Is your Grill Thermometer Accurate? | Easy Grilling Tips

Is your Grill Thermometer Accurate? | Easy Grilling Tips

Interesting thing about grills is that they almost always come with built-in thermometers
located in different positions. Many times they are several inches away from
the cooking grate. But how do you know if yours is accurate?
The best thing to do is get your grill up to a temperature, check the thermometer on
the dome and then also place one at the grill level.
And oven thermometer works perfect for this. And see if they match.
More than likely they don’t. Sometimes it’s simply due to the location
of the dome thermometer. Sometimes it’s just the dirty thermometer.
And other times they’re just out of sync. The best way to test is with using boiling
water. Just 112 degrees and your thermometer inserted
into that boiling water should match. Bottom line is, check your thermometer.
If it doesn’t work or is inaccurate, replace it.
Even better yet, get one that fits right on the cooking grate or use a remote thermometer.
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7 thoughts on “Is your Grill Thermometer Accurate? | Easy Grilling Tips”

  1. many of the stick style dial thermometers have a bolt at the base where the stem meets the dial.  you can do minor adjustments with that.   minor adjustments.    then you let the thermometer cool down to room temperature and put it back in the water.  it should read where you set it.  btw water boils at 210 degrees here.  2 degrees isnt a huge issue unless you are working with scientific experiments. 50 degrees out of whack is a point of contention.

  2. Good tips. I tell people not to trust their dome thermometer and to get a digital 2 way as you mentioned toward the end.
    I have seen meals ruined from people trusting that little gauge.  

  3. solid info I like the thermometers that say "warm -ideal hot" for a smoker… they dont even TRY to be accurate!!- like the format

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