94 thoughts on “Jägermeister and Mountain Cheese: Chef’s Night Out in Vienna with Luke Bereuter”

  1. And where is the Vienna food variety? Cheese, unexplained filled jars and sausages are pretty boring on picture….

  2. Talks about how good and small the brewery is, but don't have the nerve to say the name on the show? At least promote it. 

  3. Like with all the Berlin Episodes this doesnt represent the food scene in Vienna. That may not be the goal of chefs night out but, episodes like these, make it seem less authentic and washed out…

  4. I've been watching Chef's Night Out since day 1 and I feel the show is progressively hosting more "owners" than the actual chefs. While I do enjoy watching I hope in the future they show what the actual "chefs" do and eat. 

  5. I worked in Munich for a year and without the subtitles I struggle to understand the Austrian accent. It sounds cool just very different to what I'm used to.

  6. Oh, so Ludwig and Adele is one of those restaurants that give you a sliver of food and charge you crazy amounts of money because its "trendy".

  7. "We use only regional food."
    5 mins later
    "My dad sends me 30kg of cheese almost every week. And we also drink the beer from Vorarlberg."
    Should have gone with real Viennese people, not some dudes from Vorarlberg.

  8. What they're speaking isn't a typical Austrian dialect. They're obviously from the far west end of the country, therefore their accent is more similar to swiss german than to austrian or german accents.

  9. Why all the tiny food servings? Who gets full of this shit? Paying double the price for a quarter of the food. Someone explain

  10. Really don't know how the fuck people get full of expensive little portion food. Rather go to a place that gives you a lot of food like a Mexican restaurant.

  11. He served sliced bread, grapes and slices of apples for his friends at the very end like its a gourmet platter. WTF!!  

  12. He seemed like a decent guy….but he was wearing a beanie indoors so that negates how he seemed and puts him firmly in the 'need more friends that tell you hard truths like 'take that fucking beanie off when you are inside!!!'' camp

  13. I live in Vienna and that's not the Vienna I know. Bitzinger is shitty and just for rich people and tourists.

  14. worst chef's night out so far. just representing their own places instead of showing actual viennese food culture. that sausage bitzinger thingy is the one for the tourists btw. Munchies please stop hooking up your friends in return for "openings" and do actual food-journo. thanks. oh, and there's no salmon growing in austria.

  15. The portions is shit, look fancy and cost alot but shit, never wud i pay 10 dollars for a string of salmon

  16. was für ein schwachsinniger, selbstverliebter unsympathler! den heuchlerischen hipster dreck kann er sich in die haare schmieren! wenn ich so ein stück lachs bekomm' gnackwatsch' ich ihn damit! DAS ist NICHT wien!

    for you english speaking people out there:

    what a douchy, narcisstic turd! he can tell this hypocritical hipster shit to the marines! if he serves me a piece of salmon like that, i'm gonna bitchslap him with it. THIS is NOT vienna! 

    they don't deserve to be on munchies!

  17. the first sliver of salmon dish is total bull. it's not creative. he's not rene redzepi.  i can't even watch this.

  18. if i was served that pathetic slice of salmon sashimi, i would just walk out of that place, IT'S RAW, NOT EVEN COOKED, TIL i can just go and buy a piece of salmon, cut it into thin slices and open a restaurant and serve it

  19. Ein paar gscheerte Hipster fgts denen der sacher zu teuer is aber der alkohol zum brauen gut ist lasst ihr vienna city representen ja ok

  20. Good Lord this guy seems like a hipster D-bag. I bet he charges a fortune for that sliver of salmon and that single slice of steak. Also, look @3:14 – see all that foam sticking to the glass of those beers, that means those glasses are dirty as shit.

  21. such a douche, first of all i thought this series was about celebrating the cooking community and not some rich ass dude buying restaurants. He isnt even chef or seems close with him and then going to his own restaurant twice.
    douchy mcdoucheface
    to sum it up, neither chefs anything nor a night out
    ps totally unauthentic food, that piece of salmon.

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