Internet Roasts Trump For His Fast Food Hillbilly Buffet

Internet Roasts Trump For His Fast Food Hillbilly Buffet

So imagine you’re a college athlete playing
football, you go through the entire regular season, undefeated, you make it to the post
season, the playoffs undefeated, and then you win the national championship for college
football. That is exactly what happened to the Clemson
Tigers this year. Undefeated record. So Monday evening they got to make a trip
to the White House as is customary for the national champions. And when they arrived, they were greeted with
what could only be described as a hillbilly buffet of fast food provided by President
Donald Trump. Now, before the clemson players even arrived
at the White House, the pictures began circulating because Donald Trump was standing over this
table filled with fast food garbage, bragging about how awesome he is, how awesome the spread
is. And of course that he paid for it all himself. The pictures were making the rounds. They’re all equally hilarious to see Donald
Trump sitting in front of a table with what most, most people assumed was probably just
his typical Monday night dinner. Um, the other thing that people were pointing
out was the fact that all this food had been picked up a while ago, laid out expertly to
sit there and get cold before the players arrived. Uh, it was a smorgasbord, you know, they had
McDonald’s, they had Wendy’s, they had burger king, they had pizza, they had everything
that the typical college kid would gorge themselves on. And I have no doubt that, you know, obviously
these kids, even though they’re all, most professional athletes, they probably do indulge
every now and then and eat fast food or pizza. So I have no problem with that. I don’t think they were poisoning their bodies
there. What I do have a problem with is president
Trump standing there like he’s giving them the greatest meal they’ve ever had in their
lives. I mean, these guys were dressed up there in
their suits. It’s a big honor to be invited to the White
House. They just want a huge national title and you’re
giving them fast food. I mean, they could have stopped on the way
to the White House and brought their own if they wanted to. You’d go to the White House because it’s got
to be this crazy good experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. And now I guess to Trump’s credit, he tried
to make it super fancy forum. They had the chicken nugget dipping sauces
in those wonderful silver bowls. So I guess that was kind of fancy. He had those golden candles lining the table,
you know, how to create the ambience in the room. So that was pretty nice for everybody. Um, but here’s the thing, uh, you know, again,
the Internet absolutely had a field day with this. Uh, there were pictures going around people
posting the picture of Trump standing there doing this thing saying, you know, caption
this, somebody, he took Trump and Photoshop him as the Hamburglar standing in front of
the table. That happens to be one of my personal favorites. But again, this isn’t about that. He gave them fast food. Okay. This is about the fact that the man did pay
for it himself allegedly or so he claims but an alleged billionaire couldn’t do better
than fast food for these kids. I mean, you couldn’t have somebody at the
White House, and I know a lot of the staff is furloughed, which couldn’t have a couple
people hopping to the kitchen and actually make fresh hamburgers for these kids, you
know, maybe make some, some fresh pizzas, something better than just fast food mean
how embarrassing was it for the secret service agents that had to go through the drive throughs
and all these places and pick all this crap up for you. But again, he’s sitting there bragging to
the public. I paid for this, I paid for all of this, and
then he tweets out afterwards. This is his tweet word for word misspellings
and typos and all great being with a national champion. Clemson tigers last night at the White House
because of the shutdown, I served them massive amounts of fast food. I paid over 1000 hamburgers, et cetera. Within one hour it was all gone. Great guys and big eaters. I don’t even know what to make of that. I honestly, at this point, I’m just kind of
at a loss for words, but again, his narcissism shines through and that’s what this is about. You know, it’s not about the fact again that
he gave them fast food. I mean Fox News spent hours back in the day
talking about the fact that Obama ate a Rugala and liked fancy mustards, you know, they,
they’ve already shown how stupid it is. Just talk about somebody’s food preferences. What this is about. That was the narcissism because he sat there
in front of the press wanting credit for being a decent human being for five seconds for
providing these kids with food that he paid for and as one savvy twitter user actually
pointed out a, the stuff he got them from McDonald’s is all actually a part of their
new two for $5 menu. So this alleged billionaire, yeah, he may
have paid for it, but he literally went as cheap as possible so we didn’t have to pay
more to feed these kids who just accomplished this great feat of becoming the national championship
in college football. This was all about trying to get some positive
press all about trying to show, look how great I am had nothing to do with those kids. You know those athletes, the men in that room
had nothing to do with them. This was Donald Trump trying to get another
little ego boost and hoping the press for a few minutes. We’ll talk about how awesome he is because
he bought some college kids some fast food.

61 thoughts on “Internet Roasts Trump For His Fast Food Hillbilly Buffet”

  1. this literally looks like a scene from the movie richie rich, where macully culkin invited all his urban friends over lol

  2. Y'all know he's going to take the cheep way out.Lol these are grown men I'm thinking (Steaks) embarrassing come on Mr.Cheep 😆

  3. Stop being so negative. Everything about Donald Trump is negative, the ONLY news story that was positive about POTUS was him deporting a Nazi war criminal.

