If You Can Roast Slowly, You Can Roast Quickly…

If You Can Roast Slowly, You Can Roast Quickly…

Hi. *sigh* The video we didn’t want to make, but… …just ’cause we’re so generous. That’s right. We’re so generous. We’re gonna read the comments about you guys roasting us. It’s not like our self-esteem is already low enough from watching prodigies on YouTube, right? It’s called a forced smile. So, [we] posted a “Roast Me” on Reddit. Let’s see what you guys say. *sighs*
*groans* Yeah, it’s because… …we’re busy practicing, guys. We need to practice and so we don’t have time to think of original content. Guys, – Please—
– if you have original content please send it our way. Please send us original content ideas. Please. I’m running out of steam. We’re working 24/7, I can’t do it anymore. We’ve peaked. TwoSet has officially peaked, time to retire. Oh… Oh that’s why we’re making YouTube videos, because we never had touch. *snickers* Dammit. I can’t even play in tune. – Can’t even win competitions.
– Wow. This is such a great start, guys. Why am I laughing? I feel like there’s more of a roast on the entire like classical… – Are they’re roasting sonatas, or us…?
– …canon. – They just roasted sonata form.
– I know. I feel like they’ve affected sonatas more than affected us. Alright, so what would be our two jokes? Ling Ling and violas. Ling Ling is subject A, violas is subject B. And occasional variations called I N T E R E S T I N G variations. Funny because that’s basically our live show as well.
*snickers* Guys, come to the live show anyway! Tickets are coming out, if not already out. Oh, okay. Nice pun. Next one. *groans* I’ll have you know I can play. Show you that I can play. Sibelius B flat! *grunts* Dude this is actually pretty bad. – This is actually hurting my self-esteem.
– Yeah. Anyway, I have no soul anymore. Ohh!!! Wow, you guys are geniuses. Thanks for telling us the…the truth. Does that mean you’re not practicing either by watching this? Ohh!!! That’s right. Commenting on Reddit isn’t practicing! I just had to get you back at least on one. Ah, I feel bit better about that one. Well guys…
*laughs* I can’t be blamed for what I was born with. Someone’s like… – That’s okay.
– It’s alright. At least we have a job. 媽媽! (Mom!) Well, you’re the second person that’s said that, so your roast isn’t very creative either, huh! Bam! Right back at you. Not really. *snickers* Oh no. *sighs* Really? Oh damn, you do have thick eyebrows. Dude, it’s called good highlights. Oh. *laughs* – I don’t know why my shirt had that patch.
– Yeah. I don’t know. Oh no. Alright guys, I’m gonna talk like this for the rest of the video. Wow. You really know how to bully people. *sighs* Life’s getting harder. Let’s go on Facebook…. …to see what other roasts there are. *groans* I don’t know. Not enough YouTube ad revenue. *groans* Quick guys, watch the videos. *forced laughter*
Got us! Good one. Yeah, you know, just… …that kinda…low temperature roasting. Everyone’s saying that you look like you’re high. Which is funny, because I used to get that comment in high school. – Yeah.
– People thought I looked high. You never know. *groans* Check out the TwoSet fanfictions and let us know! This channel is strictly PG guys! Not my fault, I’m not getting copystrike. I guess… Another way to ask that is “who plays first and who plays second”. Because first violins are usually high up, and second violins are down in first position. Who plays first, who plays second? – Come to our live show to find out.
– That’s right. – Why’s there so many comments?
– Dude, this is the longest… Guys, you need to calm down. *laughs*
What does that mean? “Power bottom”? Oh, s***. Someone said that before. – Sid from Ice Age.
– Can we just google Sid from Ice Age? Oh my G— *snickers* – Who looks more like Sid from Ice Age? Me or Brett?
– I think you, because the teeth. *laughs* That was too loud, the audio is… You gotta do this. Yeah, you’re Sid from Ice Age. Alright, what else? We’ve been found out, Brett. They found out the truth behind TwoSet Violin. We’re relying on music comedy. I’m not even butthurt ’cause it’s true. Actually, what if it’s the other way around? What if we’re two comedians that weren’t funny enough to make it as comedians so we rely on our… (Both) …violin skills! Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Right back at you! By the way, please subscribe. We want to hit 1 million, yay. Someone’s like… *chuckles* – Incinerate…
– We’re getting incinerated… Got ’em! Dude, you guys are so savage. I thought our fans were cultured classical musicians. This is our fans, they’re like… *evil chuckle* When we made the post “roast us”, they’re just like… *chuckles* Dude, that’s not even a roast. That’s just like… We’re used to hearing that. Tell me something I don’t know. *sarcastic chuckle* – Was that an attempted insult to violins?
– Yeah. Wow, someone’s a…hurt violist. What the hell?? Dude, that’s intense. Coming from Jason. Bro… Sad days. *sighs* You know what? Ling Ling has no time to be disappointed. He’s too busy. Damn it. Dude, guys, you guys gotta stop. Oh, the next one. Oh… All right, you know what, I’m done. Facebook, you guys are too much. Check Twitter? Oh, there’s Twitter as well. Okay. As if this isn’t enough. I’m like scared, I have to read it like this. – I know.
– This is my ego protection. – Yeah.
– For my self-esteem. – That’s why I’ve been like…
– That’s my defence. …subconsciously hiding behind the microphone like this. So you can’t see my face anymore. *laughs* Ohh, s***! In case it sounds too soft, this is because I’m closer to the mic. Dude, I’m just gonna withdraw more and more into my… – Yeah, okay…
– Yes it is, Wendy, jeez. Submit ideas, content ideas. Stop calling us out. *chuckles* Alexa… – Should we play the viola if we hit 1 million subs?
– Nah. We’re actually practicing now. What are you guys talking about? See? – Exactly. Keep going.
– Got you there! *snickers* Wow, great.
*forced laughter* Well, at least we’re practicing now! Oh God. Guys… *groans* Okay, are we done? Thanks for the roast, guys. I think we’ve—our self… …self-esteem is destroyed. Please, uh… Send your prayers and subscribe. This might be the last video we ever make. Goodbye guys. TwoSet Violin out.

