Italian Cooking Class at Castello di Malpaga

Okay guys, so I’m pretty excited about today.
We have left Bergamo behind and we’re visiting a castle outside in the countryside. It’s
called Castello di Malpaga and we are going to be taking a cooking class inside a castle.
So I’m going to get ready to start cooking and Sam is going to give you a tour of the
castle so you can see what it looks like. So this is a family owned castle. It dates
back to the 13th Century. Let me give you a tour. The first lesson of the day was to focus on
dishes that take the longest to prepare, so we got started with dessert- a delicious tiramisu
with a modern twist! Like that? More aggressively. Like that. So I’m taking a quick break from the kitchen
to tell you today’s menu. We are going to be preparing beef tartare as an entree, ravioli
for the main course and then tiramisu for dessert. So it should be very tasty. Let’s
get back to the kitchen and let’s keep cooking. For our main dish we prepared ravioli, and
because this is Italy the dough had to be made from scratch. There were no shortcuts
here and everyone was put to work kneading and then rolling out the dough into thin layers. What are we doing over here? Rolling some
pasta. It requires a lot of muscle work. More muscle than I have. Preparing the stuffing was next. We went with
a vegetarian option, which was pumpkin. Smashing pumpkins. Like the bad. Hahahaha.
So clever. Once again, we took no shortcuts here. Pumpkins
were chopped, peeled, and then boiled, before being pressed into a paste that we used as
our filling. The last dish of the day was beef tartare.
I skipped out since it’s not to my taste, but I was told it was very tasty. So we have now finished preparing our three
course meal and we’re going to go have lunch inside the feast hall which has painted frescoes
that are just beautiful. So let’s go in. Buon appetito! How is the food so far? It is delicious because
I prepared it myself. I hardly did any work actually. The truth
comes out. And now that lunch is over we get to play
dress-up. Let me lead you around my castle. I am Queen of this kingdom. Once we had eaten lunch, it was finally time
to tour the castle – a very exciting prospect, especially when you’re dressed in Renaissance
costumes. We paraded around like kings and queens, and then explored the former home
of Bartolomeo Colleoni, who was captain-general of the Republic of Venice and earned quite
the reputation battling neighbouring city-states. We’re Kings and Queens from around the world.
And winter is coming. Winter is coming. So I had a lot of fun cooking, eating and
playing king for a day in a castle but unfortunately all good things come to an end and it is time
for us to go back to Milan.

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