Is So Yummy the WORST baking channel on YouTube?

Is So Yummy the WORST baking channel on YouTube?

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today I thought it would be fun to look at one of the most
successful baking channels on YouTube … no it’s not my channel 😂 They have four and a
half million subscribers and over 100 million video views a month. They had 115
million video views last month and they started less than a year ago!! So that’s
pretty impressive … just to put it in context a hundred and fifteen million
views that’s more than let’s say liza koshi plus superwoman plus Rosanna
pansino put together that doesn’t add up even to 100 million … all of their video
views combined! This is crazy good this is huge this channel so it’s gotta be good
right cuz YouTube recommends good content quality content is king good
videos get views right? 🤪 yeah … so let’s take a look… all their videos are in the
same format. It’s a compilation of lots of short fast forwarded cooking clips
put to music. The videos actually look like they’ve been made for Facebook or
Instagram not for YouTube I only say that because all of the videos are
square in square format and YouTube usually in the HD wider format so it
looks like they’ve made it for Facebook or Instagram and then just repurposed it.
Let’s look at the first video on their channel this one has 36 million views
and I think looking at that it’s one of their most viewed videos so let’s watch
this one … so ice-cream. That’s a lot of ice cream. Wouldn’t it have been
easier to melt that in the microwave rather than over a double boiler anyway… How is melted ice-cream plus extra sugar
supposed to whip into a frosting that’s nice and thick like that??? Okay let’s try
that. Let’s keep going … now they’re using the
frosting to put together a cake but my frosting is liquid so I guess I’ll just
make up some Italian meringue frosting and color at the same pink as the ice
cream so it kind of looks like ice cream frosting 😉 The cake looks fine, there’s nothing new here … checker board cakes have been done so many times all over YouTube
there’s nothing amazing about that it was the ice cream frosting that was
amazing … too good to be true maybe! Let’s move on… Ice cream hacks. the second kind didn’t even have a hole
in the bottom of it. Okay cooking hacks. So 2 empty soda bottles … there’s
barely any drips of juice coming out and magically now there’s a whole jug of
juice that looks like it’s being bought
from the store! Basil … Jedd growing heaps of basil in the garden
so we should try this one … okay so basically you take some basil chop it up
put it in a bowl with more basil chuck it in the microwave for 60 seconds take
it out and their’s is magically dried basil. Mine is still damp and soft
warm basil … let me put it in again. now it’s fairly dry but it doesn’t look
anything like theirs does and it doesn’t taste or smell of basil anymore … oh wait
I think I must have missed a really important step in this recipe let me
just do that. There we go now we can put that in the microwave pull it out and
dried basil ready to go in my jar beautiful … see it works it works 😜 Again the same video another thing about
this channel is they only put up three minutes of new footage and then they
just reshuffle and repeat old footage so they can extend the video out to be 10
or 14 minutes which is what content farms do so this is a bit like a content
farm I guess so they can keep up with the constant upload schedule which the
algorithm seems to like… constant lots of videos every week.
I thought YouTube had a rule against that like no duplicated content rule???
never mind Gummybear hacks… this is gonna be useful. this doesn’t even look like it would
work! I’m going to try it… My spoon can’t get into the gummy part
because it’s like a gummy bear! How am I gonna get this out without breaking the
glass? How did their spoon just slide right through the gummy part and mine
doesn’t? I must have done it wrong it must be my mistake oh I’ll just go make
it again with some jello did I misread the recipe? Was I supposed
to use jelly or jello? There you go now it’s working. So let’s face facts …
ordinary YouTube bakers are being pushed out of existence by content farms who
upload so often that genuine baking videos just can’t seem to get through
all of that content farm content anymore!
Here’s the views per month from the top 5 baking youtubers for the last 2 years
and here’s content farm views. The whole how-to area has just been overtaken by
these ones. I get comments week after week saying please don’t stop uploading
that I should actually share with you why people are stopping uploading … and why genuine youtubers aren’t doing it anymore because they actually can’t justify the
cost. Some of the videos I make take more time to film and cost more in
ingredients than we’re getting back in Adsense from YouTube. So it just makes it
really hard to justify continuing to do it. So it’s up to you guys … I don’t know
if you’ll make a difference, share this video with the hashtag #SaveYouTubeBaking and tweet YouTube let them know you’re not happy let them
know you want to see more of the genuine YouTube creators sticking around and not
just going off the platform … maybe they might do something about it they might
actually listen to viewers instead of not listening to youtubers and do me a
favor I’m gonna list up some genuine YouTube creators on the screen go look
up some of the names of these channels search them up watch some of their
videos comment, like, share … help them out and hopefully you can keep them on the
platform for a bit longer. Next year I’m only going to be uploading every second
week instead of every week … if you’d like to support the channel and help keep it
going, if you’ve loved watching it over the years and you like having a
family-friendly Cooking Channel with recipes that actually work then head on
over to patreon/h2CT and show your support there.
Thanks so much, love you all, make it a great week and I’ll see you Friday 😁

100 thoughts on “Is So Yummy the WORST baking channel on YouTube?”

