100 thoughts on “J. Cole – MIDDLE CHILD”

  1. Not many rappers can make an anthem, banger all while making woke music. The Roots,D Block,Kendrick Lamar,J Cole,Royce 5'9…chosen few..

  2. Of course got the badest bitch in the end . I dont hate i apriciate. Dam and she ruthless. Your secret babe . Sequence. The shizknaaaahhhhck…..

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  4. What good is the money if my niggas is broke/
    What good is first class if my niggas can't sit/

    Motivate ya homies instead of putting them down

  5. What's scaring about this video is the beheaded rappers on the wall and we all know who's the beheaded rappers on the wall. Facts

  6. I used to hate J. Cole, but when I start searching "lyrical songs" I saw J. Cole, clicked the video, start listening to him, now I'm a big fan of him ❤👏

  7. This f** awesome song and verses need more credits and a lot more advertising…J.Cole is incredible!!!Hope everyone listen 👂 to all his songs!!!Peace…Keep it real!!

  8. J.Cole is 34 which is crazy considering the average life expectancy of a goat is only 15 🐐🔥💯.J.cole is real talent going viral without using AUTHENTIC VIEWS DOT COM Who agrees thumbs up

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