Italian Roast Leg of Lamb | Jamie Oliver

Italian Roast Leg of Lamb | Jamie Oliver

We’re going to do a beautiful roast lamb, easy gravy. We’re
going to an amazing Italian version of a kind of mint sauce that you’re gonna absolutely love. So first things first, got a leg of lamb from you butchers. If you love good food
its all about the leg. Now flavours, erm, rosemary beautiful just pick off some little
spruce. Rosemary and lamb two peas in a pod. Really, really good. Three cloves of garlic. Slice the garlic like that. Garlic there. Rosemary there. And there’s one more flavour this absolutely going to divide you people
but you’ve got to trust me. Anchovies. Now some of you will be going oh I don’t like anchovies. They smell fishy and all that business It’s not there to be like a particular
flavour. It’s there to be a seasoning. if you’re clever about it you’ll never
ever taste it. Slice up the anchovy into like little thin
bits. So there’s your three flavours. Then if you look at the leg of lamb here,
can you see how it’s gone kind of red here and white here and that’s basically
where the separate little bits of meat kinda join. So what I wanna do quite so of you know bravely is get the tip of this knife here and just stick it in and give a little twist up
in between those little gaps and then you stick your finger in and
then get one one little piece of anchovy, one little piece of rosemary and one little fleck of garlic What happens in this is, when the lamb cooks the fat kind of starts to melt. That makes the Rosemary fry and the anchovy completely disperses into sort of a juice. And of course the garlic sauce thundering away given a good old hum of flavour. You can
even nick some of this anchovy oil just put a little bit over the top and
have a good old slap around. Get yourself some salt and a little pepper. Look at that, beautiful leg of Lamb. Put your roasted meat on top of the rack now. The hot air can
kind of get all around the lamb and roast the lamb quite evenly. What we can do is we can prepare for the most incredible gravy. Get two or three onions. Peal them half them, slice them up, as that lamb cooks, all the lovely sort of sticky goodness comes out of it. And things like onions when they roast or slowly cook they go sweet and delicious and sort-of jammy and gorgeous. So I’m gonna put all the leftover bits of garlic, anchovy, rosemary and all of that onions I’m gonna put that straight into the tray, cooking for an hour/ hour and a half That is going to give us the preparation
to make an incredible and easy gravy. Look at that beautiful. we’ve got all those lovely sweet
caramelized onions and stuff get rid of as much fat as you can you’ll
be left with about a tablespoon in the tray. Looking good. All we have to do to make this gold now
is a heaped tablespoon of flour. Going to whack it straight on a medium-high heat. I’ll break that frying with half a wine glass of
red wine give a little shake up, the wine will cook away. You can see immediately that it will start to thicken. This is like the secret ingredient with any dark meat. A little bit of jam like this going in will
just bring all those flavours together. It’s going to be really really good. I’m going to give it a little move around like this. Pint of chicken stock and then you have
a lovely onion gravy. So I’m going to turn it down to a sort-of medium-low. It will start ticking away. When it looks
good it’s ready to eat. You might just wanna season it with salt and pepper. Let’s come back to this lamb here.
You can actually pour out any juice straight into the gravy. That will help give a flavour and thicken it. So what I want to do for this lamb is make a really good sauce. It’s called Salsa Verde if you like mint
source: this is another world. I’m gonna use a little chopper, bunch of
mint, parsley, a little half clove of garlic, one anchovy fillet, one little gherkin in there, capers just a tiny little teaspoon What I wanna do is just chop it up You can see in there it’s nice and fine, nice and rustic. Im going to add about a tablespoon of good olive oil a little teaspoon of mustard a pinch of salt and pepper and a swig of red wine vinegar about a teaspoon and a half. And honestly, it turns, literally, everything you put it on savory into something beautiful. So Salsa Verde is done, the lamb is done, I’m serving this beautiful dish with some
smashed vegetables. Swede and potatoes. Push that down like that to one side. Bosh! My lovely roast lamb, like that. You’ve got a
beautiful gravy. A lovely new look at roast lamb, smashed
veg Salsa Verde, and a beautiful onion gravy.
Gorgeous. if you love this, hit the thumbs up button. Thank you very much. Bye!

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  1. "If you're clever about it you will never ever taste it."

    So, I'll just leave it out in order to never ever taste it.

  2. Watching this just like movie car 3 and add gordon ramzy on it, oliver like gordom v2 have more patien, no glic evry 2 sec, better language, no bouncing around like crazy kid and else.

  3. Anything less than 6 hours and your lamb will be harder than it should be. Also, you should put water under the lamb with foil on it. This will keep the lamb moist. I've cooked my lamb for 12 hours, served up with potato cheese gratin plus usual veg and everyone I know who's tried it said it's the best lamb they have ever had. Even people who don't like lamb have tried it and liked it! 12 hours. Foil. Water. You won't go wrong.

  4. RIP that poor leg of lamb…. Cooked to death, by an English knobster… Lamb should be medium at the most done part..

  5. In my restuarant and I am Greek and of course Greeks do lamb the best, Its all about the red wine , lemon,oregano, greek olive oil and garlic marinade…Cut slits around the leg and stuff with garlic and add Yukon gold potatoes into the roasting pan and let them roast and get all the flavour of the lamb…The best Roast lamb ever!!:)…No anchovies or onion gravy, this is a travesty to a leg of lamb…The best sauce is of the juices and marinade combined when the lamb is roasted!!

  6. It’s funny how he just serves the food just all shat out & piled up on top of an old piece of a roofing shingle… 😂 ‘they’ always say you eat with your eyes first, well I guess this must look better live than viewed as a video. 🤢

  7. Now i get it if u were a celebrity chef cook what ever u want with what ever u want or what ever u can grab near of which ever has a fancy name and give it a fancy French name and never eat it bcoz u can't eat it u know how it tastes by just looking…… I get it I get it……

  8. That looks delicious and all but please dont disrispect salsa verde. Thats an insult to any salsa my mans. In order for it to b salsa verde it has to have tomatillo and serrano peppers… u the chef u must know

  9. Lamb (Bo Peep's) came out ok but the cooking time should depend on the size of the lump of flesh. Mine was rather large so could have gone for 100 minutes. Otherwise was pretty easy. Thanks for the video.

  10. Yea I didn’t use the anchovies I think that’s a british thing not a kiwi thing we just keep it simple and let the meat do the talking

  11. I have a dream, one day I will find the arseclown that started the mint with lamb and I'm going to beat the hell out of them. Who the hell wants mint on lamb it is about as gross as it gets.

  12. Hey Jamie! Thanks a ton for this video. Day before, I roasted 2 legs of lamb in a covered grill while we were camping with family and friends. I took inspiration from the way you treat the meet and cooking time and heat. It turned out excellent. Smoked caramel on top and juicy juicy inside. Please continue posting your awesome videos! Thanks!

  13. I do not mean it sucks, but why do you have to say it's Italian? never, never, never, no Italian would put the anchovies in the lamb

  14. Sorry but the lamb was overcooked at too low a temperature. It dried out and required a gravy. A very high temperature initially (500°F+ for 30 minutes) and then 400°F for shorter time, and the juices should pour out when you slice it. The seasoning is good. I use anchovies but more, and perhaps some Kalamata olives ground to a paste.

  15. I think it’s very important to season the lamb with a Knorr lamb stock cube rather than salt. This gives you a MUCH better result!

  16. I swear Jamie, Gordon, Marco etc must have the most fool proof hottest ovens ever, because a leg of lamb that size would be raw after only 90mins in my oven!

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