INSANE Fish Fry with Bare Hands in Oil | EXTREME Eating Challenge | Challenge Accepted #44

INSANE Fish Fry with Bare Hands in Oil | EXTREME Eating Challenge | Challenge Accepted #44

Fish is the queen of water and we’ve to eat it together! But who will pick up shit today? Oh, you both here? Your name is in the list! You’ve been selected! What? Really? Yes, you should celebrate! Are you done? You can’t clear IAS! Give this to me! I’ve won more money than you on 9stacks! You need to apply your brains! Play a tournament with us then you’ll know! Let it be, he’s a child! First, let’s change this look! Shall we? Let’s go then! Your muffler looks good! Where did you get it from? My aunt sent it from America! I am the youngest at home so everyone adores me! From America? It looks from Munirka! From Munirka? You’ll make fun of my aunt? I am not making fun of you! Should I make fun of your aunt? It looks like that! How much is this for? Rs.150? Rohit, check this out! Rs.150! This might be first or second copy! He lies so much! It’s a replica! Wear this! This is a replica! Replica? This is a replica, right? Same to same! He is saying it’s a replica! It’s not a replica! The one you are wearing is a replica too! You think this is funny? Come, let’s go! Here, take this! Liar! Rohit, look your ex-girlfriend! Hide me! What happened? Are you mad? What happened? You are playing games on 9stacks since a long time, you couldn’t even catch my bluff? I could have caught you but you are my brother, I trust you! Come! Please don’t joke about ex-girlfriends! How is your game going on 9stacks? Amazing! I am the shark of the ocean! I am eating all the small fishes! Really? Yes! Absolutely amazing! Director, what’s up with you? He is the fish that I am eating! Sound man, the director made you register on 9stacks that day! What’s your score? Leave him, he is still a tadpole! What? What is he saying? Stop fighting and clean the dog’s shit? Leave all this, let’s go! Let’s do the challenge! Do show this video to your mother! Our boy here is doing household chores! Should I put my hand in this? Your hand will turn into a fritter! You think I am joking! Watch this! What was that? Director, this isn’t our punishment today, right? So guys, this is Ganesh Restaurant but people here know it by the name of Ganesh Macchi! They call it Ganesh Fish Fry, it is common here! Ganesh Macchi Wala! I live nearby, I won’t know? Where do you live? I can’t give the address! Sorry! Also, their third generation is running this shop! I also know that in winters, they use King Fish. Otherwise they use Pomfret all year long! They fry them in pure mustard oil! Yes, they make it in mustard oil and it is very famous! Trust me, they are known for their fish dishes! If you visit Gaffar Market or Karol Bagh and ask for Ganeshi, every kid knows about it! It is right at the corner of the junction! We were talking about fish and here we are today to do a fish challenge! I am very hungry! Let’s go please? You know now, right? Let’s go! Please, please! Yes, your brother won this tournament too! Really? Show! Can we do some work too? He plays games on 9stacks and he is asking us to work! So much protein in a plate! Together! How will we eat? With your mouth! How many pieces do we have to eat? 50 pieces?! How will we eat 50 pieces? There are 7 pieces in half kg! How much will 50 pieces weigh? It will be an overdose of protein! Shall we start now? Yes! Quickly! Challenge fish? Fish! I wanted to eat this since a long time! It’s tasty! Check this out! It is so soft! The marination is crazy! Look, I am eating onions today! I don’t like the vinegar one! Why did you take two then? I like eating fish but I don’t know their names! Do you know the name of any fish? I know! What? Gold fish! Now you know Abhishek’s IQ level! But, if you know the names of different fish, do let us know in the comments! At least educate me on this! Give me a spoon, please! You need it to put chutney? No, it feels a bit weird to eat with hands! You feel weird having fish with hands? Give me one too to put chutney! Why? What happened? I want to add chutney! You know how fish is eaten properly? Let me make some garnishing for my fish! Look, first we take fish, then onions, then a little chutney and top it with lemon! Let’s go for this bite! He is having it like sushi! Tell us in the comments in which restaurant do they serve sushi with onions! A blanket of chutney! How many fish will you bring? 