[INDO/ENG SUB] Relay LIVE: Kyun Chef Cook Cook with Min Chef #6

[INDO/ENG SUB] Relay LIVE: Kyun Chef Cook Cook with Min Chef #6

“I’m getting light headed from waiting so long,
please hurry up and start”. Are we on? 10,000 viewers. Let’s start when there’s 30,000 viewers. – Isn’t that too late?
– No. Then 20,000 viewers. – We’ll get to 20,000 viewers in no time.
– We can start now. Let’s start. – Hello.
– Hello. “KIHYUN Chef’s Cooking Show”. I’m the assistant. Then first of all… This one is mine.
We have to put on our aprons. – This was sent to our agency…
– We’re sorry everyone. We just got back from practicing and getting lessons so… – Vibe up!
– Our vibe is feeling a bit down but… – Fighting!
– Why does my apron have lace on it? Mine does too. You must not like lace. How am I supposed to put this on? What’s up with this?
How are we supposed to wear them? – Like this.
– It’s supposed to be an X. Like actress dresses. Here we go. It feels too tight. – Is this right?
– Wait, it’s loose again. It’s not loose, it came off. – There we go.
– It’s hard just to get ready. – Are you wearing that right?
– Yes. – Yes.
– The button came off. – OK.
– This feels so tight. – Me too.
– This is it. Everyone the music is a bit – too loud. It should be more quiet since
it’s just the BGM. – Yes. – We used to always wear shirts for this.
– Yes. I always emphasized on wearing shirts
but today, we had no choice but to cover our hair. – You’ll probably be able to see it soon.
– Yes, we’re planning on showing them soon – but we want to raise your expectations.
– It’s no fun if we share it too soon. – So we’re hip-hoppers today.
– Yes~ Get it, get it! We changed our hair color. Do you watch “Somebody”? – Oh, is that from “Somebody”?
– Yeah. – That’s the BGM from “Somebody”? – Yeah.
– I knew it sounded familiar. – Right? Do you watch “Somebody”? I watched it with HYUNGWON and KIHYUN
the other time and SHOWNU said that he watches it
when he’s running on the treadmill. I had to go to the recording studio
recently and We’re done with our recordings. I had to go for some other contents. We’re preparing a variety of things and I
had to go to the recording studio. I… You went before I did. – Yesterday. – I.M and I just happened to
turn on the 1st episode. – I.N was like…
– Did you watch the 1st episode? – Yeah. I.N was acting like this. – I.N kept saying, “Oh my gosh”.
– I watched episodes 8 or 9 yesterday by myself. While everyone else is watching “Sky Castle”, I haven’t been able to start watching
that yet… I.N’s reaction is so much fun. He was the same when he watched it
with me. The last time too… A while ago, after we were done with practice, it was really late at night and I was going
to watch something on Netflix before sleeping. So I turned it on and MINHYUK and
HYUNGWON were shouting and shrieking. – They were kicking and shouting…
– If you have time, watch it sometime. The performances on stage are really cool
and fun to watch. Everyone watches “Sky Castle”. – I don’t watch “Sky Castle”.
– I haven’t seen it yet either. “We All Lie”? – “We All Lie”? – I heard that you have to watch
it to have something to talk about with friends. Someone was like “We All Lie”
so I asked, “What’s that”? “Don’t you know what that is”?
“Don’t you watch “Sky Castle”? “Sky Castle”? I don’t know what that is. I’m going to watch all of the episodes back to
back someday. But this is a cooking V LIVE. No, this is just a V LIVE that we’re doing together. It’s not a cooking… Is it? – We’re doing a cooking V LIVE today.
– OK. – It’s our V LIVE but today is a cooking V LIVE.
– You should show them this first. – Today…
– Bring it over here. First of all… The dish that we’re going to make today is the famous tortilla pizza that I’ve mentioned
a million times. And the corn cheese dish that MINHYUK made
on another show and failed. – When did I make corn cheese?
– You made it with Soyou that other time… “Beauty View”. Is “Beauty View” the right one? No. – Isn’t it?
– He doesn’t know. On a beauty program, you dropped
the corn cheese on the floor. – Yeah. – Don’t you remember?
– I think I remember doing that with the corn. – Yeah, you burned it.
– Corn cheese. – Anyways… – That’s because I didn’t have
the stone dish that they have at restaurants. Because we didn’t have that. We don’t have one of those at home
right now, but try your best. The dishes that we’re going to make today
are tortilla pizza and corn cheese. – The vibe is rising all of a sudden.
– Because I thought I should try harder. I’m a bit bewildered. – Please bring your vibe up slowly. It alarms me
if you change all of a sudden. – Yes. We’re going to make tortilla pizza and corn cheese. In the past we were a bit…
Of course there were some dishes we did well. – But…
– The mille-feuille nabe was a success. That was a definite success. The mille-feuille was a huge success but
it was a bit lukewarm. – The donkatsu nabe was really…
– It was my fault. I should have defrost it first but I just
cooked it frozen. Anyways, we’re going to make something
that we’re confident about… Are you confident? I didn’t say that I was confident, I just thought that it would be good
if you could make pizza. And I thought about what would go well
with pizza as a side dish – and it seemed like the easiest thing I could do.
– They go really well together. I was going to make risotto at first because all you have to do is cook the rice
and mix it with cheese but… – Risottos take a long time.
– Really? – Risottos take a long time to make.
– I didn’t know. And… So today’s menu is pizza and corn cheese. – That’s it.
– And these are normal pizza ingredients. Tortilla, olive oil…
The olive oil doesn’t go in the pizza directly but…
Wait, does it go in the corn cheese? Do you need that?
What is it called again… Black rubber? – Olive?
