Inspiring Story Of A Home Chef & Her Rajasthani Thali | Best Indian Food | The Rasoi Project #08

Inspiring Story Of A Home Chef & Her Rajasthani Thali | Best Indian Food | The Rasoi Project #08

100 thoughts on “Inspiring Story Of A Home Chef & Her Rajasthani Thali | Best Indian Food | The Rasoi Project #08”

  1. U r so cute and love u voice nd thanks to introduce new talented mothers of delhi which have magic in their hands Kash mai tmhari Tarah sbke food taste kr Pata

  2. Eat treat love ur videos..
    Bt neha u should gv respct to her …u r educated i guess ..u call ur mumma wd her name ?? Here shez elder den u…again n again u calling her by her name …learn some manner …u live in india …atleast respct us lady ki ni apni country ki he kr lo ….

  3. My mother and mother in law and wife and sister they are the best cook and homemakers. They make wonderful food and my wife and sister has amazing passion for making new and traditional reciepies. I can share some amazing pictures.

  4. Food is great and the mam who cooked is an amazing cook. Loved the video but ur overacting was a big turnoff stop that please.

  5. The food looks delicious! Thank you for sharing. I do love these episodes showing examples of women empowerment. The family seems to be very cultured. It would be nice if the presenter was able to show the same care especially when you are a visitor in someone's home…eating with two hands, holding the water cup with dirty hands, sitting on someone's kitchen counter, feet up on the sofa is not cool.

  6. What funny question..Why marwari khana??? Obviously she is one so she will make that..She can't go on to try her hand in punjabi or bengali food..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. How to invite u people to my house my mom makes lovely ladoo's and sea food specially non veg and also we have started small homemade bussiness

  8. She is older than u so how can u call her directly by her name …. btw Its ur choice but fr me when i heard it sound weard to me …

  9. पढे लिखे लोगो को भी पता नही होता कि खाना बनाते समय अँगुठियां , चूङियां और नेल पेंट हटा देऔर ये करना मुश्किल है तो कम से कम ग्लव्स ही पहन ले ।

  10. बहुत और एक्टिंग है भाई इस वीडियो में मैं तुझे झेली नहीं पा रहा हूं बंद कर रहा हूं बीच में

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  12. Small town bhilwara
    Its one of the districts of rajasthan
    Bhilwara ka nam rosnan kro bt galat information mt do😑

  13. Watch the latest episode of The Rasoi Project where we meet India's best home chef who makes awesome Rajasthani food: 😍

  14. Is moti bhais khudh khane ke liye baith Gaya…aray moti jo tujhe help Kiya usko bhoolgaya besharam behaya aurat doob ke marja

  15. Us, marwari have a own tradition ,and to those who say there is nothing good in veg food ,just taste our marwari good.

  16. I want to see you as a cute host always please don't keep changing host on your channel.. And the other extra plus point is your humble presentation towards your inspired person to whom you all connected with while on recording extraordinary life changing all stories. 👍✌✌

  17. first time in life.. m seeing traditional marwadi khaana..u ppl r lucky as u get to taste so much diff delicacy… especially nonveg..biryaniss

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