If You Love Everything about Food, You’re in the Right Place – Chef School

If You Love Everything about Food, You’re in the Right Place – Chef School

[music] KAREN TSOI: George Brown has so
much connections in the city and we do so much events. People already see that the
graduates have the skills. CHRISTINE WALKER: You have
to eat, breathe and sleep this industry. [music] CHRISTINE WALKER: We have
a fantastic array of– of programs. All the programs though are
focused on teaching the students the fundamental culinary skills
that they need to be successful in the industry. We have our one-year
program, which is our Culinary Skills program. We have our Culinary Management
program which is two years and we have our Integrated Culinary
Management which is also two years but it’s an
accelerated model and it’s four semesters straight
with a very large component of industry experience. We have the Italian postgraduate
program which has been in existence for many years
and it’s very successful. MARINA ZUB: We have
amazing chefs here. People who are professional and
they came to school right from the industry. They know a lot;
they know how to teach. NICK LIU: A lot of the things
that we did at George Brown were really kind of hands-on
and you work with real products. You know, learning how to
butcher chickens and full, you know, pieces
of meat and beef. These were great tools that kind
of give you kind of an in for, you know, of– of what to expect
when you are in a restaurant. CHRISTINE WALKER: The café
and The Chefs’ House is a fantastic experience. The café gives our students the
first step of experience dealing with customers. The students make the product
that our guests or our customers, other
students are buying. But then they’re out
there serving it as well. The Chefs’ House is a full
fledged restaurant and I would say that the quality of the food
that comes out that restaurant is equal to any high-end
restaurant in Toronto. JOHN HIGGINS: Another thing
we’re very, very fortunate with George Brown Chef School
is the fact that we have partnerships worldwide. So you can go to India,
you can go to Korea, you can go to France,
you can go to Italy, you can go to Panama,
you can go to Brazil. We’re connected and that one
great thing that I’m very, very proud of. That, you know, we look at
the world as our oyster in a lot of ways and the
food and techniques are great. [music] CHRISTINE WALKER: The benefit
to being downtown Toronto in the heart of the city is
that, you know, the diversity and culturalism that we have
and our numerous amount of connections;
over 500 industry partners. Not just Toronto but Ontario
and worldwide as well. KAREN TSOI: And so for
our field placements, we both decided to go
to Ritz Carlton TOCA. FOREST LIU: I made a leek
potato soup and the customer, after he had the soup, he came
into the kitchen, he said, “That was my best soup in TOCA.” CHRISTINE WALKER: We
have what’s called Program Advisory Committees
for every single program that we run. We ask them, are we
meeting their needs? And we take their feedback
very, very seriously. We really make sure we model the
industry because when they get out there we don’t want
there to be any shell shock. MARINA ZUB: If you don’t
have any experience working in industry, you can
feel how the industry, how the kitchen runs and you
could stay prepared before you jump into the real
kitchen in the real world. So it’s like a playground
and it’s amazing. [music]

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