  1. With your help I'd love to continue creating in 2019, support on Patreon and tweet @TeamYouTube your thoughts, using the tag #SaveYouTubeBaking

  2. I love it when i discover a channel like yours. Just good and decent talent that I may never otherwise see if it wasn’t for YouTube…..I don’t get sucked into the “content farm” channels. I do not sub to any “5 Minute…” channels and I never watch any of their videos. This includes Troom Troom and like channels.

  3. Thank you for this video. its appalling that genuine content has to compete against what is essentially nonsense. hope that my likes and subscribe helps your channel.

  4. When she ask why don't they just microwave the ice cream can someone tell me why microwave specifically ? Like why can't you just put it on a stove or something or maybe an oven etc etc ?

  5. This just proves how easy it is for people to join the propaganda wagon when it comes to food..I couldn’t find a better explanation than people are literally not free thinking and are actually allowing to be corralled like sheep…ex: SHEEPLE 😬🤔🤭

  6. Cooking critic and being surprised to melt ice-cream with boiling water instead of using microwave..? Thats actually the most honorable part of the recipe

  7. I’m sure crap like this and especially 5 minute Crafts, know that most of their views are made of people watching to see what kind of nonsense hacks they have now, and the millions of comments are made up of people saying wtf is that? That doesn’t work! What rubbish, who would ever do that stuff? And there’s the comments and view numbers, why would they care how it happened right?

  8. So yummy pretty much abuse the "Tasty" recommended algorithm

    Also if you want to dry basil then don't use a microwave but a oven or toaster

  9. You know when I was young I would try out these videos or the variety available in those days and they never worked. Now I know why

  10. I am so naive…I have never heard of “content farms”, but I have definitely seen those channels. I always called them “scam channels”. The kids tend to like those channels. There is a craft one….and my 9 year old has tried so many of those crafts and they rarely work. I have subscribed to some “actual” craft channels that are much better.

  11. I get ya and all there shit is fake but I dry mint in the microwave. You do 10 seconds then let stand for 30 seconds and repeat till’ completely try.

  12. And I still don’t get why people are still calling you dumb and saying that all the hacks that they used worked perfectly and show no evidence!!!!

  13. I can already tell that yummy channel is garbage, if you can't walk me through the cooking process with a voice of some sort, im not watching..

  14. Imagine how many people see all these delicious and neat looking recipes and pay all this money only to feel like failures because it looks or is nothing like what they seen in the video when it was the channel that lied to them. Good to expose these things so people realize that they did nothing wrong and wasn't their fault; the recipes just don't work.

  15. I love that you actually test everything and try to be as fair and polite as possible, which these fake channel don't deserve. Thank you

  16. I Didnt Get A Single Add In This Video An Yeah I Dont Like How Annoying Adds Are But It Makes Me Think About How Much She Is Paid Compared To Time, Effort An Money Going Into These Videos,

    Love You

  17. I have a feeling that blossom, 5 minute crafts, and so yummy are either all by the same people, or just feed off of each other. It really bugs me that these videos get so many views because they don’t do anything and blatantly lie to their viewers.

  18. Please don't take this the wrong way but I find it really difficult to finish your videos because your voice is really soothing and it helps me sleep😂😂 that's supposed to be a compliment but thank you for helping with my insomnia

  19. I agree, the "techniques" and tricks they use in their videos aren't usually suitable. However, I do like the videos from them, and others like them, for ideas. Like that Circus Cheesecake video. It was really interesting to watch, but since I know how to make a REAL cheesecake I was able to take their idea and make it work in real life. LOL

  20. I dry my basil on the lowest heat my oven can go out them on trays and put them in for a couple hours or until dry and crisp

  21. I know this is an old video, but could different brands add different quantities of ingredients and it just so happened that the particular brand that was used in the video had the perfect amount of each ingredient to do that???
    I don't know I'm not a baker, just asking a question.

  22. So, I make my ice cream with all heavy cream and some sugar/vanilla. If I melted it down, couldn't I "technically" make whipped cream frosting out of it? (Because whipped cream is about fat, and no store bought ice cream would make ice cream with near that butterfat content)

  23. The amount of subtle shade in this video is fantastic. Screw corporate media, even entertainment media on the corporate scale is nothing but a sham.

  24. Thank you for this video. What you talked about is why I barely upload b because no one gives a damn about my videos

  25. I’ve been learning so much on your channel. I didn’t realize what they’re promoting can be dangerous. Never thought to test out the hacks myself.

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