Incredibly Tasty BEER Braised BEEF Brisket

Incredibly Tasty BEER Braised BEEF Brisket

I was rooting around in the freezer this
morning wondering what to cook for supper and that’s when I found this
little piece of brisket here’s how I cooked it this brisket recipe is dead simple
start it with some onions and I just sliced those up I put some clarified butter in the
bottom of this cast-iron enameled brazier you could use any pan that you
can put in the oven and seal tightly now that was on medium low heat I threw in
the onions and stir them around until they had partially caramelized this
takes a long time don’t do it too fast don’t burn the onions you just want sort
of a light caramel e color on them when those were just about done i salt and
peppered the brisket and then I took the onions out of the pan put in a little
bit of vegetable oil and crank the heat up to medium-high then I put the brisket
in and lightly browned it on both sides you don’t need a whole lot of browning
just a little bit to get it started I took the brisket out of the pan and
then I poured in some of our homemade beer this is a fairly light tasting beer
not too heavy on the hops you don’t want to get that extreme hop bitterness in
this dish that’s when I put in some Wurster sauce some grainy mustard beer
came up to a boil I stirred it around to get some of the bits off the bottom and of course a little bit of Marmite
you’re not gonna taste the Marmite it’s just going to lift all of the other
flavors in this dish through the onions back in put the
brisket on top put a lid on it and stuck that in the oven for about three and a
half to four hours and that’s it beautiful rich sauce with the
caramelized onions and the mustard unbelievably tasty let’s give that a try mmm that’s wonderful deep rich great
flavor and I know that there’s a lot of people that are worried about Marmite
I’m with you Marmite tastes horrible when its own it’s one of the worst
things I’ve ever tasted probably the second worst thing I’ve ever tasted
maybe the third worst the worst would be a Karl which I had nice ‘land which is
which is a fermented shark second worst would be fermented tofu that’s
deep-fried that’s pretty bad Marmite on its own or Vegemite on its
own absolutely horrible but when you put it in something like this becomes a
supporting player and it really brings up all of the other flavours so don’t
skimp on the Marmite give it a try this is a great easy weeknight meal and you
know what you could do this in a you can do this in a slow cooker if you wanted
to fully adaptable to a slow cooker just fry up the onions before you go to work
stick it in the slow cooker and it’ll be done when you get home give this one a
try thanks for stopping by hope to see you again soon

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  2. Freaking awesome recipe! And hey, c'mon marmite and cucumber sandwiches – rocking the British kitchen! Thanks for a super recipe – again!

  3. That looked so good. Great cook, video quality, editing. Whats not to like? I found you on BBQ & Bottles channel. Cheers.

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