I tried recreating Paris’ new CRAZE Dessert | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

I tried recreating Paris’ new CRAZE Dessert | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon … when we were in Paris last year we visited lots of pastry shops and then
there was one that we just stumbled across that I’d never heard of called Aux Merveilleux de Fred. I hope that I pronounced that correctly. It’s a
a beautiful little boutique shop that specializes in meringues covered in
creams and different toppings. They come in various sizes and we purchased
one of each flavor in the smallest size so that I could taste them and, well, we all tested them, we shared them out between us, and so that I could recreate
them once I got home. So let me show you what’s inside … each one had two meringues
with cream in the center and the toppings pressed on on the outside. So
let’s start by making a meringue and for that all we need is egg whites and sugar
and all the recipe quantities for this will be listed on the howtocookthat.net
website for you and there’s a link to that below. Whip together the sugar and
the egg whites on high speed until they become thick and glossy and white and
when you lift up the mixer it should hold its shape like this. Decide how big
you want your meringues to be and draw some circles on some baking paper and
then what we want to do is flip the baking paper over so the circles on the
underside so don’t get any of that pencil on our meringues. Pipe one tray of
flat circles … if you have little spikes sticking up like this just use a damp
finger to smooth it down so they don’t burn in the oven. Then on another tray
pipe domes of meringue and you do that just by holding the bag in the middle of
the circle and letting it get to the right width and then just lifting it up
and keep piping to make the dome and then just smooth down the top with a
damp finger like you did before and then we want to bake those at a hundred
degrees centigrade or 210 Fahrenheit for 90 minutes. While they’re baking let’s
make our toppings … the easiest ones to make is the chocolate of course. You just
take a block of chocolate and a potato peeler and scrape it along the side of
the block and you get these beautiful chocolate shavings
and you’re going to need 1 bowl of dark chocolate and 1 bowl of white chocolate
shavings. Three of the other flavors have crispy meringue on the outside so we’ll
make another batch of meringue but this time with a slightly higher sugar
content so it makes a crunchier meringue. Whip it up like you did before and then
pipe half of it onto baking paper in long thin lines … we’re going to chop
these up so don’t worry if they don’t look pretty I’m just making them thin so
they’ll dry out quicker in the oven. split the remaining meringue into two
bowls and then in one cup here I have 1 teaspoon of coffee and I’m adding to
that one tablespoon of boiling water and I’m just gonna let that dissolve and in
the other cup I have some cherry juice from tinned cherries. That’s 3
tablespoons in there and you’ll want to take that and microwave it until it
evaporates and boils down to only 1 tablespoon, so what we’ve done is we’ve
concentrated the cherry flavor in there. I used all the coffee in my meringue but
if I was making it again I’d probably use half the amount because it was a
little bit strong. Mix that through and then if the meringue is a little bit
runny like mine, just give it another whisk and it will thicken up. It won’t be as
thick as it would be without any added liquid but it should be thick enough to
pipe onto the baking paper in stripes just like we did with the plain meringue.
Mix in a tablespoon of the concentrated cherry juice into the other bowl of
meringue and add a little bit of red food coloring if you want as well and
then pipe that out onto baking paper too and we want to bake all of those in the
oven at a hundred degrees C for about 60 minutes. At first when you pull those out
there may seem a little soft but if you wait about ten seconds for them to start
to cool you’ll see they’ll crisp up really quickly and then you can just
break them into little pieces or you can chop them with a knife. How small you
chop them is up to you. Now you want to store these in an airtight container
until you’re ready to use them so they don’t go soft. It looks a bit like I’m
chopping veggies but these are not at all healthy for you.
The last topping that we need to make is a crunchy nut praline, you can just buy
this in some countries but I can’t seem to find it here so I always just make my
own. You put two cups of sugar and 1/3 of a cup of water in a pan over high heat
and once it starts to boil wash down any sugar crystals off the side of the pan
using a wet pastry brush. If you don’t have a pastry brush I have used wet
paper towel here before. The important thing is that there’s no sugar crystals
left on the side of the pan. while that’s boiling place some almonds on some
baking paper on a tray in the oven to warm up. Keep an eye on the boiling sugar
mixture and once it starts to turn golden take the nuts out of the oven and
pour about half of that over your nuts. Having the tray and nuts warm gives you
about 30 seconds to mix it around and make sure that all the nuts are coated
before it starts to set. Spread it out in a single layer and leave it to cool.
Return the remaining caramel to the heat and add in a tablespoon of butter and
half a cup of cream. The cold cream will set the caramel but keep stirring and as
that cream gets hot that caramel will remelt. Give it a good stir to make
sure it’s all mixed in and then remove it from the heat and pour it into a heat
proof bowl and just leave that to cool. Peel the almond candy off the baking paper
and chop that into small pieces. They used hazelnuts in Paris but I
couldn’t find any hazelnuts at the shops so I’m just going with almonds for mine.
Now for the cream … I’m using 600 milliliters of cream that is 35% fat
and then adding to that 200 milliliters of double cream. Now this double cream is
56% fat so overall that works out that my cream will end up being about 40% fat ….
so more creamy and less watery than normal whipped cream which will make it
slightly thicker and easier to spread on the meringue. For the assembly take one
of your flat base meringues and add some cream on to it. Add one of
the domed meringues on top of that and gently squeeze it together and then
spread it up and around the sides and on the top. Now for our first flavour you
just drop that into the white chocolate shavings and gently press that in on all
sides and then you just put it into a mini cupcake case to make it easy to
move it around. Now do the same for the praline coated one, that one also just
has a plain cream on the inside. You could sweeten the cream but the
sweetness of the meringue and the praline it really doesn’t need more
sugar if anything you could add a little pinch of salt to your cream here to
balance it out a bit. Now for the caramel one add a dollop of that caramel onto
the meringue and then add the cream and another meringue and spread it up the
sides and then drop that into the plain meringue pieces and roll it around until
it’s covered. Moving on to our flavored creams … add a tablespoon of cooled
concentrated cherry juice to some of the cream and gently fold that through. Add
the cherry cream between the two meringues and over the outside. Now it
probably would have been a good idea to add some red food coloring to this cream
too but I didn’t do that … that would just give you more of a sort of a pinky red
overall look to it once you’ve rolled it into these cherry flavored meringue
pieces so that all the spaces are the same color as the meringue. Just pick
that up and pop it into a cupcake case now for the coffee cream add a
tablespoon of icing sugar and then take a quarter of a teaspoon of instant
coffee and crush it into a fine powder just using the blade of a knife against
the counter. Pick up that powder and place it in with the cream and then just
whisk that together. Spread the coffee cream onto the two meringues just like
we did for all our other flavors and then cover that in bits of coffee
meringue. For the next one flavor some cream using
chocolate spread it over the meringues and then dip it into the dark chocolate
flakes. These are the flavor combinations that they used at or Aux Merveilleux de Fred but you can of course make your own combinations. What do you think would go
well with meringues? You can also make this slightly bigger to make them less
fiddly or as a large cake if you just make three disks of meringue put cream
in between the layers and all over the outside and then press the topping of
your choice onto that. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more cakes, chocolate
and desserts. Click here for more recipes. With thanks to my patrons and a special
shout out to my gold level patrons for your amazing support, I love you guys!
Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday 💕

