Jacksepticeye Animated | MASTER CHEF

Jacksepticeye Animated | MASTER CHEF

Here we go, I’m in! Ooooh, I’m in! Oh, I’m gonna make some BADASS onion rings while I’m in here! And I have 14 bullets holes in my leg! But that won’t stop me from creating my pièce de résistance! for my cooking…. I don’t know… hahaha! Tomato sauce, eh? What do I do? Hey lady! What are you doing? Texting your boyfriend? Ok, cool, romantic note. What kind of fucking’ chef attire do we wear here?! You, not so bad. That’s what a chef wears! What I’m wearing, not so much. If I walk around with this outfit, will people know who I am? What is goin’ on? I need to get some poison. I LOVE how you guys are just keeping rat poison in the kitchen! Just cook the sauce, here we go. (Jack thats not how poison works) Oh, best sauce ever! Mamma’s spaghetti. Tastes so good! You know what tastes better with? It’s some poisoning! Nobody’s gonna know, nobody sees anything! Did you guys really not see that? Ahhh! Fucking! Aahaagh. Well, that fucking worked pretty well, didn’t it? Tip toe… by the window… What’s this? Fuck. Fuck. This is gettin’ messy! And I don’t like messi! (Jack’s reaction to Septiplier Fanfiction.) Niiiiice. Ohh, they’re bringing the spaghetti to him, nice! This is gonna be good! This is gonna be good! It tastes good… I’m nervous. I’m nervous. AHHH! Motherfucker! Man, I think I have to snap your neck! Destroy evidence. Yes! Now, any cameras I was on is gone. Good God. Just melted my own face. The end. I love how you guys are just keeping rat poison in the kitchen Like that’s just.. That’s just what we do What kind of fuckin’ chef attire do we wear here?

100 thoughts on “Jacksepticeye Animated | MASTER CHEF”

  1. "F***! F***! This is gettin' messy, and i don't like messy 馃檨


    …niiiice 馃檪 "

  2. These animations are so cute, and the voice editing from the original video is on point
    I like the school one better tho, but I like them all.馃嵑馃崫馃幃

  3. 0:08– Nice, more of Robin's work. <3
    0:51– Square Sam? Well I guess that fits with Robin's usual way of doing things.
    1:26– :O I didn't know tomato sauce could do that.
    1:36– Sam get out of there! You are gonna make somebody sick!

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