Italy’s Best Pizza Chefs React To My Pizza Videos…

Italy’s Best Pizza Chefs React To My Pizza Videos…

– It’s me
– Ah, ok Good, bad, medium? [grunts] [upbeat violin music] – Ciao Alex!
– Yeah! What’s up guys, salut! It’s Alex. So I’m still in Italy for the cheesemaking series, but this time I’m in Naples and we’ll talk about pizza So you see I love pizza, in fact I love pizza so much that there is a dedicated series right here on this channel The problem is my pizza game is… is rusty I mean, I don’t practice enough My latest pizza video was about Christmas pizza I’ve been taking a few liberties regarding my toppings Like Brussel sprouts, raclette Authentic? Nah Anyways I think it is time to go back to the traditional roots of the Neapolitan pizza I’m gonna ask the best pizza makers on the planet to refresh massively and brutally my pizza game and also to judge my technique Is it gonna sting a little? Probably But it’s time to man up [piano music] So the first place I’m about to hit is Pizzeria Antica da Michele I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s definitely the most famous pizza place in Naples Why is this place different than the other Pizzerias? Because it’s the oldest Pizzeria in Naples [in Italian]
Officially, we’ve been opened since 1870 It’s the fifth generation [continues in English]
This place kept it very traditional, you know They only make pizza margherita and pizza marinara which are the two pillars of Neapolitan pizza [in Italian]
Thanks! [continues in English]
Woah! It’s very wet. It’s basically got a soup in the center I’ve got a very nice, you know, charred effect on the sides You see it doesn’t stand like a New York pizza Even if you fold it, you still get the little whoop whoop whoop whoop! Hah hah But I think it’s the classic. Fold it back The dough is soft It’s almost chewy You really feel the charred and toasted and almost barbecued flavor from the wood fire oven [in Italian]
– Are you the pizzaiolo?
– I am – Alex
– Fabrizio [background noise]
[unintelligible video noise] [in English]
Good or bad? [continues in Italian]
– Is it a focaccia?
– Erm, no. It’s a pizza with potatoes… [continues in English]
– No
– No, absolutely a no Neapolitan pizza is only margherita or marinara [continues in Italian]
A domestic oven… There’s too much yeast Your dough is too tough One to ten? Uno, due, tre? Four [in English]
Do you have any tips for me? [continues in Italian]
Less flour, less yeast and a hotter oven – Very hot oven
– Very hot Thanks – Va bene. Ciao
– Ciao Arrivederci. Thank you for everything [chill music] [seagulls] [continues in English]
The guy granted me with a four out of ten Why do I do this to myself? I’m so wrong on so many levels Yes, they’re using a wood fire oven. No, I don’t have one Even with my baking steel, that still is a problem [music] So the next pizzeria I’m heading to is called Pizzeria Da Attilio So this one is not the most popular it’s not the oldest one but it’s definitely for the locals and it’s always good to learn a few tips from the locals [piano music] [in Italian]
Hi, good evening, Alex Between this place and another one, why do people come here? Because they say my pizzas are good – He’s having a pizza afterwards
– You’re having pizza afterwards? Eating pizza and having coffee is a no-no Sì sì sì sì sì, okay Tastebuds… I understand. Excuse me – Classic margherita?
– Yeah, but the pointy one Perfect, thanks [continues in English]
Because this pizza joint is for the locals, I’ve decided to have my pizza on the street I wouldn’t go as far as calling this place noisy but it’s definitely very very lively So from what I understood Attilio makes like all the tradition pies you can think of but he also makes some really creative ones specially the ones which are star shaped Okay, okay, perfetto Excited? Yes. Nervous? No. Hungry? Absolutely [piano music] So you’ve got all the markers, the Neapolitan pizza La pasatta, smooth-ish, tomato sauce you’ve got the mozzarella, you’ve got a few basil leaves and then you’ve got the spin that Attilio is bringing to the pizza game So the crust is starshaped and every little point is stuffed with ricotta cheese That’s beautiful, that’s genius. Mhmm! So I try to make pizza Neapolitana, but it’s very difficult – For you… hah hah!
– Yes, for me, it’s… hah hah! [continues in Italian]
What do you think of this? How long do you proof it? 2 days in the fridge No. In the fridge it doesn’t proof – What temperature is your oven?
– 4℃ (39℉) And what’s the temp for good yeast growth? 28℃ (82℉) So? [in English]
One is very bad, ten is very good. This is how many? [in Italian]
It’s ok [continues in English]
