i made kimchi fried rice | cooking with nina

i made kimchi fried rice | cooking with nina

ow that was a great entrance actually i need to wash my hands hold on this is the sound of me washing my hands cooking with nina!! it’s actually been a long time since i’ve seen that episode i may have sung it wrong oh well if you hear a slight pitter-patter that’s my dog they’re just walking around the floor okay hello my frens it’s nina and for this video i am in the kitchen i have to change my shoes hold on this is really uncomfortable ew so gross hello my frens it’s nina and for this video i am back in the kitchen this is another cooking with nina the time has come i am going to cook for you guys i am going to feed you with that good content mama’s here to feed y- no i’m not gonna finish that sentence so currently i’m standing with my legs spread out because otherwise i’m too tall for the frame but this was the best angle that i could get so i’m just gonna i’m just gonna bend down a little bit for you guys so for this video i’m gonna cook kimchi fried rice it is i said it in such an american pronunciation i am going to cook kimchi fried rice or kimchi bokkeumbap also my family is here and i’m not waiting any longer for them to leave so i’m just gonna go with it [my brother:] i love you okay now i’ve been meaning to do a cooking with nina for a very long time i’ve actually been trying to do it since we hit 200k just to celebrate because my last cooking with nina was for 100k i’m very thankful for you guys ;-; so i’m gonna feed you guys i’m not gonna speak korean that’s so so for this video i’m gonna make kimchi fried rice and the main ingredient is right here kimchi i can already smell it and it smells really bad which means it’s really good when it ferments really well the smell can kind of choke you it literally attacks your nose so that means it’s really good so kimchi fried rice is literally the easiest thing you can make well it depends on how you’re making it the way i’m making it is extremely easy because there’s no meat in it there’s nothing really in it except for kimchi also i gotta really bend down i am currently squatting so this is kimchi or korean fermented napa cabbage or chinese cabbage for this video i’m wearing red i just kind of wanted to match the food that i’m cooking also i have this frickin pot thing right here so i can cook in front of you guys here and it just looks really professional i’m really proud of myself has this been on the entire time?? we’re gonna pretend that i didn’t do that but anyway i have this pot you don’t need this pot this is just so i can cook in this setting right here i didn’t want to cook over where my stove is so you don’t need this this is absolutely unnecessary you don’t need it alright so i’m not gonna talk anymore we’re just gonna get started okay so i’m gonna wash my hands again because i’ve been touching a lot of stuff alright i am so tall okay make sure your hands are clean and you’re just gonna go for it now usually i wear gloves but i feel like people are gonna say something about gloves so i’m not gonna use gloves i’m just gonna use my hands i’m brave i can do this okay that’s good ugh okay we’re really going for it it feels so weird oh my god this is too much i’m really going for it okay this is usually why i wear gloves but you know what it’s fine to be intimate with your food now with kimchi you’re gonna need a lot of it because it does shrink as you cook it just like spinach or anything that you cook with okay that should be good now this part is fantastic making kimchi fried rice is very stress-relieving maybe this is why i should’ve worn gloves but you know what it’s fine this is less trash for the world it’s good you’re gonna make the pieces very bite-sized because you don’t wanna be chomping on giant pieces of kimchi but you could if you want if that’s your style but for me i like it bite-sized and it’s also a good stress reliever let me cut the roots a little bit yes yes yes yes yes yes yes now people usually put some kind of meat into kimchi fried rice i’m not about to do that because i don’t eat meat this honestly should be fine have you ever seen anything more beautiful i don’t think so kimchi fried rice is one of those things that if you do it really well people will think you’re a good cook but you’re probably not but it’s honestly very easy to make i guess we’re gonna start cooking now hold on lemme just wash my hands now don’t worry kimchi does not stain your hands it’s completely good now now we’re just gonna get cooking i don’t know how to cook with this i don’t know the temperatures that well 400 degrees? what does that mean? is that hot? do i just this way? like this? i think so, yes? yes? okay! now when you’re making kimchi fried rice i do it like a m- what wow it gets hot really fast okay i didn’t really think this through okay so when i’m making kimchi fried rice i use okay this is super hot this is abnormal i think like a 350’s fine wow that is frickin hot i never dealt with anything this hot hold on i feel like this is just gonna sizzle and splatter all over my face i’m honestly terrified i’m just gonna leave it at like a 350 that is super frickin hot this is too much wow it’s on fire wow okay this is too much if i put water on that this house will burn down i’m gonna wet my hands this is really scary also the water test is not the safest thing to do what is this?? why’s it so frickin hot? this is gonna burn my kimchi oh i am this is not going right my god this is really hot i don’t know what to do i’m scared usually when i’m cooking kimchi fried rice it’s like a medium high heat because you kind of wanna toast the kimchi this is just too much for my heart i keep thinking of that one video on the internet where that guy’s making french fries i really hope that doesn’t happen here so you’re gonna need oil please don’t burn on my face you’re gonna need a good amount of oil because you’re literally frying up this kimchi you’re just gonna kind of rub it all over make sure it’s all over the pan i’m honestly terrified here i’m just gonna do a test i’m scared this is too hot i don’t know what i did to deserve this i’m just gonna let it cool down a little bit oh my god my heart my anxiety is through the roof right now did you hear that though? i’m gonna let this thing cool down a little bit because it’s freakin me out okay she kinda cooled down a little bit so i think it’s okay now let me just do another little liquid test okay that should be fine i’m honestly going for it i’m scared as long as i don’t burn the house down i’ll be okay oh, it’s not that bad, it’s not that bad we are doing it i’m gonna let this caramelize for now i’m just gonna go wash this as we wait okay she’s burnin not really she’s fine sorry i forgot to bend down i don’t even know if you guys can hear me i want a better mic system especially when i’m cooking but that costs money so we’re just gonna deal with my volume as it is i can’t tell if this is smoke or steam it’s like a mix of both nyam nyam with this kimchi you want it to be kind of caramelized, not completely caramelized if there’s like a little toastiness to i don’t know the word for it if there’s a little brownness to the kimchi that means there’s a lot of flavor sometimes just let it sit so it can burn a little bit i feel like that’s smoke i’m overwhelmed okay my nose is fried my kimchi is getting there eventually i’m just gonna give it a tiny little taste test yas now some people put gochujang in their kimchi fried rice i’ve never done that just because i feel like i don’t need it but also usually i put tuna or tofu in this but there’s literally nothing but kimchi in this but i’m sure it’ll taste fine when i cook things usually it’s edible so i’m not really worried about that i was gonna put tofu in this but that’s a lot of work so i decided not to so now my kimchi is kind of at that caramelized stage so i’m gonna put in rice okay i’ll be back kids oh man she’s been cooking while i was gone okay so i have rice right here it’s a good amount i’m making this for my family too now this is not plain white rice this is a little more interesting but you can also use white rice nyam nyam another thing you can do is add kimchi juice this is very essential it adds a little wetness to the fried rice now another essential part of kimchi fried rice is sesame oil it adds a nice kind of toasty flavor to all of this if you don’t add sesame oil you’re not making this right but actually to begin with i’m not really making kimchi fried rice in the correct way there’s really nothing going on except for kimchi and rice now this looks fantastic i wouldn’t recommend this recipe for someone who has high sodium but if you’re a low blood pressure sister like me you’ll be fine i’m just gonna have a little bit of a taste test yes i’m just gonna add a little bit more sesame oil there we go i’m just putting a little bit more rice in this is really a feast you guys stop it now this is pretty much done actually no it’s not i can’t find sesame seeds y’all am i just blind why can’t i find the sesame seeds okay well i can’t find normal sesame seeds for some reason i’m just gonna put in this salted sesame even though this already has a lot of sodium this doesn’t have that much sodium i’ll just put a tiny little bit i’m also gonna add chives this is completely unnecessary but this just makes it look a little special yes this is so beautiful as i said this is honestly too easy to make i’m very happy with this i’m just gonna turn this off because we really don’t need this anymore actually i might unplug it just in case there we go now there’s no potential for it to burn the house down so after you made this i’m just going to top it off with i’m just going to top i’m just going to top i’m just going to top i’m just going to top it off with some green onion this is just to give it a little bit of freshness so you’re just gonna cut can i cut this worse please i wish i could cut really fast but i also don’t wanna cut my fingers off so it’s chill i don’t need to namjoon is shaking gordon ramsay is quaking your mom: quaking if the camera position changed at all that’s just because the camera died also maybe you have been able to see the camera this entire time we’re just gonna pretend that didn’t happen i’m actually allergic to cats so i don’t know why we have this but i still like cats it’s not their fault i’m allergic to them so now the kimchi fried rice has finished and we are going to uhhh ok and we’re going to plate now you could use a bowl and put the rice in it and then just flip it on top but i don’t have time for that i’m just gonna make it like this i made a lot of kimchi fried rice this is all for you guys and now i’m going to top it off with my green onions right on top for freshness yes i think that’s a lot that’s fine and now we are done this is honestly too easy to make it probably took a really long time it doesn’t really need to take that long here you go this is my love for you guys i’m gonna taste it now even though i’ve been tasting it all day i’m like numb to the taste of kimchi now because i’ve tasted it so much i’m just gonna try it now for you guys oh my god this is my dinner this is too good guys my sodium level is going to be through the roof tonight but that’s completely okay i’ll feed you something else okay i’m sorry so that is it for the cooking with nina i hope you enjoyed it i hope you make kimchi fried rice for yourself that is it for this video i’m gonna go now i’m gonna feed my family thank you guys so much for 200k and i will see you next time here is an air hug to you guys ahhh there we go here we go i’m throwing my love at you right now and i will see you next time, bYE!! :’)

