Insult To Injury (GAME)

Insult To Injury (GAME)

– Today we insult and injure each other.
– Let’s talk about that. ♪(intro music)♪ Good Mythical Morning. Mythical beasts,
when you ask us a question, it’s like putting you hand
on a hot stove top, and we are the answer burn that tells you,
“Get your hand off the stove top. “What– what are you doing?
Pull it off! “Your– your fingers are turning
into crispy pork rinds!” Jade Dennison asks,
“Apologizing always makes me feel good. “What are some ways that I can
create problems so I can, “in turn, apologize for them?”
Great question. Well the best way to set up an apology
is to hurt someone. Either physically or emotionally,
and then turn round and apologize for it. And I know it sounds fun,
but we’re going to make it real fun, and it’s real easy.
It’s time to play. (Rhett) Adding insult to injury. Okay, so this game is a lot like Jeopardy,
except instead of earning money, We’re gonna earn the right
to injure our best friend and opponent. This is Rhett, and he’s
gonna be injured by me. This is Link, he’s gonna be injured by me. – And we have a board! Check it out.
– (Rhett) And we also have Alex. He’s not quite Alex Trebek,
but he is the only Alex that we have. (Link) Now, as you can see,
instead of dollar amounts, we have icons which represent injuries. The more injurious the injury, the tougher
the question associated with it. – Remember, answer in the form of a question.
– (Rhett) What? – Or you automatically have to be injured.
– What? What should I do? (Link) Alex, let’s see
what our categories are here. Yeah.
You have “What goes up.” – This is about flight.
– Flight related questions. – (Alex) Trivia about flight.
And you have, “Must come down.” Get it? It’s words
that have “down” in them. – Answers with the word, “down.”
– Correct. – And then we got…
– (Link) He has to reach. (Alex) And then you got, “Feet.”
It’s trivia about feet. – (Rhett) Oh good.
– So if I think you don’t know anything about feet,
I’mma go for the bomb, whatever that is. And last is Alex Trebek.
It’s trivia about, my boy, Alex Trebek. – Is he here?
– No. I’m being told, “no.” That’s fine, but you’re here,
and that’s great. Okay, so the way
we’re gonna do this is, I’m gonna go first,
and when I pick a category, and a spot on the board,
I’m actually picking a question to ask you. – Mm Hmm
– And if you get it wrong, you are subjected to the punishment
that whatever these symbols represent, and if you get it right,
I have to get punished by it. – So there’s a little give and take.
– And we are adding insults. So we’re gonna pull out an insult
before the injury is delivered. These insults have been written
by the crew anonymously, so we will not fire any of them.
We have not seen them. – Okay, you ready for this?
– Yeah. I’m gonna get started with,
in his honor, Alex Trebek. I don’t know what the ear is,
but I’m gonna go for that, because I think that you
haven’t been paying attention, as you’re learned about Alex Trebek,
throughout the years. – Okay.
– That’s my theory. Oh, okay. The wet willy is on the line. Before Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones, Alex Trebek played one,
on The X-Files. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
played– on The X-Files? What is an alien killing officer? What is a alien– anti alien agent? We’re going to have to go
to the judges for this, cause the correct answer is,
“Who are the men in black?” – I’m being told, “No.”
– That we’re being told, “That is incorrect.” (fail buzzer sound)
What? That is correct. I’m a little confused,
but, okay, whatever. So insult me,
and then stick your spitified finger in my ear. – (crew laugh)
– (Link) Good gracious! (Link) Are you fishing
for something? Eww! Link, your face looks like
a hummus hoagie. (Link and crew laugh) I’ve been told that before. (yelling)
Gosh! The sound of it! – Okay.
– That was nasty for me. Dang, brother.
Uh, let’s see. (Link) What goes up.
This is flight related. (Link) Need to up the difficulty. (Link) So I’m going for the Lego, perhaps.
I think that’s a Lego. – (Link) Or a castle?
– I think it’s a Lego. I’mma throw a castle at you. I’m gonna be pelted with a Lego. – Walk barefoot on Legos (laughs).
– (Rhett) Oh gosh! Invented in 1783,
its first passengers were, a sheep, a duck,
and a rooster. 1783.
What is a hot air balloon? That’s right.
(correct ding sound) (laughs) Yeah! Woo! – (shouting) I know about that flight!
– Dang it. “What is a hot air balloon?” Dang it, man.
So now I gotta take my.. I mean, there’s a bunch
of them in here, I feel like I gotta make
like a little obstacle course. (Link) I’m not doing both feet.