100 thoughts on “If You Can Roast Slowly, You Can Roast Quickly…”

  1. You guys made me want to learn the violin! (and start making fun of my friend, who plays the viola XD) I have been watching your videos so much for the last two days (I couldn't practice, bc I don't have a violin ;P) and I had to laugh so much and you have taught me so much about the violin already!

  2. I like this channel but those comments are too much. Only thing that I wanna recommend is do more research before you roast someone especially, culture for each country. Because making fun of culture could lead to huge misunderstanding. Sometime they do something stupid even not suppose to do so. But it’s culture issue you can’t insult them but you can give correct knowledge. Keep up with roast video. I learn a lot from it 😉

  3. Anybody know what the piece in the background of 0:16 is? It’s pretty and helps me get distracted from this vid😂

  4. You guys make us laugh, that’s matter and thank you. Even if you guys become the best violinist of world, the savage people stay savage, judging your Asian background, judging everything different from them, as if they are the standards in this world.

  5. lol making videos isn’t practicing, them does that mean that you watching this isn’t practicing lol me so true

  6. We are practicing. Eddie stops and Bret says . No keep practicing. Inside their head “ we don’t want to be found not practicing”

  7. people are so mean and rude…those people probably don't even watch your channel. content idea: is to make a video about how to play basic violin because it seems fun to learn and have as a hobby or a video of what you usually do before a concert

  8. Somehow felt that some of those comments are straight-on cyberbullying rather than roasts…and what's with all those racist comments -.- it's 2019 grow up and learn to respect people
    Have loved all those charades and vids you made!!! I do not play the violin but your videos reminded me over and over again how much I loved music. I'd look soooooooo much forward to going to one of your concerts to hear you guys play someday :")

