100 thoughts on “I Try Learning How To Toss Pizza In Only 1 Day”

  1. Tossing dough is stupid. Its dirty. These people do not wash their arms. You're getting dirt sweat and hairs in your food. Pizza is not better with thrown dough anyways.

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  3. Who else loves Tasty???💯🔥
    Anyone wanna support a small content creator trying to fufill their dreams?? Much love!♥️💚💙💖.

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  5. Sleeping time I was trying in bed in summer I sleep with a wet towel but in one time do this and its perfect😭😭🥳

  6. make strudel dough that is a bit less wet than usual and let it rest gives a good stretchi dough to work with,
    maybe try to flaten the dough a bit first before tossing a ball in the air

  7. Some of these people are using practice dough, which is made of a silicone based material so it's not actually dough. You can get them on Throwdough.com

  8. Why are we watching a video of someone watching a video on how to learn to toss dough? Why would anyone want to learn this from someone who never learned it?

  9. This is interesting to watch as someone who works in a pizza place.
    The "flour in my eyes" is so real.
    I rubbed my eyes on the drive home and got flour in my eyes.

  10. Actually to toss a pizza in the air you need a secret ingredient to make not sticky at all and not tear apart while it's in the air 😌😌😏😏😏

  11. Call operator: “911 What’s your emergency”
    Me: “Douhby is getting tossed into the air! It’s Doughby abuse!”
    call operator sighs

  12. that was painful to watch. it was like watching a kid move his hand as fast as he can, because he thinks that's how a magician does it.

    while i'm not a pizza tosser, i do know you have to gauge the dough out so its thinner. you can't just toss it in the air and you have a pizza. the last step just thins the crust, but the edges can't be too thick. that's why they are tossing it around and sliding it off a table etc, first before they toss it up. and i never liked the toss, who knows what stuff is above his head that is now in the pizza.

  13. I understand now
    They "do the thing" back & forth in their hands before spinning

    to get excess flour off before it falls in your eyeholes

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