IT WORKS! Operation Game CAKE, How To Cook That Ann Reardon

IT WORKS! Operation Game CAKE, How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and this week we are making something super fun, it’s an Operation game cake that actually
makes sounds! This week’s notification squad shoutout goes
to Beautiful Nature. For your chance at a shout-out turn on notifications
and write ‘done’ in the comments so I know that you have done so. To make this crazy cake you will need flour,
gelatin, baking powder, salt, sugar, cream of tartar, egg whites, water, oil and egg
yolks. And I’ll put all these recipe quantities on
the website for you and of course I’ll put a link to that below. To start with put the gelatin and the baking
powder and the salt and the sugar into the flour. Whisk those together to get rid of any lumps
and to aerate the mixture. Make a hole in the centre just using your
spoon to scoop it to the edges. And then pour in the oil, egg yolks and the
water and you want to not stir that, just leave it as it is to one side. Add the cream of tartar to the egg whites
and whip them up on high speed until you get soft peaks. Now use your beaters to mix together the flour
mixture on low speed until all those ingredients are just combined. Add in the egg whites and fold them carefully,
scooping down to the bottom and up over the top keeping as much air in your cake batter
as you can. Pour that into two trays and you want to bake
those in the oven until they are done. While that is baking let’s make our strawberry
sauce. Wash and hull your strawberries then place
them in a pan with strawberry jam and the water. And you want to stir that until it boils and
then let it simmer until the fruit becomes soft. Turn off the heat and just leave that to cool. Once your cake is cooled trim off the edges
so that you have a nice rectangle. Make up a double batch of my vanilla buttercream
and again that recipe is on the website, and I’ll link you to that below. Put a small amount of buttercream onto your
cake board and add your first tray cake. Brush this with vanilla simple syrup to keep
the cake nice and moist and then cover it in the buttercream, then add the next cake,
brush that with simple syrup too then cover all of the top and the sides with buttercream
making it as smooth as you can keeping any left over buttercream because you’ll need
that later. Now on our game, we are only going to have
6 different sounds so you are going to need to decide which ones they are going to be. I am going for the heart, the arm, the ribs,
the foot and the leg. Now you want to cut those out to make it easy
to mark where they are on the cake. I’ll put a pdf of this print-out on the website
to help you. Spread some tempered white chocolate onto
some baking paper in the size of the cake or just a little bit bigger. As it is starting to set cut around the shape
of your cake and then place your patient on top and make incisions where you have chosen
to operate. Tracing around each one and then leave that
covered with baking paper and a tray while it sets. Roll out some pink fondant and cut out the
shorts shape remembering to cut out the horse as well. Now cut out little hearts from the shorts,
now I am using a home made cutter – if you want to know how to make your own cutters
you can see my Twitter dessert video and I’ll show you in detail how to do it there. It is very handy for things like this, when
you want a specific size and you’re probably not going to use it again. I’ll link to that video at the end. Now use the cutter to cut some red hearts
in the exact same size of course and then add them into place, sliding them from the
top of the heart in first and then gently pushing them down. You can of course just trim the ones that
are overlapping on the edges. Keep a spare heart and squash it down a bit
flatter and then cut down the middle in a zig-zag to make it look like the broken heart
that sits on his chest. To make the Teddy cut around the shape out
of light brown fondant and then cut out little skinny triangles of fondant from around the
edge to give his fur that jagged furry look. Add a lighter coloured ball of fondant to
his tummy and flatten that down. And then add another one in place for his
little nose and his feet and ears. Use some black gel food colouring to paint
on his nose, his mouth, his eyes and his eyebrows. And then begin to outline the rest of the
bear. Use white food colouring to lighten the centre
of the bandaid and add a highlight to his eyes and a little bit on his nose. Now use some powdered brown food colouring
to add shading to the bear which just makes it look a bit more 3D. Add a little red fondant thermometer and he
is ready to go. Back to our white chocolate. When I was trying to remove the little bits
it cracked so I’d suggest that you take them out while the chocolate is still soft. So I am just repairing mine with a little
more white chocolate and then taking out those little spaces that we needed cut out now while
it’s still soft. Roll out some yellow fondant and place it
over the top of your chocolate. If you have a silpat which is this silicon
mat, rolling the fondant out on that will give it a slight fabric texture. Gently press on the fondant to find where
the holes are in the chocolate and the edges. Cut away the edges, then place the printout
over the top to see where the yellow sheet is supposed to come to. Cut across just there and then remove the
printout and extend those lines to the edges and then peel off the excess yellow fondant
away from the top. Cut out each of the holes following the shape
of your chocolate. And then take that extra bit of fondant out. Then draw a line across the top of your sheet
and add little indents across the top for stitching. Now if you didn’t have a silpat then you can
add some fabric texture by making little indents one way using your knife and then turn it
90 degrees and go across it the other way. You don’t need to do this over the whole thing,
just in some patches and your mind will fill in the blanks. Just like on a cartoon building they only
draw in some of the bricks and your mind just assumes that it’s a brick wall. If they are too pronounced just give it a
gentle little rub to bring it back a bit. Add some blue fondant across the top of the
bed and then trim the edges. Using the rounded end on the back of a paintbrush
indent the pillow shape, so you know where it’s going to go. Then use gel food colouring to outline the
pillow. Use some watered down colour for the shadowing
and then use black gel colour to shade behind the pillow. Using some fondant in the colour of his skin
roll it out and cut around all of his body and his hair. Place that onto the cake and cut out the holes. Add his shorts into place, just tucking it
under his tummy there, and then cut out and add in each of his legs. Put some white fondant over his bandaged foot
and then begin to outline the rest of him. Now you could of course print this design
