100 thoughts on “I Made A Giant 30-Pound Burger”

  1. Today is my bday acctually and my fav food is sushi if u can I would really appreciate if u could make one giant one thx 🙏

  2. if you’ve seen Alvin in later videos, you can notice how Alvin’s arm toned up from all the meaty exercises

  3. You got three options 1 giant chicken nugget 2 giant hash brown and last but not least 3giant fries but if you already did one of them I will think about it🙂

  4. PLS make a Ginourmous DÖNER, its a kind of german turkish thing which is Bread, like Gyros flesh and salat, tomatos, cucumber and Sauce. My personal Favourite Food

  5. When he said sometimes I dream of crazy things, try dreaming that Lil Tecca shot up ur school and SOMEHOW you were hiding in ur dads closet.. at school.

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