– I don’t like olives. – We don’t have any olives. – I don’t like them.
– No, we do have some. – Do we? – Is this it? – Here they are.
– I don’t really like olives. – If you don’t like them, we can just add
them later on. – Yes. – OK. – If you like olives, then we can
do half of the pizza with them. – Just on half.
– I don’t like doing it that way. Why not? You order half and half pizzas. – A pizza should be symmetric.
– OK, got it. Or we can.. Never mind. OK. Anyways, we’re going to exclude the olives.
So onions, paprika or bell peppers. – Do you like paprika? – There’s really nothing
that I dislike strongly. – It’s up to… What? – I don’t dislike them. I like them.
– You like paprika? – I want to eat them with doenjang (bean paste).
– What? You’re supposed to dip it in mayonnaise. You… MONBEBE fans, will you vote on this? – Wait!
– Paprika with doenjang VS mayonnaise. – Leave your vote as comments.
– Paprika with mayonnaise. Paprika with doenjang. What are you saying? The comments
will be up soon. – The lights are too dark? This is…
– We really tried our best with the lighting. – We bought the lighting that’s in front
of us now. – But it’s still a bit dark here. But if we bring the lighting too close,
then our faces look blue. Everyone… “Doenjang”. Someone wrote doenjang.
“Doenjang”. – Your comments… “I don’t like paprika”.
– “Of course it’s mayonnaise”. – “Just plain”. “Ssamjang”, “ssamjang”, “doenjang”.
– “Ssamjang doesn’t count”. – I like ssamjang too. – Ssamjang doesn’t count.
– I meant to say that though. – Ssamjang. – Yeah.
– “Of course mayonnaise”, “ssamjang”, “ssamjang”. – “Mayo”. – “Mayo”. – “Mayo”. – “You should eat
mayonnaise with squid”. – “Mayo”. – “Not doenjang”.
– “Doenjang sounds like a bad choice”. Paprika with gochujang (chili paste).
That one doesn’t count. – “I eat it with gochujang”. – “Ssamjang”.
“Doenjang”. – Gochujang with vinegar? There are people who eat paprika
with gochujang (chili paste) with vinegar? It’s about half and half. I didn’t even know that people like to
eat paprika with mayonnaise. – I learned something new today.
– We should start cooking. Someone said, just eat it. – I’m sorry. – Today’s dish is…
– Both are weird? Why? – MONBEBE fans and we all have…
– Chili paste with vinegar? – We all have different preferences.
– Isn’t mayonnaise weird? Let’s stick to what we each think is good. The recipe for the tortilla pizza is really simple. The tray that I prepared over there. – We put the tortilla on the pan.
– The tortilla… – Tortilla. You can pronounce it differently.
It’s the dough for our pizza today. You add a bit of oil on to it… – No?
– No. – Why not? You should oil the pan! Not on the dough, but on the pan. Like me. Why? They cover the dough with… – What?
– When you watch chefs make pizza on TV. That’s because that’s their recipes. I’ve never done it that way before. I’ve never oiled the dough. You have to oil the bottom or it
will get stuck to the pan later. – Oil it then…
– He’s made this before. You have to oil the pan to make the
tortilla more crispy. – Our faces do look really dark.
– And then you spread the sauce that you want to use. On the pan. What? Yes, on the pan! The pan! Drain most of the juice from the canned corn
and add it evenly all over the tortilla. – I like corn. – They said you shouldn’t put the oil
on the dough. You should put it on the pan. I like the corn so much so… Once I added like the entire can and even if you drain it, there’s water left in
the corn so as it cooks the dough can get all watery. – All right.
– That was a problem. – The dough can rip. – KIHYUN, someone wrote
that you’re pronunciation was fun to listen to. I’m sorry, I overdid it. And for a crispy touch, you can add onions or…
Onions, hmm. – Do you like onions?
– Yes. I don’t like onions that much. Then half and half. It has to be symmetric. – It has to be symmetric.
– He’s picky. – The reason we have to add some onions…
– What if we leave the onions in cold water… Is that right? Soaking it in cold water? – Sugar water.
– If you want to get rid of the hot taste. – Then I’ll do that as soon as we start.
– Yes. So that’s that. And then you add some pepperoni and
thinly sliced olives. And last is the cheese.
There’s not much to it. KIHYUN has done this many times before so he could add some more of certain ingredients. And as a new kick, we have mushrooms too. – Yes.
– For a new taste. – Please read the recipe for the corn cheese dish.
– Drain the water from the can, add 3 spoonfuls of mayonnaise and sugar. The sugar is… Hold on. Anyways. You mix everything together than
add a pinch of salt. And then you melt the butter on a pan and once the butter gets melted, you spread
the corn on the pan, cover it with cheese and you can add parsley and you’re done. When I was young…
Do you all know this? There used to be a frying pan that
you could flip and use both sides. – You close the lid and use both sides.
– I know what pan that is. – I used to use that a lot. – Kind of like that thing they use to make
bungeoppang in street vendors. – Yes. It just came to me. I’m sorry to go off track. – Butter? Do we have butter in the recipe?
– Yes. – The butter…
– The only thing that we don’t have is sugar. – We don’t have any sugar?
– Do we not have any? Hold on. There could be some here. – It was in the thin one.
– Do you know what you’re looking for? – The thin… – You never come in the kitchen.
How would you know? The thin one. That was what I was talking about. We have salt. – We don’t have any salt either.
– Then instead of sugar… Here we go!
Instead of sugar we can use starch syrup. Will it work? Sugar and starch syrup basically taste the same.
They’re the same things. – What happens when sugar melts?
– It become sugar syrup. It smells so strongly of medicine in this cabinet. We don’t have any sugar. – We don’t have any sugar.
