ICE Student Stories: Making a Change

ICE Student Stories: Making a Change

File Name : ICE Student Stories- Lizzie Powell,
Career Changer Length : 2.06 minutes
Female Speakers : Lizzie Powell Date : October 08, 2015 [00:00:00]
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Lizzie Powell : Hi, my name is Lizzie Powell and I�m a culinary arts and culinary management
student at the Institute of Culinary Education. Before I came to ICE, I was working in Washington,
D.C. in public relations but my mind was always going back to food and I woke up one day and
realized it was time to come to culinary school. I decided to come to ICE after touring a bunch
of different culinary schools because they offered such an incredible management program
alongside the culinary arts program. In restarting my career, this is my second career, and I
didn�t want to be behind. I can finish the two programs in six and a half months and
that�s so invaluable to launching my career quickly.
My culinary management instructor, Steve, has been a big inspiration for me. He has
broken down the culinary business and made it so understandable that becoming a businessperson
in the industry really seems attainable for me.
As you go through the program, you start to use your techniques that you�ve learned
and you rely on kind of your intuition. So, rather than following a recipe step by step,
it�s become really important to rely rather on the techniques I�ve learned and then
putting together a dish with the ingredients that are provided.
If I had to give any advice to future students at ICE, I would say it�s important to get
involved outside of the kitchen. I am a current volunteer at the James Beard House and I�ve
also been a volunteer at events across the city and I�ve had the chance to work with
chefs from across the country, which has been really great in terms of getting firsthand
experience but also, forming connections with those in the industry. ICE has helped me find
my culinary voice and I�m really excited to see where that journey takes me. [Audio Ends]

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  1. Culinary Arts and Culinary Management student Lizzie Powell was on the road to a dynamic career in public relations when she decided, instead, to pursue her passion for food. Learn why Lizzie believes an ICE education is the fastest way to get her new career on track, plus her insider advice for other aspiring culinary professionals.

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