Do I have to do both feet? (Link) Alright, cause this is like,
like walking on coals or something. Okay, let me insult you
before you do this. Rhett is taller
and better looking than you. – That’s me.
– (crew laughs). – Speaking of yourself in the third person.
– Wow! Who wrote that? Alright,
here we go. (Link) That one was bogus,
it didn’t hurt me. (pained sounds) (Link) I do this all the time.
Going in my kid’s room. (Rhett) Do it regular speed, man. Like it’s night time,
and you’re just having to walk– – (yells) It hurts!
– Just kinda walk back– – Look at that!
– Oh, man! It’s stuck to the bottom of my feet. Take a seat.
Speed up a little bit. (Link makes pained sounds)
Okay. – So– look at that.
– You know what? I feel great. Nothing’s happened to me so far. (Link) Yeah. This–
I hate this game! Alright, now it’s my turn.
Hmm. (Rhett) Uhh… I’m– You’re not “uhh-ing” anything.
It’s my turn. – No it’s not.
– Oh! – (laughs) It’s my turn.
– It is your turn? You just asked me, “What goes up?”
And I got it right, – Oh dang. Okay.
– I’m going big, man. (Rhett) You know what?
Let’s just keep with the theme (Rhett) of what goes up,
must come down. – That’s two different categories.
– (crew laugh) Yeah. What must come down.
I moved to that. And I’m going all the way,
to the mouse trap. (Rhett) You’re about
to get mouse trapped, Link! Oh, I’m sorry, guys. It’s the, “Daily double trouble.”
♪(descending music)♪ – That mean’s I…
– He gets it twice! I get to win twice, that’s what happens. Nah, it just means
you both get hurt this time. – Oh, come on!
– With no wager? No nothing? Alex Trebek wouldn’t do this, Alex! But Alex Punch just did. – Okay!
– It’s a freaking mouse trap! -You’ve got mice?
– Is it loaded? What the heck
do you want us to do? Stick our fricking fingers in there? Yeah. I’m gonna insult you first,
cause I’ve been waiting for this. Y’all are nuts, man! The two fastest disappearing species
on Earth are the ivory billed woodpecker and Rhett’s chin.
(yells) Ohhh! (both laugh)
That’s pretty good. You’ll notice that I didn’t do,
“ohh, ahaha” to mine. I just let them stand,
like this one, Link looks like a backwoods Ira Glass. (all laugh)
– Ohh! (both) Ohh! Haha! It’s more satisfying
when you do that. Man, I don’t think this is safe. It’s not safe for a mouse,
I can tell you that definitively. – I feel like we should bring it back.
– Let’s put it back here. And then, again, I’m going
for the meaty– Why don’t you do it first,
and we’ll see what happens. – Really?
– You wanna do it together? Yeah. Daily double, my foot.
Covered in Lego. Okay. Three, two, one.
(snap) (yells) Mine didn’t hurt that bad. I liked that better than the wet willy! – (Link) Feels like–
– (Rhett) I think it broke it. Feels like my fingers asleep. I think it broke my finger.
I can’t extend it. – (strained sounds)
– That was scary, but it wasn’t as bad– – That sucks!
– as I thought it would be. I’m never playing
your Jeopardy again, Alex! (Link) You know what?
I’m gonna insult you one more time, just because of that.
Rhett is a doo doo head. (all laugh) Yeah, that’s not right.
Okay! – So I get to choose now?
– Now you get to choose. Okay, I don’t thing you know
much about feet. – Since we haven’t been to that category,
– Okay, I’m going to the W bomb. (Rhett) Is this Wario’s
gonna make an appearance? (Link) I don’t know what this is. (Link) W bomb.
If Rhett gets this wrong– What is it? – Wasabi bomb!
– Oh, okay! That’ll be interesting. A group of Irish scientists
made this using human foot bacteria. It pairs well with bread
and some toe jam. We’re talking about a cheese,
or a alcoholic drink of some kind. So, I’m going to say,
I guess, a cheese? That is correct, but I’m sorry,
you didn’t ask it – in the form of a question. Yes!
– (yells) Dang it! You watch Jeopardy, man! They don’t give it to you,
if you don’t question-fy it. – What is fricking cheese?
– (Link) What is cheese? Gosh, I wanted you to eat this so bad. – Insult me, man.
– Okay, here we go. Here it is.