– Just use this. – Yes. This is starch syrup. Let’s go. – Then…
– Let’s move the chairs. Yes. Let’s begin. The onions don’t Go! – We have to wash the onions.
– Go ahead. Aren’t they already washed? If it doesn’t say on the bag that they’ve
been washed, you should wash them. But really I… What’s the title again? Siri! Siri! You’re supposed to use your finger but
it just won’t work. Right? MONBEBE fans, you agree, don’t you? When you want Siri to answer you it never
answers but sometimes when you didn’t even – call it turns on.
– It beeps and turns on all of a sudden. – It never turns on when you want it to.
– OK. Milk tortilla? – Amazing. – There’s no where to put this.
Should I just use this? – Put what? The water…
– Wow, that smell of onions. There’s no where to put the onions in. – Let’s use this.
– Will it all fit? Nope. We need 2. MONBEBE fans kind of like to give us advice. I think it’s about time that
they started to nag us. They wrote that the Siris on their phones
were activated when we said “Siri”. They wrote that we should not use
starch syrup. Someone wrote that we should hit them
if we want to use starch syrup. – OK then. We won’t use it.
– Wow, MONBEBE fans are so aggressive. – I put in the starch syrup.
– What do you mean by that? – And the onions, is this the way to get rid of
the hot taste? Some fans wrote that we don’t have to drain. “No starch syrup”.
Apparently it burns easily. All right everyone.
I knew you all would be coaching us. All right, no starch syrup. Someone asked if our next album’s
title is going to tortilla. – Yes, that’s right.
– Yes. Our concept is a Tarzan eating a tortilla in the
jungle and making a wish with the Aladdin lamp. This is… It would be nice if we had a brush. Medicine! We’re not sick right now.
That’s just for emergencies. They wrote that honey is OK but it’s all sold out. We have this honey but the expiration date…
What did HOSEOK say? Eat within 2 years? – There was that other thing. – It’s well over
2 years now. – We have something here. – Throw that away. HOSEOK might eat it.
– How about the honey stick thing? – The honey that JOOHEON eats?
– I saw that somewhere. I saw someone eat it. SHOWNU probably keeps eating it
even it’s past the expiration date. SHOWNU is so…
You should scold him for us. I keep telling him that he shouldn’t eat
things past the expiration date but he always says it’s OK and keeps on
eating them. It’s not here. It’s OK. It’s somewhat… I want to eat the ramen and tteokbokki
that’s in there. We’ll leave this like this. Shall I talk with the MONBEBE fans for a while? Please get ready for the corn cheese. Drain the water and mix 3 spoonfuls of
mayonnaise and sugar. I’ll play a song. I saw the honey stick here somewhere. “Can I Be Him” means, can I be that guy, right? So I… Who was it with? I can’t remember. – Medicine smell.
– So I… They played “Can I Be Him” on the show
and I was so surprised. Can we listen to a Japanese song? Of course. We have pizza sauce. We removed the olives, right? Mushrooms. We have to stick this on. Mushrooms. 4 is enough, right? MINHYUK. Did you all buy this? I got one. Make sure you’re careful when you do this. You always have to be careful when
using a knife! Be careful. Is this the name emblem? Yes it is! How do I drain the water?
I’ve never done it before either. From now on… You should use a like a strainer… – No. – What?
– How should I drain the water? Hold on. First of all, remove the water. Be careful when you’re opening a can! How does this work? Slicing mushrooms is harder than I
thought it would be. Did we not add mushrooms before? The mushroom taste is really strong. How about playing rock, paper, scissors and
making the loser eat a raw mushroom? – I can eat it raw.
– Then go ahead. Raw mushroom…
It’s OK to eat it before cooking, right? I’ve never seen anyone eat it raw. Shouldn’t you squeeze the water out Is it enough to just throw away the water? I’m not sure. – There’s no… – How should I cut the mushrooms?
Like this? Or smaller pieces? – I’ve never used mushrooms before… – This is a
half bowl for jjajangmyeon and jjambbong. We could use this. The big picture of the Chinese restaurant. “Please cut the onions”. – Hold on.
– Why? We have to soak it in water first. Should I use the entire can? We’re supposed to cut the onions
before we put it in cold water. No! This is how we do it. “You have to cut the onions before
putting it in the water”. MONBEBE! If I didn’t know any better,
I’d say you were all professional cooks! They’re all telling us that we should chop
the onions first. I’ll just cut the mushrooms so it’s kind of chewy. I like thick mushrooms. – Huh?
– I like thick ones. I’ll make them thick. I squeezed all the water out.
As best as I can. Then what? 3 spoonfuls of mayonnaise and sugar. Since we’re
using the entire can, do I put in 6 spoonfuls? Is this for one can? This could be like a mushroom pizza. I like mushrooms but… They said you can do whatever you want. They said we can do whatever we want. Butter. Wait. They say that your body works twice when
you’re not thinking… MINHYUK! – Do you like mushrooms a lot?
– Yes, a lot. – I love them.
– I like mushrooms too. But it will practically be covered with mushrooms. Why does water keep coming out of this corn? No matter how many times I’ve squeezed it. – What was it?
– Yeah. I’m using a knife here. After draining the water… Butter! The butter is… I think 3 mushrooms is enough. – Butter.
– Then… – Like this.
– Melt the butter in the pan. Hold on. Dish. Dish. I’m going to use this “2 O’clock Cultwo Show”
mug gup for this. Wait, SBS Power FM. Isn’t this a R-rated song? – No it’s not.
– Really? What should I do now? Paprika. The paprika is… OK. Is it 3 spoonfuls per can? – Shall I use 2 cans? There’s one more can.