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  1. In the states we don't have 'double cream' (that I know of), only heavy whipping cream which is thicker than milk, but not as thick as the double cream you use. What would you suggest as a replacement?

  2. Do exactly the same except replace the filling and outer with buttercream, dip into broken meringue and store in an air tight container at a cool temperature. Over time the buttercream and meringue will become like a soft, chewy, crunchy caramel flavoured meringue. We left ours for about 4 weeks ( parents are confectioners ) and they were crazy good, like mind blowingly good.

  3. Aux Merveilleux de Fred is not exclusive to Paris. It is a chain with shops in France, Belgium, UK… But they are really great. I have seen huge queues in front of their shop in Brussels.

  4. The cake version is pretty common in Sweden, using Daim (hard almond brittle candy) as the coating or mixed in with the cream.

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  6. I never been to France is it pretty in speaking of France have you heard of a French singer called Patrick Hernandez he seems one of my favorite songs. Almost every day all in all day it is called Born to Be Alive

  7. Ann reardon the reason why you had to go fortnightly with your YouTube videos is all because of the Great Subscriber War which was between PEWDIEPIE And T Series and it was also because YouTube wanted to Abrieviat the Subscriber count so that the people that's subscribing to your YouTube channel can't see the full Subscriber count down to the last digit but you can still see your full Subscriber count to see you subs going up and that's the reason why you have to go fortnightly with your YouTube channel and to make videos every fortnight BOIIIII

  8. My husband and I stayed in a hotel in the Latin Quarter near Notre Dame and one of their locations was right around the corner. We were obsessed. Now I may have to change my tune about not liking merengue though. Lol.

  9. I might try making these with the meringue cookies in three parts: bottom round, hollow tube, and cute little dome! That way you don't have to worry about squishing the filling out when you ice and decorate 🙂

  10. This had the most insane amount of sugar, butter, and fatty creams. Just when I thought there couldn’t be more cream, you added double cream. Might keep these in my back pocket for a rough week. 😂

  11. Yes i have visited Paris, I did a holiday similiar to yours, with my family, around Europe. It was a fantastic experience. Very different to what we have here in beautiful Aus
    I enjoy your videos and all your tips, Thanks and keep up the great work
    Best wishes to you and your family, happy eating!

  12. I love how you're experimenting with new filming techniques! This looks delicious and I never knew the small bits of meringue could sound so satisfying!

