I made the strongest cup of coffee in the world | 10X Brewed Deathwish Coffee

I made the strongest cup of coffee in the world | 10X Brewed Deathwish Coffee

so what happens if you take a pound of
the world’s strongest coffee and brew it down ten times into just eight ounces
well I’ve sure found out now on the daily
I require a decent amount of caffeine just to be able to be a human I decided
to start a little experiment and see how strong I could actually make coffee
again there should always be a disclaimer with these types of things
what I’m about to do in this video might be kind of dangerous since we
technically might be reaching some of the more caffeine isn’t always something
you should play with when you might have sensitivities and we’re making an
extremely strong concentrated version of coffee and if you just aren’t capable of
handling it you could die the actual lethal dose of caffeine kind
of varies between person by genetics weight and general sensitivities so it’s
kind of hard to actually put a real number on that but you may know what
yours is actually I hope you don’t know what yours is anyway I’m gonna be
throwing around some loose math on what the actual cut caffeine content of this
coffee is gonna be since it’s kind of hard to exactly quantify I can only get
into average ballparks of what it should contain anyway i’m gonna babble now so
let’s say let’s go and cut to what actually happened all right this is a
very unscripted video where i make the world’s strongest coffee and make it
stronger and it’s a yeah we’re gonna be using Deathwish coffee and they make the
bold claim that its strongest coffee in the world and copy pause there we get it that’s one alright just gonna keep track
sadly enough that was the only pun made of coffee at that whole time what a
waste this is Jeff this is Evan they like
coffee and just works a lot of nights and relies on it so we’re gonna try to
make something that shouldn’t be done we’re gonna concentrate coffee… first
things first obviously is to get the coffee out of
the bag which for some reason seems to be like a very difficult task for me yeah now that we’re nice and cleaned up
now the next step is to drying these beans down even further using an
immersion blender now in theory having a finer ground coffee means that more
coffee particles will be suspended in the water and thus making it even
stronger than before which means even more caffeine so the more coffee I can
get into the water the stronger it’ll be seems simple right
now it’s time for the not so fun part of just going through the process of
boiling water over and over again since we’re using this small chemex style pour
over jar that thingy so put our coffee in and what’s important to get the
strongest bit of coffee and the strongest flavor is to pour just a
little bit on top at first just to get a nice bloom going now that’s how you know
I know what I’m talking about cuz I’m talking about words like mmm yeah so
that gets the flavors and the coffee activated and whatnot and then after a
couple minutes it’s ready to pour for realsies and get the rest of the coffee
going and actually get it into the jar so yeah that’s what I have to do like 10
times so after the first 32 ounces of brewed
you can already see how crazy dark this stuff is it’s so black look at it it’s
like sucking the light out of the room it’s ridiculous so we know that this is
going to be strong because the first bit is already ridiculously strong I mean
they weren’t kidding this is this stuff’s crazy I mean just look at it
it’s like Batman approved or whatever so after being already so impressed after
the first batch I pour that coffee on top of the grounds again just to make
sure that I get as much as I can out of those beans before moving out to fresh
grounds and already you can see it looks a little bit darker and so does the foam
so now that we’ve done that we’re gonna use some fresh beans and do this process
I can ten times so yeah we’re gonna cut through some stuff so now that I brewed
the same coffee ten times through this is all that remains out of the original
32 ounces we’re less than half of the jar already we’re probably about a
quarter of the jar and to further concentrate this we’re actually going to
boil it down to an even more thicker viscous liquid time has come I pulled it
off enough back into the carafe without after 32 ounces this is all that remains
just a shell of its former self so this stuff is so dense light does not pass
through it and hold up just light straight to it and there’s not luminate
it at all it’s very dense all right the first floor it goes to
heaven we have a very little amount I can’t be too generous that’s a good
stuff next bit goes to Jay if you can get through any night at work there let
me get in there yes well they didn’t have them chug it Oh
oh jeez that is oh it’s actually kind of wonder thank you know that is a
strongest coffee I’ve ever tasted like if you like very intense flavors let
it’s very yeah yes viscous usually I have a nice cream and sugar my copy only
because I feel like it doesn’t have enough in it but your nut flavor but now
I don’t do it this has enough flavor to I think we could still add the rest of
the milk and sugar and it would still be very copy these things Dunkin Donuts was
distilled your sock honestly I’m impressed with this is more than I know
for other than I I thought it wouldn’t be colorful I thought it would be good
but and he did Oh God my work here is done tastes like like you set the beans on
fire and then you brewed them mean that’s kind of what roasting is but I
feel like I need it careful this is very potent I’m a little concerned with like
how potent it actually is though Evans enjoying it though and that’s why
the cameras on because I can visit each I’m showing it by word and you are going
to be very awake for the rest of the day I’m counting on it
so I can resent you for the rest of it one of the ten coffees what do you give
it one out of ten how much more coffee can you get than
this cop no one coerced me by any means for the last bit of coffee we added a
little bit of milk and sugar and well they just add milk it’s way more
palatable yeah like just that little bit and I already feel like perfectly peppy
to have a comparison like I only needed a half an ounce yeah I feel extra one
yeah now let’s try not to let our hearts explode well that’s it for torturing my
friends with highly caffeinated beverages if you like this video you
know what to do merch in the store below I have links
for that and stuff but yeah let me know what you think I mean obviously my math
is gonna be somewhat loosely interpreted since it’s very hard to quantify how
much actual caffeine is in a beverage without you know using science I think I
got it somewhat close if you have any other ideas of how much caffeine was in
there let me know in the comments below I am not overly proud or anything like
that so you can correct me if you find compelling evidence against me all that
kind of stuff if you are curious what would happen if I were to brew it down
even more and you even go slower with this process because this this took me
about a I don’t know two hours to make or so just those couple of ounces there
I think there was like a total of eight ounces or so in the whole carafe at the
end drink caffeine responsibly kids don’t follow my example I’m just here
for entertainment anyway I think it’s a time to get some more coffee
see you guys

24 thoughts on “I made the strongest cup of coffee in the world | 10X Brewed Deathwish Coffee”

  1. It don't matter how much caffeine you have it comes to sleeping with 2 kittens they make you tired I just have a death wish I kid you not lay down take a coffee nap and boy they may be so relaxed now that I got up the caffeine is starting to get me going

  2. I made the same mistake you're supposed to open it and that little black thing is the thing to keep it fresh the little thing you wrap-around the bag itself is both the open from the top but don't worry I got confused to

  3. This experiment is in going to make the coffee stronger it's just going to help extract all the caffeine that is promised on the bag when you brew it not fine you're not getting all the caffeine that has promised on the bags of you're still drinking at at the same level but you could look into if it's possible to freeze it and concentrated because of some chemicals like alcohol for example cannot freeze so you can concentrate it that's how they made an alcohol so strong that it 74 proof from beer I don't know if that a work on caffeine but you could try

  4. They are like. Oh look so dense that light doesn't pass through it and I am like. That is like it should be in the first place!!

  5. What next week get your gin pig friends to shoot it up.. ur a bad friend…
    Did you mean crackman approve.
    So now that you made liquid crack….. is it time to sell it on the streets or are you hooked on your own Supply….. lol J.K. thanks for sharing.

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