I love Grilling on my Hibachi – Pork Chops 2018

I love Grilling on my Hibachi – Pork Chops 2018

Alright, so I’m gettin’ my charcoal going on the Hibachi. Just got it in a little pyramid right now, gettin’ started. And then once it’s going good we’ll, spread it out and get it ready for grillin’ Ok, I’ve spread out the charcoals. They’re just about ready. So I spread ’em out ’cause I was gettin hungry. Didn’t want to wait till they were, a little more done. Pork Chops are glazed and ready to go on the grill. Mmmmm! Grillin’ ! Gettin’ ready. Here we’ve got it grillin’, got some good grill-marks on there. It’s lookin’ delicious, and smelling delicious too. Alright, so I got two done, and I got two more goin’. I had to drop the grill right onto the coals, pretty much. ‘Cause it was just coolin’ off so much, I wasn’t gettin’ good grill-marks. And I think it’s, a little better. So that’s how far we are. I got one more to go, and we’ll be eatin’ good. And they’re done! Along with some fried potatoes & onions, my wife made. It’s gonna be a delicious lunch.

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  1. These were So Good! Best Pork Chops Ever! You are a Great Griller, and you can cook for me anytime! <3 CoCo

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