– Of what? Corn cheese. No, just one.
I have to use some too. Oh yeah. – How much should I use?
– I should wash this. No, this doesn’t come first. – We’ve almost stopped talking with MONBEBE…
– OK! I’m going to communicate. You shouldn’t worry about cooking. You’re a true chef if you have your
own recipe. Why won’t this cut? I want some of this with mayonnaise. – “I’m hungry”. MONBEBE fans are hungry.
– Me too. – I’m not.
– I’m hungry. It’s much easier to cut it like this. This one is… Why is this…
Is it because my knife is a fruit knife? We do look a bit dark on the screen. After you remove all the water… – Nice and small. – Then add 3 spoonfuls
of mayonnaise and sugar. The mayonnaise is… To be honest, mayonnaise is always… – It’s good with everything?
– No, what would be the best match? Mayonnaise is… – Is there a dish that everyone could really
relate to? – With mayonnaise? Isn’t the best choice dried squid? I don’t really like dishes with squid in them. The title of this song?
“Your Song” by Sam Kim. Good. I used to be really obsessed with paprika. I didn’t like it when I was younger. I remember not eating paprika because I thought
it was like bell pepper. But after I tasted it for the first time, I’ve
been obsessed with it. This song, sung by Sam Kim and that agency… The agency with Kwon Jinah and
Jung Seunghwan. – And…
– Is that agency Antenna Music? – Yes. I love the song where they all sing together. MONSTA X should… It would be nice if we were able to
sing something all together. “MINHYUK, why is you cellphone
screen all shattered”? – How did you know?
– They must be able to see it. – OK! OK! – It’s a bit shattered so I can’t
take a selfie of me when it’s light. But I learned later on how to adjust
the lighting. I’ll start first. We started a long time ago. – OK.
– 3 spoonfuls. Put this in. It’s really small. “I’m sorry, but I just joined.
What are you two making”? – We’re making a tortilla pizza and…
– Please watch again. Tortilla pizza and corn cheese. Hold on. OK. Like this. – Here we go.
– Late on. Have none of you guys tried
making tortilla pizza at home? Do you know why tortillas are called tortillas? – You’re not going to say something
weird, are you? A long time ago there was a marathoner. This
marathoner was really famous and from Germany. – You’re not going to say a bad joke, are you?
– There’s someone that taught him. He’s training is infamous and difficult. So the guy asked his instructor, “Can I run after I run a little”? That was all I asked of him.
Run! Go! So… So the tortilla… – You must be pretty old.
– Why is that? – You’re coming up with old guy jokes.
– You must be old too. You’re laughing. – I laughed at your vibe. – OK.
– We laughed at your vibe. It’s too bad we don’t have sugar.
Are you sure I can’t use starch syrup? – Not even a bit?
– The fans were really drastic. Someone said squeak, squeak. – Just now.
– Don’t get angry. – OK, then first of all..
– MONBEBE fans all laughed. – Cheese. Haikyu. We were going to wear it today but we had to wear a hoodie because of
our hair. – MINHYUK stop.
– Yes. It won’t open. What should we use instead of sugar MONBEBE? Please leave comments in the chat room.
Tell us what we should use instead of sugar. Try it! It won’t work. Are you kidding me? Give it to me! Give it here! – No, no.
– Open it from the side. It’s in individual portions. Smart. What brand is this hoodie?
We wore this hoodie to the airport the other time and some other singer asked us where
we bought these. – The other members asked us too.
– MINHYUK, I have a request. Please preheat the oven to 220 degrees. I’ll do it. Don’t ask me then. Ailee asked us where we got these too. We just got it off the internet. It looks like there’s a lot of mayonnaise. The oven is on preheat. There’s something you should know when
you’re making tortilla pizza. Since it’s a pizza, you should leave out
the edges. Or the topping will over flow. I like cheese a lot so… – I’m going to add a lot of cheese.
– I’m so into this song lately. That other time. For our opening song. Should we not mention
this? Has it not been aired yet? The song was played in the opening
so we can talk about it. This song was in the background
when Ailee first appeared and I’ve been into this song ever since. There’s no salt. Huh? That’s the highlight. Great. Now… If you really want it to taste like pizza… – This is a whole tortilla.
– These glasses are from I.M. I’ll ask I.M where he bought them
and tell you later. If you really want to eat some pizza
but you’re too lazy, – and if real pizza feels to heavy…
– Just order some Mr. Pizza. That’s a good option too but all you need for this is cheese and pizza sauce. Just take out a tortilla, and add some
pizza sauce and cheese on top. And stick it in the microwave and you’ll
have a pizza instantly. I’ve never used a whole pepperoni before. I’m going to listen to Kim Bum Soo’s song first. This isn’t it. I have a feeling this is going to turn out well. – It’s a little…
– How much butter should I use? You don’t know well either. You don’t know that well either. It’s a bit… The perfect height. The tortilla… No, not tortilla. I meant to say pepperoni. you can get sliced pepperoni at the market. – It feels like beef jerky.
– Beef jerky. – I think I’m almost done.
– Me too. – Onions.
– Let’s go do it again. If I were to share a tip, – add some cheese in between ingredients.
– Low heat? Strong heat? Low heat? All you have to do is spread it. And add some cheese here and there. Then it sticks a lot better. Time to see what MONBEBE has to tell us. Low heat. OK. It’s on low heat. Why is this so slippery. Our JOOHEON. What? Did he call? What is he up to? Excuse me. Just in case, keep the volume low.
The thing with MINHYUK could happen again. JOOHEON isn’t like that with me. – HYUNGWON is way over there.
– JOOHEON. – They might be able to see you. Go inside.
– JOOHEON, why won’t you show me your face? – You can’t see me?