Thought I was out of insults. How could that be? Uh, this sucks. My day has taken a turn for the worst,
ever since that mouse trap. Rhett looks like a lamer version
of the Slim Jim guy. (laughs) Is it opening you up, man? Your sinuses? (coughs) (laughs) I think some
green puffs of smoke… I’m glad you didn’t do that,
and then give me the wet willy. Gosh! That was re– It wears off fast. It peaked, it was so unpleasant
when it was peaking. (repeating beeping sound)
What’s that sound? Oh, you guys know what that is. (Alex) It’s the sound for final injury. And the category is,
“People named Chase.” People named Chase. It’s things about, people or a person,
named Chase. (Alex) Okay, so please
place your wagers now. So we’re wagering how
I want to injure him? Correct. – (Link) Okay.
– You ready? – Yeah.
– (Alex) Okay. Our very own Chase Hilt once tried
to satisfy his craving for adventure in this European country. Oh gosh! Ready, begin. ♪(bouncy music)♪
Chase, where’d you go? He’s not answering me. (Rhett) Never heard you talk about this. (Rhett) So I’m just–
It’s a total guess. – Okay.
– (Alex) Ready? Yup. Alright, so, Link, go ahead. Amsterdam, I don’t know. No, unfortunately that’s incorrect. You also didn’t ask it
in the form of a question. Oh, yeah. That’s true. Let’s see what you wagered. – I wagered stun cane. (yells) Dang it!
– (laughs) Alright, Rhett? – What is Spain?
– That’s not true. – That is incorrect, also.
– Oh, sorry! The answer is,
“What is Hungary?” What did you wager, sir? (laughs) We gotta stun each other! Alright, bring it in. – Oh, this is so dumb.
– I don’t want to think about this. I just want to do it, – (Link) Go ahead and–
– Leg stuns. – Thigh stuns?
– (Rhett) Need to stay away from the internal organs. – Alright.
– Man, this is so dumb. Here, I know you don’t trust me, so, you let me go first. (crackling sound) If I go second,
you know what’s gonna happen. – Okay.
– I’m gonna go… Now hold on. Before you do it,
it’s not a– it’s not a stun me for an extended period of time. (crackling sound) No, it’s a “whrr”
and then we’re out, right? Anything you do,
I’m gonna do it back to ya, so just keep in mind. Rhett’s so lame,
I ship Link with Chase. (crew laughs) Especially weird coming from me! (crew laughs) Alright. (crackling sound) (yells) – (pained sounds)
– Did that hurt? Yeah! It hurt like crazy! – Don’t get mad at me, man!
– (stern voice) Give me the thing! – Get your insult.
– (stern voice) Give it to me! Let me take my phone
out of my pocket. Man, I’ve already stepped on Legos,
and you spit in my ear. My last tennis match
took place on Link’s forehead. (all laugh) (crackling sound) (high yell) No! No! No! (laughs) Hey! Put you fricking– (shouts) Put your fricking leg
out there, Neal! (yells) Yeah! (crackling sound) (screams) – There are no winners.
– (shouts) I’m alive! There are no winners in this game,
except for Alex Trebek! – Who is Alex Trebek?
– Colonial Penn, maybe. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing You know what time it is. – I’m Hatty.
– And I’m Libby. (both) And we’re from
Estes Park, Colorado. It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Every Thursday, on our Instagram,
we do this new thing, that’s really sweeping the internet. It’s called, “Throwback Thursday.”
– (Link) So fresh. (Rhett) We’re kind of ahead
of the curve on that. – Curve.
– Old pictures of us, on the curve. Click through to Good Mythical More,
where we are gonna read some more insults to each other,
and open your digital mail, with Jen. (Rhett) But not before we’re selling
used gym socks. Guys, (laughs) you’ll never believe
what I got from the gym. How did we get ourselves
in this situation? Don’t sometimes you just–
Sometimes I just think we’re trying to– Out here on the street
trying to make scratch. – Yeah, man, cause it’s–
– And here we are again. – Selling something that you had to go into–
– To a gym. A high school gym,
and talk some boys out of their socks. – It was weird.
– How do you feel about that? – I get–
– I felt weird sending you in there. I didn’t think anything of it,
until you mentioned it. – Yeah.
– Cause my dad used to do that. – For a living.
– Sneak into high schools? – And gym socks.
– Okay. The whole shebang. – So this is a family tradition.
– It’s a family business. – Okay, that makes me feel good.
– I’m cutting you in on it. Step right up!
We got used high school boys swim j– – Gym socks.
– (laughs) Swim jocks, that’s, uh–
I’ll get those tomorrow. [Captioned by Jack:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  1. Of course. Just another ignorant American having no idea about the geography of the world. Could mentioned ANY country from a whole continent – answers Amsterdam… shake my head.

  2. wario's gonna make an appearance he says. was that a reference to wario blast? i miss that game. another reason bomberman should absolutely be in smash bros.

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