IDUBBBZ DISS TRACK – Rap Roasts #1 | Dan Bull (Sorry RiceGum, I beat you to it)

IDUBBBZ DISS TRACK – Rap Roasts #1 | Dan Bull (Sorry RiceGum, I beat you to it)

Can anyone smell that? It’s like really burned rice, Chewing gum or something Anyway in case you weren’t aware IDubbz has blown up the internet by realeasing a 30 minute long video totally decimating fellow youtuber and questionable human being Rice Gum it’s quite good watch it here well now Rice Gum has announced he’s going to be releasing a response to IDubbz the thing is we already know it’s going to be shit well here’s the thing I’ve also written a diss track against IDubbz that’s not as shit as Rice’s will inevitably be even though I written mine 2 years ago and it’s way past its expiry date, see back then I decided repeatedly to make a series called rap roasts where i picked someone out make a vlog abot them and at the end just roast them with rap and now criticising other people through the median of rap is the biggest trend of current year i’m a youtuber who enjoys other people through rap and i haven’t done one, i’m a buffoon bloody pewdiepie directly invited me to do one on him and i still haven’t done one, What a buffoon! so now i thought would be the perfect time to kick off rap roasts to kick the series off properly by showing you a track i made about IDubbz back in 2016 when he wasn’t exponentially more succesful than i am, I’m not bitter funny guy stole his catch prase from a 1940’s infomercial about rotoscoping why thats pretty good yes it is hey thats pretty good yes it is funny guy I’m not bitter so why did it take me so long to get round to releasing this track well after i wrote the song i somehow had a baby as well as getting addicted to dark souls and scotch whiskey so all the memes and references you will hear in the song are literally older than my son but lets just pretend that they’ve matured like a fine wine or a cheese MATURE CONTENT WARNING I wanted to talk to ian on his own level and i also thought that rap didnt have enough of that stuff already its very safe isn’t it rap keeping my dick in my pants ayy heres the song say …… Hey rice isnt it embarrasing when a pasty chubby british guy releases an old discarded demo track which is still funnier than your main diss track im not even normally this arrogant but come on raise the bar a little bit now then audience who do you think should be my next roast vegetable could be a friend an enemy or just someone that needs a good talking to and a smacked botty botty, botty sorry erm yeah let me know the reasons why and i might actually do it this time before the reasons become irrelevant i’ve had two years practice since i made thet song which i didnt even release at the time because it was blech the next episode is going to be lit its going to be more eloquent more brutal and more truthful I mean no one is funnier than IDubbz why did i say that and no one is immune to being roasted oh and fyi ian thinks this is how you spell diss oh yeah if you want to hear that song again without all the talking bollocks in front of it you can find it on spotify ive got an epic playlist pretty much all my tracks are on it i’ve even just started a rap roasts playlist just for you links are in the description click em bye

76 thoughts on “IDUBBBZ DISS TRACK – Rap Roasts #1 | Dan Bull (Sorry RiceGum, I beat you to it)”

  1. Hi friends! I'm trying out a new format called Rap Roasts. Vlog plus song. Very original, never ever been done before.
    You can skip to 2:22 for the rap. Also hear it on Spotify's new Rap Roasts playlist. There will be more:

  2. I find it funny that he’s dissing Idubbz because of the diss track when Dan supplied the backing track, love both of these guys, go dan

  3. Have you done a track about fnaf when that was trending, if so id love to here it i bet you could make the lyrics as fucked up as possible and it would still fit the fnaf theme lol

  4. Ya it was crap but it certainly was better than the… um… whatever Frick Da Police was… it wasn’t exactly crap… it was worse… well anyway nice.

  5. Diss track rice gum
    I got some bubble gum I stick it um my bum I give it to my teacher and she say yum yum
    Say it fast if at night don't need to do it just like{^~^}

  6. I swear I subbed back when you made your bl2 rap, but now I found you again and found out I'm no longer subbed… whyyyy

  7. Love the Eminem ending..:

    “Im joking ladies, you know i love you” Eminem, Kill You

    “Im just kidding America, you know i love you” Eminem, White America

    “Im just kidding IDubbbz, you know i love you” Dan Bull, IDubbz Disstrack

  8. 4:56

    "The only time you would fire slugs
    Was if you're zoo was overstaffed
    And you don't like bugs"

    Underappreciated fucking fire

  9. Dan Bull once slaughtered me several times in a row in Minecraft for making a hideous pun befitting a 4 year old. Though I publicly typed exaggerated cries for help all in caps begging him to stop, behind the keyboard I was just loving the attention.

  10. 1.5 years later and I never noticed. Dan Bull has Minecraft Parodies as Recommended songs. What. A. Fucking. G.

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