– Nope. – I can’t see anything.
– Me neither. – I’ll call you again.
– Yes. – Are you two in a fight?
– What? – No, we’re great.
– You can’t see me? I’ll call you again. JOOHEON. JOOHEON. – I should use a bigger knife.
– Where are you right now? At the studio. What are you doing? I’m writing the Will you say hi to MONBEBE? Wassup, MONBEBE!
Let’s go! How can I do this? Oh, this is not the way. – Lately, our choreo is..
– Hi. – The choreo is really..
– Let’s go! He’s into “Let’s go” now. – Let’s go!
– Let’s go! Say something to MONBEBE.
It’s been so long. MONBEBE.
Hi, this is Jooheon. – Jooheon, show them Yoshi and Gucci.
– Hello. – They ask you to show Yoshi and Gucci. – Yoshi and Gucci? – Yes.
– They’re sleeping now. – They shouldn’t.
– They are sleeping now. Anyways. Hello. Okay. Hello. – Lately..
– Are you going to hang up now? – What? We are making this corn cheese. And pizza. – Kihyun’s pizza is good.
– Right? – It’s amazing.
– He’s trying a new way today. – More ingredients.
– What’s new? – He puts mushrooms. – He didn’t put onions.
– He puts onions today. It’s more dynamic. – More like real pizza.
– That’s right. That’s right. – Did you make the corn cheese?
– Yes, I did. A bit like macaroni..
What is it called? Macaroni is macaroni. – Exact.. – With macaroni.. – They say,
“watch out for the spoon on the corn cheese”. It may be hot. So fussy. Always..
You know what it is. I’ll show you to MONBEBE for the one last time.
Say good bye to them. MONBEBE..
You look really good now, Jooheon. – Really? – Everyone is saying that
you’re cute and handsome. – They are?
– Yes, I’m not lying. Wait. Why is this screen so bright? I didn’t see any comments that say
I’m handsome. No. Oh, the screen is too bright. – Okay.
– Okay. Cute. – MONBEBE, please shout out that
Jooheon is handsome. – This is not it. – You didn’t open the cheese yet, right?
– I opened it. Do you have another one? You didn’t open it yet, right?
Oh, a bag here? – Did you get it from here?
– What? Oh, here it is. I just didn’t want to open both of the bags. Did it? Anyone who saw it? – Honestly, I..
– Look. Why? Why? Right, I saw this one. – Honestly, I saw it!
– What a relief. Honestly, I saw the number. Please tell us. By the way, how can I reduce the heat to low? “No, I didn’t”.
“The number didn’t appear”, “I didn’t see it”. “Me?”
Me? Really? But it was not on the screen when I saw it. The screen became so bright at once. Minhyuk, MONBEBE say
that you’re a troublemaker. Dambi had a baby long time ago.
Our Dambi. The puppy’s name was Moongchi. It was a real troublemaker. – But now..
– They say pets are like their owners. – They act like their names.
– No, they act like their owners. Dambi is quiet. I still regret that.. When I was a grade-schooler,
I had a puppy. We played together a lot. But I teased him a lot as well.
Because I was so young. As he played with me,
he got bad-tempered. I miss him. Bad-tempered. I was trying to explain that
why I saved him as “Lee Jooheon”. I save everyone as their full name,
except my parents. From our Director to CEO, everyone. Because after I saved the number,
I forgot what I saved it as. You know what I mean, right? Yes, I save people’s number as their names. – I started it. – I added “MON”
in front of the names of our members. I just saved everyone as their names. Fairly. But my mom and dad, they gave birth to me.
I think it’s inappropriate to save them as names. – Please play a background music.
– Okay. – It was a bit boring.
– Yes. I’m still surprised. I was really surprised. Everyone, don’t worry too much about it. What else do I have? Songs to listen..
Now.. – The recent songs I listened..
– It looks so yummy. It looks really good. I have an idea. Can we put this on tortilla? – It doesn’t sound so bad, right?
– What? New challenge. This must use this when you put a pan
into an oven. It’s a must. Or your hand will get burned. Into the oven. What shall I play? MONBEBE, do you have any song requests?
Leave a comment. I don’t remember exactly but
I think it will take about 10 minutes. – I shouldn’t have put cheese in it. If we are
to put this on tortilla. – Why? Can we make tortilla using a microwave?
With this on it? – What? – What?
– What did you say? – After finishing this, we put it on tortilla.
– Why do you want to put it on tortilla? I just want to eat like that. It’s already in tortilla. Pizza, too? Hey, we’re making what you like.
Do you want some? – You got up because you’re hungry, right?
– Yes. I knew it. I thought you would come out
because you’re hungry. – Don’t show your face, just come here.
– Watch our for your head. MONBEBE, hi. – Come here. – I can’t see any comments
with this. – No, I didn’t switch it on. – Is it okay to eat it right away?
– Of course. It’s not going into my mouth. It’s not going into my mouth.
It’s going into his mouth? – How can you say that?
– Okay, okay. – Minhyuk! Minhyuk?
– Yes. This.. How is it? – How is it?
– We should cover it with a pot-lid. – Is it okay?
– It’s yummy. It’s perfect to your taste, right? – Yummy.
– This dish.. I don’t think we have to do this. – They say we should.
– MONBEBE, hi. – Hyungwon, I love you so much. – Love you too.
– Oh, I forgot to recommend songs. – Wait. – What’s the song before Sam Kim’s song?
What was I listening before him? – 180,000 viewers.
– Really? – 180,000 viewers are watching us now.
– I can’t remember the song. Do you want me to play which song? The cheese is melting now. What are you doing? – What are you doing?
– Making pizza. – Pizza.
– Pizza? – Yes. – But we need that.