Five? Just a bit better than four Do you have any tips for me? [continues in Italian]
Tomato sauce matters You see, the pulp is still there They’re hand crushed, not mixed [in English]
Which cheese do you use? [continues in Italian]
Fior di latte (cow’s milk mozzarella) is the classic for Neapolitan pizza Buffalo mozarella came afterwards, and it’s much fattier Thanks for all these tips Ciao, ciao. Arrivederci. Ciao, grazie Buonasera [chill music] You know, I really don’t know what to think anymore So first we have this super traditional pizza, Da Michele and it was supposed to be, you know, the real deal and I think it is, to a certain extent And then we jump to this creative guy who is just mixing tradition and innovation and you don’t know what to expect and, in fact, for me, it’s even better What’s the sense in all this? [chill music] So for the next pizza joint, I’ve been reading Google reviews I’ve been on Tripadvisor, I’ve been on Yelp, I’ve been everywhere And yet I’ve been struggling very much to find the missing piece of my puzzle My pizza puzzle The missing slice of my pizza, yeah, that’s better And then I had an idea, instead of guessing at random I went on social media and I asked you guys where I should be heading next Well the responses have been amazing, thank you guys so much and many of you have been pointing me in the same direction Sorbillo [piano music] [in Italian]
Hi there, I’m Alex – You speak Italian?
– A little bit Listen, I have to go now because I have an american blogger to talk to I will call you back in half an hour. Gennaro! There is a cork right there! It’s a pizza with potatoes How do you call that thing? For me, it’s a pizza [in English]
From one to ten? [continues in Italian]
Six Now, you’re gonna make a Neapolitan pizza.
We’ll see what you’re made of [continues in English]
– He wants me to do it? Okay
– Yes He’s going to judge my skills, live Clearly saying that I’m nervous right now would be an understatement [suspense music]
[continues in Italian]
You must pull with this hand Put your hand underneath Add one then two Add basil More, more. Neapolitans are generous. Come on Wipe your hands clean
[in English]
No water, no oil I’m being schooled properly! [continues in Italian]
Quick! There’s a hole, you see?
Because you did it like this, not like that Okay [in English]
– Ugh, I’ve got a hole
– This is a monster pizza It can’t slide anymore, that’s the problem? [continues in Italian]
Now, you make another one [in English]
Fast, fast, fast [continues in Italian]
Dough handling must be fast Quick, tomato sauce, mozarella Come on! Quick! Mozzarella, olive oil, basil, come on! Okay Oil. Quick, quick! Pizza is made in under 20s Quick! Quick! [in English]
Ok, stop [continues in Italian]
Wipe your hands, a little flour. Quick. Not this way, this way! Come on quick!
Don’t be scared! – A bit better?
– Much better – You got it?
– Yes, I got it [fire cracking]
[inaudible chatter] [in English]
I’m super nervous I hope it’s a bit better, otherwise I’m gonna be roasted properly [in Italian]
Look, it’s your pizza [in English]
This is me right now, this is my level of pizza [continues in Italian]
-Do you want to feed the crowd out there?
– I do Our Frenchman made this pizza!
There it is, give him a clap! [in English]
– This is good, bad?
– Very good. Buonissimo – It’s a good one?
– Very nice, great – Merci
– You made it?
– Yes [piano music] [continues in English]
One, know your classics. Really well Two, add your emotions, your memories, your heart and your hands This is your pizza Third, know your ingredients well – Perfetto, grazie per tutto
– Buon appetito, ciao [slow music] So at the end, what? The pizza exceeded all my expectations I can’t believe in fact the pizza game is so high It’s completely mindblowing Of course it wasn’t always pleasant, like, the criticizing of course is positive but you know, I got a four Not even a pass mark. Whatever So I gotta work on my crust, it’s either too proofed or not enough I gotta work on the sauce I put too much sauce on my pizza I gotta work on the cheese because I’ve been using mozzarella di buffala basically nobody is using this, they’re using fior di latte it’s supposed to hold the heat better Spoiler alert, there might be one or two pizza videos coming to the channel very son Anyway I hope you enjoyed the journey, if you did please give this video a big thumbs up, like it and share that over all your social media, you know how it works.
Spread it like butter Of course, subscribe to the channel, because this is the only way for you to know if I get better or not Okay. Bye bye! Salut! [music]