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40! You’ve got 40 pieces! What is this? Focus on this once! I will count this as 4 pieces! Poor fish! You’ve divided it into half! How much will you eat? You’re calling me fat? You won that day because it was unhealthy! I’ll eat this full plate of protein! Just wait and watch! Unhealthy! Unhealthy! Time will tell! Unhealthy! Okay, eat! See the size of this bone! Can you see it? If this gets stuck in your throat, what will you do? I’ll turn you around and… I knew you could only think of this! But, as far as I know, people eat bread and banana! I might have heard this from my mom! But tell us what to do when you have a fish bone stuck in your throat! And if it gets stuck somewhere else then? Comment separately then, tagging him! How many will you eat? Stop now! I am done now! How many pieces you’ve had? Tell him the score! He’s had 22 and what about me? Really? 22 and 16! I can’t do it! I told you I can have more protein than you! Tell him the punishment! What? We are still eating! I won’t do this! Where does he gets these punishments from? If you ever meet him, do slap him! How can I even say this? I’ll try to tell you in English! He has to collect 1 kg of dog excreta! Dog waste! 1 kg! You’ve spoiled my mood! What is this? Such a big polythene and such a small spoon? Let’s go? How will I do this? Clean India Mission! Stop joking! What happened? It’s just a punishment! Find a dog! Do it! Do it, please! Watch this dog carefully! Why is Abhishek following him? Where are you going? Abhishek, it’s here! Where? I don’t know who it belongs to but pick it up! Where? Stop fooling around! I’ve never seen someone so excited about picking up shit! Take this! He can’t smell his own shit! He is scared of you! Why are you taking his property? No one has picked it before! How much is left? At least weigh how much this is! It isn’t! What are you saying? I know how heavy it is! I am seeking justice for myself now! Stop it now please! It is 1 kg now! I can’t do it anymore! If you’ll say more, I’ll make you eat this in breakfast! Please seek justice for me! Look what they are making me do! I have some respect! I am not doing this! Hold it! Show! You picked shit from these hands, right? I washed my hands! Okay! Show me, what are you playing? Yes! I won Rs.1000! We taught them how to play and now look at them! You are winning a lot of money these days! What about you, camera man? I won Rs.2000! He won Rs.2000 too! Sound man, you must have won something too, right? How will a tadpole win? Don’t say like that! What is this? Ice cream! Why? Eat! Why are you so generous today? Sound man got it! Why? What have you done? Why are you being so generous? Tell us? I won’t eat until he tells us! He won prize worth 1 lakh! What? This tadpole is becoming a shark now! Wow! What are you thinking? I know you want to win on 9stacks! Register on the link given below and win! Also, if you liked this video, like, comment, share and subscribe! Please do it! Please do it! Give me the spoon! He took my spoon! My punishment was the toughest! What? Have you ever got a piercing done? You’re still stuck on the piercing? Kiss my ace! You can kiss my ace! I like your t-shirt! If you want to win this exclusive 9stacks t-shirt, register on the link given in the description box! And tell us your username in the comments and win the t-shirt!

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  3. Maaro saale director ko behencho ko ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Tips for Abhishek – on camera challenge your director and obviously defeat him

    And punishment :- apni marriage mein saare kaam isse karwana aur iski marriage mein original kaam tum log karna i mean joote chura lena ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    Hi guys,

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  6. #Eattreat Hey u listen u r not supposed to show this type of scene by calling it part of ur punishment in a foody video no one want to see this .. common sense man come on

  7. 8:03๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  8. Salmon is the best and most popular fish in Ontario, Canada. The other fish family includes trout, char and whitefish. Our ppl mostly eat salmon for more protein."

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  10. Bosdke #Rohit kitna bole ga chutiya panti krra h tu mat aaya kr Abhishek ke sath Abhishek bro tum akila bnaya karo video es chutiya #Rohit ke sath nhi

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