– Everyone, song request.. We need that.. What is it called? A rolling knife?
What is it called? We need a knife to cut it. If we don’t have it, we can cut it with scissors. Excuse me? – Oh, everyone.
– Hurry and please do something with that.. Not our songs. Do you have any songs you want to listen
other than our songs? Everyone, this is..
Can I brag about this for once? – Minhyuk, can I brag about this?
– Go one. – This. It’s a whisky. When we went to Jingle Ball, – What was his name?
– Oh, the song by Paul Kim.. You go on. I can’t remember the name. What was the name?
Was it Jeezy? Is it right? Jeezy?
I think that’s correct. It was given by Jeezy. – To us
– What if we are wrong? With “MONSTA X” on it. Wasn’t it Jeezy? – My confidence is shaken.
– Let’s forget it. Let’s pretend that it didn’t happen. This.. If you leave a song request,
I’ll play it when I see it. – By the way, you didn’t put corn. – What?
– You didn’t put corn. He didn’t put corn! I know. We didn’t even open the can. Put it out.
Let’s do this again. Pizza needs corn. I can’t allow that. We can bake another one while we eat this one.
It won’t take much time now. – Because we have the corn now.
– Right. MONBEBE, why didn’t you tell us? Yes, we practiced. There’s a song I want to listen to. If you know this song, please sing along. What’s this song? Some of you ask us to sing
“Lost In The Dream”. You’ll get kicked out. Oh, it’s getting burned. You want to eat the alcohol-flavored
chocolate behind me? – Do we have such thing?
– There. Another song request.. – It’s too baked.
– Leave a song request. But it should be the songs that I know. No can do. Why don’t I like olives?
I like olives but.. I just don’t like the texture of the olives
on the thin pizza. Okay. Okay. “She Is” “She Is”?
What that? You’ll know when you hear the song. Here we go. You’ll recognize the song. The pizza is almost done. It’s almost done. Wait.
Minhyuk, excuse me. “Lemon” by Kenshi Yonezu? I have it one the list. I have a song request. “Foot Steps” by Emerald Castle. Your taste haven’t changed for years. I was about to play “Lemon” but
Hyungwon requested another song. It’s the last one.
Turn heat to high If you’re hungry, go out and buy something to eat. You can eat it. It looks amazing. It looks amazing, everyone. You can eat it. We have ingredients.
We can make another one. We have lots of ingredients left. Oh, my gosh.
It’s unbelievable. You didn’t turn off the stove yet? Thank you. The next song is..
There was another song request so.. Wait. I knew the choreo before. I can’t remember it now. I should have shown it before I cut. Let’s eat now. Please volume it down. It’s time to eat. – Last song, before we eat.
– It’s amazing. What? This song was released in Japan first. Like our album “SPOTLIGHT”,
it was released in Japan first. Aren’t you going to have a meal? – Hyungwon.
– When I was a trainee.. It’s hot. I have a song request. – SEVENTEEN.
– “Home”? – “Getting Closer”?
– “Getting Closer”. Let me see the lyrics. Everyone, come closer. – What’s this “brrrr” sound?
– It’s written in the lyrics. I love this song. Oh, this is not for the first verse. Woozi does this in the beginning part. – Aren’t you eating this? – I will now.
I just brought the drinks. We should have eaten it right
after we took it out of the oven. We’ll eat now. – We’ll eat now.
– Come closer, MONBEBE. 1, 2, 3. How is it? I can smell the spiciness here.
Am I mistaken? It’s so good. Warm. But.. – Because we didn’t put the corn..
– It’s different. As we didn’t put the corn,
I can’t taste the sweetness of the corn. Why are you eating like that? We should hold it like this. No, the pizza is already like.. – Squashed like this.
– This is not beer. – No, it’s not.
– It’s soda drinks. – I’m not lying. – Well, pizza must.. – I don’t have a problem
with eating it like this. What’s wrong with you? I think I’m not good at this. No, you should eat separately. Hyungwon. Have a piece. – He’s been waiting.
– This room is so hot. Pepperoni.. You don’t eat pepperoni, right? What? But the ham is too thick. Loot at him eating. What are you, a mixer?
Getting the ground food out of your mouth? The ham is so thick. Finish this. “A celeb with 4 years of experience
who show his back to the camera” Because I just woke up. How is the corn cheese? – I didn’t try it. But Hyungwon says it’s good.
– What’s this? – Ginger ale. – Is this a bell pepper?
– Yes. – You don’t eat bell peppers, right?
– Paprika. They are the same to you. Bell peppers and paprika are different. – My friend.
– No, he won’t spit it out. I put so much effort into making it.
He won’t spit it out. How can you taste it
despite the strong taste of pizza? – It’s so good.
– Yes. I think we need to make another one. – Shall I play one more song?
– Let me say hello. Hello, everyone. I’m Hyungwon of MONSTA X. I slept too much.. What should we do? You did it, right? Clean it up quickly. I need to bring a towel. I’m really sorry.
I’m not this clumsy usually. – Really.. I haven’t slept..
– Really.. It’s because I’m so tired. When I tried to say hi.. Did you have to do it? iPad is okay, but.. I’m sorry.
I think it’s broken. There’s water all over the keyboard.. Does it belong to the company? – No? Is it yours?
– Isn’t it yours? If this is broken, I’ll pay for it. We should have put this off a day.
I’m so exhausted today. I regret my decision. We should have shown our
perfect sides to MONBEBE. – Hyungwon.
– Yes? I’m going to make another pizza now.
You don’t want paprika in it? – No, I don’t.
– Why did I do that? I’m getting mad at myself. Everyone will know your characteristic
with this V Live. – Is it working?