using edible ink onto fondant or rice paper and that would be quicker, but for those of
you who don’t have access to that this works just as well and look better and brighter. Use some red to outline the shorts and some
silver mixed with lemon juice to outline the holes. and don’t forget to add his belly button. Add some white fondant for his eyes and a
little bit over the top for his eyelids. Then paint the details on his face just like
you did on his body, following what you can see on the picture on the box. If you do make any mistakes just wet a clean
paint brush and gently rub the little bit of food colouring that you don’t want and
then dab paper towel and it will come straight off. Add a rounded cylinder of red fondant for
his nose. And then using white food colouring highlight
his nose, eyes, just under his eyes, a little bit on his lip and streaks through his hair. Again just looking at the picture on the box
so you know where those highlights go. Now paint on the pictures next to each hole
of what is supposed to be in each one. And then use the end of your paintbrush to
make a hole for his mouth and add a snake of red for the thermometer. Put a ball of red on the top, outline that
with white and then add the lines for the scale up the thermometer. Use powdered brown food colouring to add shading
to the skin just like we did on the teddy bear. Speaking of the teddy, let’s add him into
place on the pillow just next to your man. Now to make the cake make sounds. I am using a really small cardboard box and
Makey Makey which is a really easy to use customisable board. Draw on the side of your box where the space
needs to be for the cord to come out and where the wires are, with Makey Makey it comes with
these white wires that you can push into the base or with alligator clips. You want to use the white wires for this because
the clips are too long and bulky for inside the cake. Remove the areas that you drew with the knife
and then pull the wires through the hole so the board sits inside the box. Then thread the earth wire and the computer
cable through the other hole on the side of the box. Next you want to completely cover your box
in tape to make it waterproof. I am using wide packing tape and giving it
a couple of extra coats all over the box and around where the wires exit the box. Now in one corner of your cake cut out a piece
the size of the box and remove that cake. Add the box into place with the wires pointing
straight up and the computer cable and earth wire coming out of the side. Then cover that with buttercream. For those of you who are concerned that you
won’t know where the box is when you go to cut the cake the computer cable coming out
of the side should be a good reminder for you. Temper some milk chocolate and spread it onto
some foil making sure it is slightly bigger than your cake. Once it is starting to set place some paper
in the size of the cake over the top and cut around the outside like we did before. Measure the position of the wires on your
cake so you know how far in and how far up they are sitting, and then find that location
on your chocolate and cut out a circle using the back of a piping tip. Add some baking paper and place a tray over
the top to help stop the chocolate from curling as it sets. Once it is set remove the foil and add it
over the top of the cake feeding the wires through the hole. Now put some baking paper over the top and
rest the white chocolate over that. Draw on using a knife where each of your holes
are, this is important that you get them in the right spot, that is why we put the white
chocolate on. Then you can take the white chocolate off
and mark them clearly with an x where each of them are. Twist the wires around and curve them in a
circle, we are just trying to make them a bit shorter,
then spread them out, fan them out so they are not touching each other. Use some tempered chocolate to hold them into
place. Now we want to create a channel for our sauce
so it can make a circuit with the wire, that way we don’t have wires through the whole
cake, we can just have them all right here next to the box so we can take that out in
one piece. I am using chocolate and Twizzlers to make
the channels. Remember you want one wire in each channel. So that is two, three, four, five… where
is six? I’ve missed it, there it is! Okay close that one off so there’s one wire
there and bring the other one around. And you also want to add more around the edges
and in the spare areas that’s just to support the white chocolate. Puree your cold sauce to make it smooth so
there’s no lumps in it. Then add sauce into each section, making sure
your sauce goes all the way up to the wire. Pipe some buttercream around the top and now
add your white chocolate piece into place to hide all the Twizzlers and the sauce. Cut a strip of red fondant that’s the height
of the cake and rub it with a little oil on top and then roll it up, place it on the side
of the cake and unroll it, wrapping it around to cover the edges. And this just makes it look like edges of
the game because they are bright red. Add a snake of fondant all the way around
the base just to make it super neat. And then cut out tiny shapes to go in each
of the holes, or if there will be lots of kids wanting to have a go you could just avoid
this step and use mini m&m’s instead. Now on your computer go to a website called and sign up for a free account. Once you’ve got that open, click on events
and drag ‘when space key is pressed’ over into the spot on the right-hand-side. Click the arrow next to space and choose ‘A’. Now click on sound and drag ‘play sound until
done’ over and join it underneath. Press the arrow next to Meow and choose ‘record’. Press the circle button to record and say
what you want it to say and then press the square to stop recording. Select any blank pauses at the start and end
of your recording and delete them so that our sound happens immediately when they touch
the sauce. Name your recording so you know which one’s
which. And then click on the ‘scripts’ tab to go
back. Now when you press down next to Meow there,
your new sound is there. Next click on control and choose ‘wait 1 second’
and add that to the bottom. This is just so the sound doesn’t just repeat
immediately, it gives a moment for them to move onto the next one. Keep doing that for a,s,d,f and g that is
where are wires are pugged into on the back of Makey Makey. Then plug the computer cable into the computer
with Scratch open and running and attach the earth wire to tweezers. And then it’s time to play. Hey, that’s my heart! You can of course customize the sounds to
suit the age level at the party. Are you some kind of quack! Woah, it makes a noise, that’s so cool! “Ouch!” “You’re making me nervous!” “He he, that tickles”. Click here for the recipe details, here for
more of my videos. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday!

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