Ireland Baldwin Gives Her Dad Some Tough Love – Roast of Alec Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin Gives Her Dad Some Tough Love – Roast of Alec Baldwin

Hi, Dad. I’m Ireland. It’s good to be here. I almost didn’t
even know about it because I haven’t checked
my voice mails from my dad from the last,
like, 12 years or something. I actually have a lot in common
with the people on this Roast, because like them, I don’t really know
you that well either. Sorry. Well, a lot of people
know my dad as that guy from the “Mission Impossible”
movies or that guy from “30 Rock.” I know him as that guy from, like,
half of my birthday parties? I’d say half.

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  1. The Roast of Alec Baldwin premieres this Sunday, September 15 on Comedy Central. Subscribe to Comedy Central’s YouTube channel for more clips and full sets from the Roast:

  2. Alec didn't even need to say anything to roast her – just one short fake laught and she lost her mind. Just look at her face from 0:40 till end XD

  3. Don't worry Ireland, his wife hilaria pops kids annually so he won't make through all their birthdays either. Karma! PS. His 2nd wife is disgusting!

  4. Infamous voicemail? Shit. Talk about making it personal. I love that fake laugh at the end and "bitch I am going to kill you" stare at her

  5. everyone's saying how awkward this is but honestly good for her. he needs to know what a dead beat dad he was to her and he should feel bad

  6. Wow…I don't get why people go so far down the road just because of a bad father…. fuck that shit and spin it around… best "revenge" is becoming everything he could have never raised you as… just because your parents suck doesn't mean you need to carry on that tradition and live it out… see it as a gift your in full control once you're not a child anymore…and no need to "get back at them" let them suffer on their own and take the high route you gonna regret actively getting at them when they die…you are not the judge in that situation

  7. 😂😂😂
    She went for the throat
    Alec must have done things to deserve that friendly birthday roasting.
    He was thinking very hard to come with insults to all those were there to roast him.
    Took him a while to lock on to her roast.

  8. Gotta suck to be the daughter of one of the most breathtaking women ever and look like a wasted kesha coming out of a gangbang

  9. Alec had about 3 or 4 different types of laughs that became pretty predicable until his daughter roasted him. It was brutal and you could tell it hit a nerve.

  10. She has no comedic timing, there's nothing wrong with that. You can tell Alec really loves her because that delayed laugh at the end was the perfect amount of delay to save her entire bit (take?).

  11. Ignorant bunch on here. He was always on tv criticising the law and the lack of support for fathers from family courts and social services. Her mum was a bitch depriving him of contact. Slowly her mum's negativity rubbed off on her causing him to lose it with a voicemail.

  12. Whoever wrote the jokes to be said and decided to get her in it is a piece of shit that thought that would be good tv. Damn near tasteless.

  13. She's been waiting to do that her entire life. GOOD FOR HER!!! She got under his skin. You can see it, clearly. She publically humiliated him. I bet she looked forward to the drunk, berating voicemail from him afterwards. That laugh is his poor attempt to still belittle her feelings without verbalizing it. That's typically what narcissists do. I hope she forgives HERSELF for the emotional scars he gave her.

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