– I think.. Is it working? I’m not sure, just take it out and.. I also broke the case. – Is it broken?
– Was it already broken? I can’t believe that I broke this. – You should buy a set.
– Yes, I will. I’ll buy you a set. I slept too much so.. – I didn’t want to show you my ugliness.
– Why did I do it? I couldn’t show you my face. But I’m here to at least say hi. I’m here. – Hyungwon.
– Yes? – The ingredients are all mixed so I couldn’t
put out paprika. – Never mind. It’s too much. – Be careful and go to sleep early today.
– What? Go to bed early today. – I think he’s not in a good condition today.
– Today? It can happen. Please brighten up the move, again. Why? You look so poor. Because of my dyed hair.. I had to put on a hat but
I didn’t have any good hats. I was looking for a hat that can
cover all of my hair and here I am. Is that the one? – That you were wearing at the airport?
– No, it’s not. – It’s not? – No. – That’s a different hat.
– Hyungwon, do you have any song requests? I’ll just play the music. – Me? – I think I shouldn’t do anything today.
I must not do anything today. – I..
– Really. “I Think About You” by One More Chance. Can you pass me the cheese? – Is it there?
– Yes. Let me have a bite. But how come.. How come you are listening to the same songs
for almost 6, 7 years? No, they change.
I add songs. Please let me know the newly added songs. – Added songs?
– Yes. I’ll show you. As I put all the ingredients left.. Hyungwon, they ask about where you buy hats. – My hats?
– Yes. This is given by.. my fan. It’s done. I made another pizza. This time it’s so thick. Because I put all the left ingredients. How do you say it? A while ago.. – By Kim Hye Lim..
– Kim Yelim? Hye Lim. “Farewell For Myself”. Did you know that the song was released
in the year that you were born? – It was released in 1994.
– That doesn’t matter. Is something going on with you these days? 250,000 viewers are watching us now. – If the heart count reaches 400,000, Hyungwon.
– Yes? – Isn’t it 4 million?
– It’s 40 million. – 40 million?
– Yes. If the heart count reaches 40 million,
Hyongwon, take off your shirt. – What did you say?
– Take off your shirt. – Take off my shirt? Okay. – Okay?
– Let’s do it. I’ll throw myself for V Live. I think it will reach 40 million soon. I think you’re playing the wrong songs. – In order to brighten up the mood.
– You asked me to play this song! I didn’t know this song. I’ll change the song. – I want dance music.
– Dance music. – What do you have in mind?
– You pick, any dance songs. It’s dropping. Then.. I like them all. – I can sing any songs.
– Let’s ask MONBEBE to leave a recommendation. They might want to listen to specific songs. – Everyone, recommend songs for us.
– Dance songs. – I think I’m a fool.
– Dance songs. – This time.. – What did you miss?
– I didn’t put pepperoni this time. – What?
– Huh? – Why can I see the comments this much?
– I know. This much.. Look. Oh, I can see them like this. Oh, this is good. This is the first successful dish of Minhyuk. They say you should play this song. – “Why”?
– Yes. Oh, I remembered a song I want to listen.
But it’s a ballad song. “Tonight”. – They say, “Don’t be sad”.
– Let’s play dance songs. – Dance songs. – Dance songs? – They say,
“Don’t be depressed”. Let’s brighten up the vibe. Is this the water you spilled? – Do you have coke?
– Shall we play “Oh Jung Ban Hap”? Oh, you.. You have to play that song? Pick one among them. Taking off the shirt.. – Huh?
– Really. What are you going to do? Just show them. Show them. Show what? Don’t say that. Show them. You can’t say that on V Live. Minhyuk, pass me the paprika. Minhyuk, pass me the paprika please. – The small one?
– Yes. It’s a lot. I like this song. – Wait, I’ll go and think a little in my room.
– Okay. Taking off…
Oh, MONBEBE. “You should keep your promise”, it says. Say something to our fans, at least. They are waiting for it now. It’s going crazy here. Huh? What? – Why?
– The smell of paprika. – You can smell it?
– Yes. – I think he can. – If you hate it. – You hate it so much,
don’t you? – Isn’t it an onion? What are you talking about?
It tastes totally different. – No, it tastes different.
– It smells sweet. It tastes sweet. – Is the smell strong? The smell of paprika?
– Yes. It tastes nothing like an onion. “Youngblood” The song doesn’t fit me. But we should also entertain our MONBEBE. I love the songs by IU as well. Why? It says “Youngblood” on your beanie, YB. They are goods. I need to see the lyrics. It’s done. – But the light is out.
– What? – They say we look the same as before.
– I can see. Altogether. No. Then… -Promise is a promise.
-Really? Going shirtless whould be too much. I’ll briefly… -Briefly what?
-Why did I decide to ever come here? Promise is a promise. I’ll briefly show you and say good bye. -Because the two of you will have to wrap it up.
-Yeah, we should. I’ll do it and leave. Watch closely everyone. I’ll say good bye in advance. All the best to chef’s Kihyun’s Cook Cook. The food was great. That’s a relief. I hope you have a great time for the
rest of the show. They’ve been on live for a while already. Please enjoy the show till the end. What day is it today? I hope you end your day well. My belly… Don’t say belly. I’m so shy. I may not have abs but I’ll quickly show you my stomach
and leave. Wait, let me check first. But… I’ll watch you from here. -Should I?
-Yeah… -Isn’t it better?
-Up until where? -Here? -Are you doing it now?
-Yeah. He suggested that I should -Front.
-I should show them my back instead. -Back?
-I’m not confident with my back. -No, from here to here.
-My waist? -Yeah. It could be better than here. -Nope. That’s not going to work.