  9. 1) I love eddy’s teeth.
    2) Brett and eddy’s extreme and insane violin talents and UNDEBATABLE
    3) even if they use the same jokes repeatedly they’re always hilarious and their skits are super creative and relatable too
    4) you guys r just awesome so please don’t let these violists get to you 🥰

  10. Okay I genuinely feel bad wtf.

    Like, I know it’s a joke that they don’t know anything and they hide it with jokes but sometimes I’m genuinely fascinated by their knowledge in music and how they know so many tiny details about it. Not to mention Eddy’s perfect pitch and Brett’s amazing passion in music. They love what they do so much and it’s so inspiring actually ❤️

  11. Uhkaaay. I never really commenting videos, unless it is a must for me because I need to know something.


    UGH, I loathe how some of them are downright bullying. It's not funny when they got physical.

    Both of you are cute. There, I say it. (It's kinda hard for me to say this since I'm not a type of person who spurt out things like that online *cry)

    But seriously, the "who's top and bottom" also "power bottom" are so funny😂 I lose it🤣

  12. I just discovered your channel and am binge watching every video I can find! Although I know nothing about music, I still love your videos 🙆 Hope all these roasting won't affect you guys 😂

  13. Awe I literally love you guys so much. You guys are amazing! These are so mean and I can’t even think one bad thing about you guys that’s actually true ♥️♥️

  14. Brett, your eyebrows are thicc, nothin' to be ashamed of there.
    Also factoid: in Japan, it's considered cute for girls to have crooked teeth~

  15. "The only G string you will ever touch in your life is the one on your violin" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂

  16. I really hated the one with small eyes and d****. It wasn’t a roast, it was a racist joke !

    You guys are sooo beautiful, talented, funny… huh I feel bad

  17. I don't play any musical instruments, but yet, here i am, binge watch your videos all day long. You two are just beautiful the way you are. And talented for sure. Thanks for sharing great video content about classical music. We all learned something from you guys.

  18. making fun of teeth.. guys, it's too much… please, don't do that anymore. it really hurts.
    and Eddy your smile is very beautiful and don't be sad (if you are ofc)

  19. That was honestly so depressing to watch. Even if people were saying it as a joke….it killed me. Love this channel.

  20. Eddy and Brett are awesome! I know the roasting was supposed to be humorous but my god, some of those were a little too far 🙁

  21. Guys, you're awesome and both very cute..just look at all the adoring comments and keep going! Pay no attention to unoriginal jealous violas.

  22. You guys are too good to be roasted, we know y'all play freaking amazing!!!! And Eddy, Brett, at-least you guys can play, unlike some who can comment roasts to make themselves feel better.

  23. I'm only disliking because I never wanna see you guys put out content like this ever again. I'm in pain on your behalf.

  24. i almost cried at the end. people are so mean to them. Plus, i don't want them to stop posting. my favorite youtuber used to be akidearest, but now it's 2set.

  25. You are one of my fav!! I didn't like you because your roast. But because your nature. I like how you talk to each other. Even you'll make just talk videos I'll sure love it. So keep going guys! I started to know some music things now thanks to you. Ling Ling will sure proud of you! ((Sorry for my weak English tho… I'm always get nervous when I have to type some Eng. But I NEED to tell you thissssssss))

  26. some comments are really rude, while watching the video i was like *suprised pikachu face* why are people so rude, there are differences between roasting and bullying

  27. Oh if it helps, the only video I see on Youtube is yours and some cat videos cuz I practice. I practice and watch ur video while resting and practice again and so on. At least you guys are LingLing to me

  28. https://www.facebook.com/MichaelAndreasMusic/videos/1973181119398737/
    lingling what's your reaction on this videoooo😆😆😆

  29. Why would no one "roast" these guys sad when they're adoring their fans and want us to have fun? 😢
    I came really sad. Even if you roast, you can't go personal.
    Breddy, I love you both so much😘❤️

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