  4. I hate trump more than anyone
    But can’t you pummel him for things
    That actually matter?
    Yes, the “meal” sucked
    And was in poor taste,
    Yes trump effed up dinner,
    But he’s Effin up the whole world,
    Let’s focus on doing something about that
    Instead of whining about what was for dinner.

    You might have some good points
    But is this actually important
    Or just distraction?

    {We already know what I think.

  5. Those aren’t hamburgers, those are gourmet hamberders. BIG DIFFERENCE! What a moron and yet 63 MILLION Americans voted for this moron.

  6. Y’all, you and all your racist white privileged underground cave mountain dwellers kkklan satanic faggott caucasoid demon kind put that inbred bastard demon there to do and in-do any and all good ever done by the few…, don’t complain now you fucking inbred idiots!!!!!!

  7. My Eagles did not go to the Whitehouse last year after winning the Superbowl. So, if you support Trump you get to have indigestion, clogged arteries and mystery meat (nuggets are chickens sent to China to process.) Bon Appetit!!!

  8. Trump is anti-America, pro-Russian, pro-Saudi Arabia…. Trump and his supporters are enemies of America! Trump is White Trash America at its best! If trump paid for it, that means American tax payers actually did. Trump doesn’t even pay taxes!

  9. This was great these football players ate this up. I don't know what you guys are making fun of it. This is why idiots like you don't understand avg American

  10. Don't send me none of that 💩! That's why he cut the food stamps so he could send some of that crap to people. Idk just expressing my opinion like everyone else!

  11. I’m about the age of all those guys and I’m not gonna lie, just going to the White House would be enough for me. None of those boys were complaining about the food and I’d bet many of them got to take some home with them. In college, that’s a blessing all on its own. I’m indifferent

  12. I had seen the fast food picture. But I hadn't seen the kids in suits. It must've been odd to celebrate a win eating the cheapest food while at the whitehouse.

    And couldn't he have at least have the nugget sauce emptied into the dishes? It would've at least looked more presentable.

  13. Everyone knows how quickly junk food ceases to even resemble food once it gets cold – I hear this crap was ordered hrs prior to being offered to the champs. Chump, in his usual lying fashion, upped the burger total from 300 to well over a thousand before it was all said & done. Players thought it was a joke at 1st, then, when no real food appeared, dug in. And good ol' Discount Don was too much of an oaf to even be embarrassed. Instead, he lorded over his silver-plated platters of limp, rubbery fries & dippin' sauce, arms outstretched, awaiting accolades. Cheap delusional bastard.

  14. Pretty sure those guys crossing over illegally from Mexico never get to eat that much even in their entire lifetime

  15. For all the money he did spend, he could have went a "little" further–because he isn't going to go too far for nobody–He could have asked the White House cooks for help–pay them even–to cook the team steaks and potatoes with salad on the side with many desserts for them to choose from…that would have been better. If he didn't want the WH cooks to do it, since the shutdown was on–he could have hired someone to cater it for him–BBQ would have been good as well!

  16. get the player outrage over being served fast food from their own mouths!

  17. Did the players NOT eat? Nope! They stuffed their faces! Did they decide not to go at all? NO! They went so they'd have bragging rights! Trump has always been a cheap skate! Why are people pretending that what he fed these kids is so new in that he wouldn't get them decent food! The fact that this is brought up is a bit petty! Trump's lying and working with the Russians should be more important! Damn! We bitch about the pettiest things and don't about the real things that should be yelled about! Who gives a shit what he fed these kids who CHOSE to go! Bitch if he fed them nothing!

  18. What Trump fed these kids is what the average fast foody eats anyway! Is it called hillbilly food? No! How many of you will stop going to the fast food drive through for your hillbilly food? NONE of you! The term hillbilly is a cheap shot to whomever people label as hillbilly. Hypocrites!

  19. 5:53–6:12
    "Because we think that our customer base are so stupid, and so ADD, that they can't even focus on a regular-length book when it's entirely in audio format."

  20. Donald Trump is not a politician. He is a common man with incredible intelligence 163 iQ, Top 3% in the world. But you'll never hear that from the lamestream media who hates him. Part of the deep state. So WHAT! He likes fast food. He does not take a paycheck for being president. It goes directly to charities. Nobody owns him. He's not accepted one penny from anybody. It's cost him billions to run his own campaign. He has done more good for this United States then you'll ever know. But you'll be finding out soon and you will feel embarrassed by your comments. Stop ranking him. Whether you like it or not he is YOUR President.

  21. They got world-class chefs in the White House and this motherfukers giving out a bunch of carbs dude I'm 40 years old and I would never put this s*** in my body I do Pure Color Aesthetics if you see me at 40 I was good better shape than this than half of these athletes dude this is just shameful and it's a slap in the face and you can't call the races anymore this is just him being an idiot cuz there's nothing but white boys there I saw like one black dude on that team it's not about race anymore it's about this guy being the most stupidest motherfuker in the world

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