-I agree. Fans are saying the introduction is too long. -Do you really want to…
-Show them my back. Let’s go. -“You don’t have to do it”.
-Can I? -Please raise your hands.
-There were a few such comments. -Do you want me to raise my hands?
-You should. Let’s go. Raise your hands. 1,2,3 Okay. Now you can go. Good job. I have no business with you anymore.
You can go. Bye. -Bye.
-I’m not going to show you to the door. Bye, MONBEBE. What? What? The second pizza is finished. It’s finished. But like I said, there are too much toppings. -Didn’t you say you forgot to put something
in there? -Pepperoni. Do you want to come closer?
We’re eating the pizza now. What is the coke incident?
Coke incident? What? Oh, the one I wrote on our fan cafe? That was just…
Why was that? Our fan manager meant to take it with her because she needed it. And she put it in your wallet so that
she won’t lose it. -How did she know it was my wallet?
-So I asked her, “Why are you putting it in there?” And she said she is putting it in there so that
she won’t lose it. My wallet was on the table?
So they say. “Present” by UN>I think this one will be amazing. Please enjoy, MONBEBE. No, I’m not tired. I usually sleep very late. I.M is in his studio. I put much sauce this time. Happy birthday to you. -Mi -MONBEBE is asking you to tease our new album.
-Our album. I tried eating it but -it’s too hot.
-Oh, it’s too hot. Our album… To tease our new album… -Isn’t it spicy? We put an onion on top of it.
-Yeah. -Our album… -Yeah.
-We put many songs in the album. Yeah? No? -I don’t think so.
-I think so. I’m not sure if it’s this or that. They’re saying it’s this one time
and that the other time. ‘S’ and ‘J’? -‘M’ and ‘J’?
-Yeah. Anyways, As far as Iknow, we have many songs
in this album. “Just the concept…” -It’s because you said earlier that our concept is
Tarzan. -Yeah, it’s Tarzan. I wrote it on our fan cafe. It is Tarzan, right? Is it far from Tarzan? Honestly? It’s close. -Close enough.
-Ora monkey. -You went too far.
-Yeah? It’s similar to Tarzan. And the song we used to sing when we were little. -They’re asking if you’re serious.
-It’s very close. There’s this song we used to sing as kids. There’s this children’s song. I’ll tell you about the song after our
album is released. -Children’s song?
-Yeah, listen. -Ah, okay.
-Am I right? -There is.
-You all know this song. You’ll be able to sing along if I
start to sing it. This pizza isn’t supposed to be like this. Is there a jungle in our music video?
No. “Primitive ages?”
No. “Monkeys?”
No. Is this what they call a children’s song? -The one we used to sing as kids.
-Yeah, it’s a children’s song. To give you more hint, it’s related to a turtle. I’ll stop here. -I just realized that this is not a spoon.
-What is it then? No? I’ll give you a hint.
The title of the song… I mean, the song is related to a turtle. -Do you know why?
-Why? The verse of the song is this. -How’s that?
-It’s tricky. Right, it is. It could be hard to figure it out. It’s not goblin’s panties. When I said Tarzan, I meant it is related to our album. And a children’s song is played in our teaser. The song is realted to a turtle.
Okay. No more. “Is the song about eating a turtle?” “On the birthday of the tiger, hero of the woods.” They’re making so many guesses. One fan said, “I don’t care about the concept.
Just be healthy.” -Good luck!
-Okay, we’ve done enough. -We’ve done enough.
-We can’t tell you more. But it will be hard to guess. We’ll stop here. Let’s stick to the script, shall we? I think we’ll have to say goodbye. Why? Okay. Minhuk is joining the Cook Cook by chef Kihyun -for the third time. -Yeah.
-What’s the reason? In fact, we were planning to do a karaoke V LIVE. But it was hard to record it outside. Because we are busy working on our concept… I mean comeback. So we decided to do something we can do at home. You mood keeps changing. -Yeah.
-Cheer up. It’s okay. It suddenly occurred to me that I had to make
a phone call to someone after this. We did a V LIVE together. -You know that thing.
-What? V PICK! A rerun of V LIVE. -A meme of… I mean…
-It’s a meme. An edited version. What do you think will be on V PICK? It was written in the script. There one thing I don’t want to be on V PICK. Okay. Okay. It suddenly got disconnected. -They’re asking me to give you a hug.
-I didn’t hang up on him. It suddenly… Anyways, I want Hyungwon’s back to appear on V PICK. Hyungwon’s back. Anyways… Hey. Hey. Were you eating the pizza with it?
It was a pen, everyone. Someone said it is a pen in the comment. -I doubted it.
-Has he been eating it with this? I thought it was a sifter or something. I took the onion out with this. This is so funny. Why did you have to make a pen like this? I opened it and it turned out it was a pen. It’s okay. There not much difference
between a pen or spoon. -As long as it is round.
-Right. Yeah. Anyways, we’ll wrap up now and… No, I’ll do it again. 1,2,3 Edited. It’s time for us to say goodbye. We’re working so hard on our new album. Actually, we’re almost finished
working on it. -Nearly…
-We’ve reached 80%. We’re constantly practicing the choreography. To show you perfect performances. And we thought we should see you
on V LIVE for a change. Do you have anything to say, Minhyuk? -I love you, MONBEBE.
-Ilove you, MONBEBE. I’ll always love you. I love you, too. 320,000 viewers are watching now.
Thank you for watching everyone. I’m sorry we have to leave suddenly. -“It’s like YouTube”. -We’re not leaving suddenly.
We thought of ending it by now. “It’s quite a mess.” I’m not sure when will we be on a relay live. When it’s decided, we’ll post it on our Twitter account. This has been Cook Cook by chef Kihyun
with chef Minhyuk. Bye.

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