If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast (HBO Documentary Films)

If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast (HBO Documentary Films)

CARL REINER:Every morning,
I pick up my newspaper,
get the obituary section,
and see if I’m listed.
If I’m not,
I’ll have my breakfast.
I’m in my 90s and I have
friends who are in they’re 90s.
And it’s not just that they
reached a certain number,
they’re thriving. Was it luck
or genes? Modern medicine?
Why are so many people living
such active lives
until their 90s?People ask me where I get
my vitality and to tell you the truth, I haven’t gotten
a clue. I’m faking vitality.
He’s got vitality. NORMAN LEAR:The fact that
I can touch my toes
shouldn’t be so amazing
to people. IDA KEELING:At the age of 67,
I started running.
Now, I’m chasing myself.There’s nobody to compete with. DICK VAN DYKE:
At 30, I exercised to look good.
In my 50s, I exercised
to stay fit.
And in my 90s, it’s just
gonna be out of defiance. STAN LEE:Being old is like
a whole new adventure.
You can’t describe it to young

19 thoughts on “If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast (HBO Documentary Films)”

  1. This was great! And yes, they only interview mostly successful people, but it's still great! I just tuned 70, and I need to train to be 95! It's worth watching!

  2. That joke about looking in the OBIT and if I am not there I eat breakfast came from George Burns. Carl Reiner stole it

  3. This isn't about wealth or resources. In some cases it is just about genetics. My mother is 91. She still does most everything herself — lives alone, shops, cooks, drives (God help us, she is out there on roads in South Carolina — be warned). She is active and involved and a favorite at parties. She smokes. She drinks. She's a bit ditzy, but that has been true for the past 50+ years.
    Under most logic Mom shouldn't have made it past 80, but her mother died at 88 (also living on her own til the end). If I can just avoid the cancer fate that bedevils my father's side, I have a good chance of making it to 90 so it is good to start planning now.

  4. It's the gen(good family stock). But also it's having a good outlook in life and a hobby of some sort, and for god sake do not stop, just keep on trucking. My dad which is 89 still works on his truck and walks his Bouvier dog everday. He looks a lot younger than a lot of my friends. Good love my dad.

  5. It's genetics AND luck AND modern medicine. In the future the balance will probably shift ever more to the 'modern medicine' part, as today many people who would never have gotten close to 90 before are living that long.

  6. 0:17 “It’s not just that they’ve reached a certain number”. Um….yeah. Yeah it is. They turned 90 and that’s it.

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