I Tried To Become A Master Benihana Chef

I Tried To Become A Master Benihana Chef

(clanging) (laughing) – [Inga] Watch – It’s about 30 minutes now… (clanging) Never mind, don’t watch. (music) – [Inga] We are here at Benihana,
I am here with chef Devin. He is a master Teppanyaki chef. He’s going to teach me how
to become a true master chef. – [Devin] First things first,
you want to put on your uniform, your apron, your chef hat. (music) – [Inga] I’m official. Ha… (Inga laughs) This is how we’re gonna do it. I’m going to start by
practicing some tricks. Then I’ll put my skills to the test. And finally be judged on how I perform. (clanging) (drumming) – [Devin] So I’m going
to show you some tricks. You want to try flipping this spatula. – [Inga] Is this sharp? – [Devin] A little bit. (cirus music) – [Devin] There we go. (celebration music) The trick is just moving
your whole arm in a circle. (clanging) (celebration music) (clanging) (egg sizzling) – [Inga] Let’s move on. (shrimp sizzling) (celebration music) – [Inga] Hey! Ha ha ha… (upbeat music) Oh no, watch me hit my face with shrimp. (shrimp splat) I got it! – [Devin] You got it! – [Inga] Yay! (Inga laughs) (water sizzling) – [Devin] You want to see the butterfly? – [Inga] No, what’s a butterfly? – [Devin] Soy sauce, a little sodium and you got high sodium. – [Inga] Is Benihana known for dad jokes? – [Devin] Show you how
to make a beating heart. (heartbeat) So now you have to do it… – [Inga] In front of people, my friends… – [Devin] Yeah, don’t count anybody. (rhythmic clapping) (drumming music) – [Inga] I welcome you all
to this journey of mine, on becoming a master Teppanyaki Chef. I hope you’re ready for
an epic Teppanyaki meal. Let’s do this… What am I doing? (clanging) Like that? Cut this out, cut this out… (bells ringing) And… (tapping) Choo Choo (laughing) Let me show you a magic
trick, you see this butter? It’s going to become a butter… fly. (laughing) (drumming) Please enjoy. (Nnenna Mmm) – [Chris] Super good! – [Nnenna] I’m serious,
I’ve never had vegetable that tasted so good. – [Skyler] Just a little bit oily. (whoa) – [Inga] I’m going to pull a Lebron James. (applause) Oh, I got it on the first shot! Oh my God! (applause) I’ve never been so glad to
have shrimp tails in my head. – [Nnenna] This has been
amazing, I’m just thrilled. – [Inga] Can’t wait for them
to see my egg roll trick. This is what dreams are made
of, this is my childhood. – [Skyler] It’s my childhood. – [Inga] Your childhood is my childhood, what are you talking about? – [Skyler] I ate more rice than you. – [Chris] Uh oh… Rice-off! – [Inga] This is my favorite
trick yet. Here’s an egg. I’m going to perform some magic and make it into an egg roll. – [Chris] Don’t do this… – [Inga] Ready? – [Skyler] Wow. – [Inga] Egg roll. – [Chris] I don’t want to
give that a clap, that was… – [Inga] Do you know why
I’m making an omelet? – [Nnenna] Why? – [Inga] Cuz I’m lit. (laughter) – [Chris] She is very good at seasoning. (heartbeat) (clanging) He makes way more noise than you do. (clanging) – [Inga] That’s it guys. (clapping) The course is complete, now
it’s time for the real test. – [Chris] A lot of good
jokes, a lot of good tricks. I’m going to give this
a massive thumbs up. – [Nnenna] The shrimp was
succulent, the mushroom was magnificent, the rice was just whoa. Inga, you were crazy, you were hilarious. So I give it a… – [Inga] So my final
judge, my worst enemy… – [Skyler] As much as
I hate to admit it… She did a great job. So… (celebration music) – [Inga] Did I make mom proud? – [Skyler] Ha ha, no…
She’s still better. (laughter) – [Devin] You’ve past the test
and I now present you with this certificate and I dub
you master Teppanyaki Chef. – [Inga] Thank you for
everything you taught me. I will hold this title with pride and I will do the Teppanyaki world proud. – Hey, Unsolved is on a new
channel and now your part… – Subscribe here, that was my part.

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  1. “..the shrimp was succulent,”
    “the mushrooms were magnificent,”
    “..and the rice was just OooOoOOooo”

  2. Is time u American pick up new skills from Malaysia retired chef from my channel type lai hen foo in u tube.


  4. I loooooove her laugh so much! I feel like I would enjoy every day of my life if I hung out with Inga. She's such a joyful person ❤

  5. This woman could possibly be the best person on all of youtube. She's really intelligent, wonderful, attractive, truthful, and every good adjective about life. Crushi! 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  6. her: this is the first time i have been excited about having shrimp tails on my head

    me:when have you had shrimp tails on your head

  7. 1:20 I loved that she kept the spatula on the table and was like nope,nothing happened it bursted me in laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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