for the sneak attack What? Morgz:nothing nothing Just carry on Why carry on okay I just got back that was a pretty cool meal but I’ve just realized like I’ve got nothing to title this video and obviously MORGZ YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT VIEWS Blah Blah Blah Of course I’ve got to do something else but What could I do? Maybe I should just call up Kiera Kiera is obviously a fellow clickbaiter so let’s see what she’s got to say okay So I’ve got a little bit of a dilemma, okay, I filmed a vlog today. I sat down, and I realized well I’ve got no clickbait for the vlog okay I know you are the clickbait Queen to my clickbait King, so I need I need I need a title Kiera:Didn’t Pew die pie like like talk about you like 2 second like 3 years ago? He did yeah, and I I never made a video on it I Kiera:Whyyyyy? That’s Stupid I Guess is Deserved that clickbait guy’s you may or may not know like two years ago PewDiePie the biggest youtuber on the platform roasted me and believe or not the clickbait King Didn’t make a reaction video to it like that low like i can’t. I’m actually surprised. I’m mad at myself wait um I Should probably Make this a little bit more dramatic every night Well, I’m in bed I can’t sleep Because I’m kept up every night thinking about the time PewDiePie roasted me you guys don’t know what it’s like to be roasted by the biggest youtuber on the platform. It’s heartbreaking Every night every day all I can think about is Why did he roast me Okay, seriously, though you guys probably want to know Morgz, What did he say about you, so i’ma show you right now I’ma react to it never seen before Maybe doing it two years late, but he’s quite relevant and It could probably use the views. You know what every single other youtuber. They’ve got roasted by PewDiePie made a video on it I’m getting abused so basically the video. I’m in is called. I’m out of ideas for this channel. I mean I can Kind of relate, I’m just reacting to a video which is actually called I am out of ideas that is terrible basically in the video. It’s like a skit the PewDiePie I guess is out of ideas because he’s giving all his ideas to other youtubers Literally 20 seconds he talks about me like literally 20 seconds That’s how little I’m actually in this he say something that I have not been able to Unhear not be able to get out of my mind. It’s been eating me alive every day watch this marks And then you go okay firstly Yes, it took me five seconds to pause the video, okay. I’ve got 20 seconds of content to make a reaction again I’ve got to pause it at some point firstly He used a a pretty bad picture of me like I mean seriously probably could have picked a better one But what can you do and secondly listen to the way he says morgz can we get a replay on that mork’s mork’s mork’s Seriously, bro is is Morgz not Mork’s,Mo,Marx Mort Mort it’s it’s just Morgz PewDiePie iam soangry you said my name wrong ah Let’s beef no not less. I know no that’s not firstly. I’m not relevant enough and secondly I don’t want my career to be dead okay But guys that’s not what annoyed me okay this This is what annoys me you are not Morgz? Here a cancer cell Oh goddamn it you tricked man Wait hold on I actually just cried for that like That’s actually tears around my eyes. I’m not only feeling Slandered I’m feeling discriminated against I feel Abused PewDiePie abused me is that a bad title than PewDiePie roasted me PewDie mr. Pie mr. PewDiePie What you said about me? a Year ago. Yeah, I I am Disgusted by it ah it just makes me feel rage soaring throughout my body and I need to Let it out. I am not using you for views right now. I am very mad at this I’m angry and I need to I need to get this off my chest Guys I have been Morgz you have been awesome. I’m definitely out Of ideas and I’ll see you in the next video. Hopefully I can think of an idea for that peace out

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  1. he is like rui from kimetsu no yaiba he lacks respect and it would seem to me that they are beeing paid to be his parents

  2. Oh and you have the pugs only because you will look like pewdiepie pewdiepie has the same dogs. Like if im right. (You dont have to)

  3. Listen Morgz. How could you disturb your biological Mother for a stupid video?? She was completely in the right to shout at you and tell you to leave her room! Pouring water on her??? Wow. She was trying to get her sleep before you wrecked it all! Wow, you really are brave of risking getting disowned.

  4. Don't worry morgz I will send pwedipie a hateful message for you I'm gonna send a really mean comment to pwedipie don't worry man

  5. BOI your here PEWDIEPIE SUCKS AND HE ROASTED ME IMA BOX EM pewdiepie sitting with the band's around him you think you can challenge me?


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