  13. Hi Ann Reardon, you're awesome. I'm teaching my Italian boyfriend to speak English (Australian) and your videos are gold. He says you speak very clearly and have "un accento molto Australiana." 😀

  14. Aux merveilleux de Fred has been existing for years. I don't think they are so good. There are much better merveilleux in some bakeries.

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  19. I used to work at one of these stores! You got most of it right, but not everything is exactly right. A big thing I noticed is that in the L'incroyable flavor, there's actually Speculoos cookie flavor mixed into the cream as well! All the flavors have something added to the whipped cream, not just cherry and coffee and such.

  20. The sensitivity of the microphone used to record this video makes it feel almost like an ASMR video and honestly I'm not complaining

  21. Forgotten cookies (called biscuits in England) are cookie shaped or small dome shaped meringues that are cooked in the oven at a low temperature, the oven is turned off and they are left overnight. This gives a small, crisp meringue. Add vanilla extract, mini chocolate chips and/or finely chopped pecans to the meringue before piping or spooning onto the parchment paper and baking. Do a web search for "forgotten cookies" for more exact directions. These cookies are fantastic! Also are very low carb, low calorie, low fat and gluten free! The only thing they are not low on is taste! Oh, they are high protein, being basically egg white.

  22. Never made meringue yet. Love to cook and bake although i fear i may not remember how since i havent had a kitchen to cook in quite some time

  23. Aux Merveilleux de Fred = The marvels (or wonders) of Fred. I don't know who Fred is, but I will try these. It almost looks like they piped some of the cream filling into the domes.

  24. I hate to be that girl, but Merveilleux actually were invented in Belgium, where you can still find them in every bakery, which Les Merveilleux de Fred fail to mention on their website, though they do have more than fifteen shops in western Europe and one in New York solely dedicated to that product, so you'd imagine they'd know better. Anyway, lovely video, as always, especially the almond candy tip which I'll be trying asap.

  25. They look so tasty :D, bigbro would probably like matcha flavour, crocan/daim would work, and mint flavour could be tasty

  26. And you can’t or don’t want to eat egg whites, you can make these vegans by using aquafaba as it whips up the same as egg whites and tastes exactly the same! Also you can use chocking milk to make the cream as well

  27. I was a little confused by the construction of this. But it looks and sounds delicious. I want to challenge myself to make this.

  28. Funny. Just by the photo I though it was like Brigadeiro (Brazilian sweet for kids parties). Here we have some fancy brigadeiro stores called Brigaderia, and they do the traditional chocolate but they also have a myriad of flavors, lemon, strawberry, churros, whisky, and so on.
    It's basically some (sweet) condensed milk around 200mL, a (soup) spoon of butter, whatever you chooses for flavor, heat it and when it's consistent enough to roll it, you put aside so it cools down and you can butter your hands and roll the brigadeiros. Then you cover it in whatever pleases like this Mervellieux and puts the brigadeiro on this little cases. that's all.

  29. I’m not trying to be r de but I miss your old vids. I used to get so exited to watch Disney character cakes and cool stuff but I don’t like all the new stuff you are trying to do. Stick to the best stuff

  30. I’ll have to try these! Too many of my family are celiacs so new meringue recipes are massively appreciated.

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    For example:

  32. My high school was just next to a « Merveilleux de Fred » bakery…. i ate so many of them ! My favourite was white chocolate and speculos, the absolute best

  33. Paris é o caralho. Eles copiaram da gente assim como querem tomar a Amazonia. Viados filhos da puta. Esse doce é em homenagem ao cara de uma função do exército, chamado brigadeiro, porra. O nome do doce é brigadeiro pô. Vai toma no cu de dizer que é francês. Num fode

  34. Hi Ann, I've had an idea for a cake you could do. I know in the past you've done cakes for a lot of different apps and books (the iPad cake and reading room cake, respectively) so I had the idea that you could make a cake like a theatre stage with everyone's favourite plays/musicals on it. Any thoughts?

  35. There are lots of long established merveilleux shops here in Belgium, and they always have queues outside, especially on a Saturday ☺

  36. These are really fun. I can see making these for all kinds of occasions! Hell, you could even get kids in on assembling these. o.o

  37. First let me thank you, Ann for such good instructions to make these meringue treats!
    You did a good job at pronunciation. Merveilleuse is a tough one for many.
    It's closer to "mare-vāy-you" though I'm not comfortable correcting pronunciation unless someone asks.

  38. Ok, I'm from France and I love this dessert. I have some remark :
    – Merveilleux are from Lille and not Paris. and it'is not particullary new, it alwalz exist in this area. Les Merveilleux de fred have popularized them in the entire country.
    – the cream inside is usualy butter cream but "les merveilleux de fred" use 50% butter cream + 50% whipped cream
    – one of the best taste is "spéculos and white chocolate" : the cream inside is with spéculos (a famous belgian spicy biscuit) and the outside is with white chocolate

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