100 thoughts on “i made kimchi fried rice | cooking with nina”

  1. this looks really good.. I've never had kimchi fried rice and I really want to try it but I don't know where to get it – I'm from London, england

  2. heyy i live in the states too but im korean so ya that makes me korean american too? i love ur confidence of ur korean and ilyyy❤️❤️

  3. 8:01 No joke I literally thought it was the kimchi sizzling over the pan and I just glanced over the chopping board and realized that it hasn't started yet–

  4. I didn’t know what nina did her own captions (besides the ones for what she says in korean) and the realization just made this so much better.

  5. Gurl 350°C is almost 600°F of course it's hot, i can't vghvghvjhdsbvvh
    you don't even bake cake in the oven with this temperature because it's too hot

  6. Nina:” I was going to put tofu .. but that’s too much work”
    Me:” I was going to do homework but that’s too much work “

  7. 2:51. I'm sorry but I just thought of " babbanana babbanana"
    Of Red velvet

    ☆ You are very funny, I like you♡

  8. nina~ next time use a korean method 파기름으로 볶은다 just add scallions to the oil while its heating up until brown at the edges and it makes the whole dish ~fragrant~ or at least thats most koreans think heehee

  9. Me casually from Minnesota: omg a University of Minnesota sweatshirt!
    Nina: I’m just trying to cook for y’all

  10. It reminds me of bts's j hope when he said :
    I looove………….kimchi fried rice ………………..and Sprite 😂😂😂😂

  11. dude, if its kimchi i would touch it anytime

    no but- frl I've been addicted ever since I went to korea 5 years ago

    also i just discovered your channel and i love that I can relate to you: my face becomes REALLY red for no reason, I don't eat meat but I love korean food, etc


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