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  1. The simple things are always really complicated until they get simple… They're only simple when you've struggled with the complexities for long enough!😂
    Good luck going forward, Alex!❤😁

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  8. Dude you are honestly after my own heart of improving on food. I went to Da Michele in 2015. When I got up b/c they only take cash there, Some lady took my seat there by the oven so I filmed my pizza at the third table cramped but enjoying the pizza nirvana all the way EDIT ha! I think you sat exactly where I did. Another level and the mozzerella so much like cream, the smoke caught in the dough brilliantly. Love what you're doing just don't touch your beard before making the croisssants at the bakery for the public!

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    That's number one.
    Why do these videos talking about WHATEVER feel this undefeatable COMPULSION
    to have to put a section with loud, beat emphasized, quick cut in the front of the video?!?
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    Instead, and I know this sounds crazy, but make the video be about what it is you're reviewing.
    Again, a radical approach, I understand that, believe me I do.
    But sometimes ya gotta make those courageous leaps of faith, y'know …?

  15. Alex, you should buy a Pyrolytic oven (the kind that cleans itself by heating extremely hot to burn off dirt) and hack it to allow you to use the pyrolytic mode for cooking pizzas at an extremely high, wood-burner-like heat (~500-550C)

  16. Wise Man from Sorbillo Pizzeria:

    1. Know your classics. Really well.
    2. Add emotions, your memories, your heart and your hands.
    3. Know your ingredients well.

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  18. I've once made holiday in Italy as a child (I'm from Germany) and the pizza there was absolutely the most legendary pizza in my life and one of the most legendary food experiences in my life. It was around the Garda Lake, so still relatively far north. The pizza doesn't compare to anything, maybe in the rarest of cases (which are hard to find). It is another world, I have no idea why. But even if one follows a regular way of doing pizza, it can be disappointing, so it's not surprising that the tiniest nuances – aside from some rare fundamentals – make a difference…

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  22. If you eat the pizza from Naples is different to pizza from Rome. The Naples pizza is soft, the Roman pizza is crunchy. Different pasta, different oven temperature. I mean we have many different pizza… but only in Italy the best pizza 😉 ahhh belli

  23. Can someone explain how the proofing of the dough works to me, because I had always heard that a long and slow rise in the fridge was better. But in this video the guy says that the yeast won’t work in the fridge, so which way is really better? I rise my dough in the fridge over a few days and it always seems to rise so I’m not really sure what’s wrong about that.

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  25. While in Napoli 2 years ago, I visited the historic underground "city". They grow small amount of basil to supply to the pizza restaurant around the area. It was interesting place because part of it was the Subterranean Naples (Piazza San Gaetano). It is one of the most famous attractions in Naples. Underneath modern Naples is an 80-kilometer-long labyrinth of caves hidden, which lies up to 40 meters underground.

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  28. Sorry to ask you, my friend, but i felt a little of hostilety or maybe some understanding with the coffee before the pizza. Is that something that most italians or most pizzarian discourage before consumption of pizza?

  29. You have to control fermentation and flour potency. Traditional Napoletan uses 3.5% of fresh yeast, 2.5% of salt and high potency coarse flour (650 potency and 000). And a 55% to 58% humidity. So you dissolve the yeast on fresh water, mix the flour and salt. Then you knead until it's smooth and flexible (when you touch it, it has to return). Rest it on the table and cover it with a bowl and let it ferment for 2 to 3 hourse at room temperature. This is called the block fermentation.
    Then you divide in 200gr buns, and gently round them. Let them ferment same way for another 2 to 3 hours. THEN you lightly cover them in flour, put them on a tupper and let them cold ferment in the fridge for 8hs.
    Then you can stretch the dough and send them to the oven. Traditional pizza ovens are 400C. So I usually precook a bit the dough before putting the topping.

  30. I was going to crack a joke about the shortage of basil in Italy after that first pizza. Sabrillo was great. Their segment was quite entertaining. As an American raised in the midwest, I am disappointed with their pizza crust. Cultural differences and all. still… If ever I am able to make it to Italy, I shall make a point of seeking out a Pizza at Sabrillos, but I prefer our thicker hand tossed crusts to their thinner hand tossed crust.

    Proof your dough in an out of the way corner of the kitchen for 24-72 hours… It will develop a nice mild sour dough flavor and have a crust with good texture. But the important thing to remember is every region has it's own pizza… None are more right or wrong… Well maybe some of the outlandish "designer" pizzas are wrong 🙂

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    It's either the most epic of trolling or you've got bigger balls than I thought.

  32. I was in Naples a couple years ago and I visited every one of these places and quite a few more, I found it impossible to find bad food in Naples. I didn't want to leave.

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