Jamerrill’s Stir Fry Fried Rice (can I just call it that?!) | Large Family Dinners

Jamerrill’s Stir Fry Fried Rice (can I just call it that?!) | Large Family Dinners

– Hi, friends. Today I am doing my variation
of large family stir-fry. And because of that great deal on chicken, that I got at Aldi the other week, this is gonna be chicken stir-fry. Even though I originally
thought I would do beef or pork. I’m gonna show you everything I have here. Let’s just, we’ll take a look real quick. And I’ve got my first cup of
coffee in my hand for today. What I’m gonna work with today, now, I have this instant
brown rice from Aldi. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to buy it in the bulk bag, they don’t have a bulk bag at Aldi. I’ve got to head to another store. So I picked this up so I could at least do this recipe for this week. I’ve got a 4.4 pound pack of boneless, skinless chicken breast. If you need to cut down on meat, you can do this recipe with just two of these chicken breast. This is just, I got a really good sale, so I’m gonna use all four of these. And then I have some frozen peas, some corn, some California
medley vegetables. Two onions, I got some green onions, carrots, mushrooms, and I’m
gonna sneak in an avocado ’cause no one will know. Oh, and gee I don’t know
if I just said this or not, a big thing of peppers. I don’t know how many of these we’ll need, we’ll see when I get chopping them up. And then spices and seasoning wise. – Mommy, I like onions.
– I got some soy sauce. And I’m gonna put a little bit of toasted sesame seed oil in there–
– Mommy, I like onion. – And Amelia likes onions, yes. And I will probably do some garlic powder, some onion powder, some
of my standards in there. So what’s going on today,
is when I’m filming this, it’s actually Memorial Day, this video may not get out for a few weeks But because the kids were having
a break from school today, we’ve been to two picnics this weekend, we also had a trip out
of town to DC for a day. So today is the first day kinda at home and chilling out a little bit. I’m going to make this large
family stir-fry for our lunch, and then Travis, my husband, he’s taking the kids to do a whole bunch of different yard projects
through the forest. We’re working at getting
trails done out there. And I think that my bigger boys need to do some weed eating. And I am going to,
hopefully, by noon or one, sit my rear end in a chair
and be able to bust out, I’m hoping six or eight
hours worth of business work that I need to get done. So it’s a blessing that he’s home, and that the kids are gonna
get some yard stuff done. And that momma here can
sit in jail and work. So, we’re gonna get started
on making this bulk meal. Oh, and one more thing,
I think of these things just like I’m talking to a friend, another thing I wanted to mention is that this meal is gonna be enough for two dinners and probably enough left over for some lunches this week. Whenever I’m done with this, we’ll have it for lunch today. Then I’m sure Travis is gonna scoop it out again for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we have a busy day, running errands and doing several things. And we’re having friends over
for dinner tomorrow night, and I should have enough to
give them some stir-fry, too, when they’re here. And Travis just reminded me, too, about frying up some eggs and putting in the stir-fry. So I’m just adding this to
what we’re working with. First thing I’m gonna do is rinse off my chicken and get it cooking in my large cast iron skillet. Also, as you can tell, I don’t have a wok, so I’m sure that stir-fry experts will say this is not stir-fry, but of course, in all things, this is just Jamerrill’s
version of how I make stir-fry. So we’ve got the cast iron skillet. I got this big pot. This is where my water
is gonna start boiling. And I’m going to do
this instant brown rice, and we’ll see how that goes. So the chicken breast are going, just gonna go ahead, put some onion powder on them. Some garlic powder. And put the lid back on for a bit. So for now I’ve dumped my
frozen veggies into this bowl and I’m gonna work on
chopping up the rest. I also added in two chopped
onions in with my chicken. So here’s a quick peek at how
the chicken breast are doing. You can see the onions are
cooking nicely with them. And in a few minutes, I’m
gonna start breaking them up with my spatula to shred the meat. My water for my rice was boiling, so I’m pouring in my
boxes of instant rice. It says on the directions, once I stir in the rice to return to boil, and then reduce heat and
let simmer for five minutes. So I’ll let you know how that turns out. Strained this instant rice and it looks like it turned out lovely. And then over here I’ve been busy on… (Amelia yells excitingly)
Hey Miss Amelia. I’m gonna put up a picture here of what Miss Amelia’s been working on, you guys will get a kick out of it. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen it. So with the chicken, I took the lid off, and I’ve just been chopping it up. I’m actually gonna turn the heat down. I had turned the heat up a little bit. So I’m putting it down on medium, and I’m gonna go ahead and just put in the peppers right now. I’m saving most of the
vegetables to cook on their own, but I’m gonna go ahead and
get in some of these peppers. And then next I’m gonna shred my carrots, and get carrots in and let
those cook with the meat too. So I’ve chopped some more carrots, I have a few carrots that are
already in my pan over here. I went ahead and put the carrots in with the chicken because they’re harder and I thought that the steam would just help soften them up a little quicker. So that’s why I’m throwing the carrots in, and I already did some of the onions. You can see my cooking mess there. And then the rest of the vegetables we’re gonna do together
in this big cast iron pan, once I’m fully done with
this little assignment here. I’m gonna now add some
toasted sesame seed oil to the chicken, you do
not have to do this. You do not have to add toasted
sesame seed oil at all. It’s just something I wanted to do today. And I’m gonna do soy sauce whenever I do those vegetables here in a minute. Hey, Miss Amelia, you dancing on through? You gonna go outside with Zion? Whatcha looking for? You want your shoes? Okay. – I want my flip flops.
– Your flip flops. Okay. So we’re going to go ahead
and put this big load of rice into my large trusted Rubbermaid bowl. And I gauge my cooking volume a lot on how much fills this bowl. And I went ahead and
added that fourth box, I don’t think I really needed it, so I scooped out some of this rice. Now I can freeze rice and
I’ll use it for other recipes. I’m also doing chicken,
broccoli, rice casserole in a few days. So I’m gonna see how this rice fills up with the meat and the vegetables, and I may add a little rice in or even take a little bit out. It’s fine, I can save
it and certainly use it for something else in the coming days, if I’ve overcooked too much. I just get concerned sometimes
that I’m not making enough. You know, it’s a struggle, moms. Is it too much, is it not enough? So we will see how it goes. Alright, so this chicken has been done, and the carrots, I’m
sure, are softened now. Let’s have a look. I did go ahead and I added
about two cups of chicken broth to this, whenever I added in the carrots and some of the colored peppers. And so I’m just going to, again, real rocket science here, I’m going to dump the shredded chicken, carrots, and peppers into the brown rice. And then we’re gonna cook
these vegetables separately in soy sauce next. Okay, so this is how it
looks, all dumped in. Next it’s these veggies
turn, so I’m actually gonna do another little
pour of chicken broth, and then I’m going to add in soy sauce. There are lots of different
soy sauce alternatives. And the fun thing is, I know you guys are watching from all around this world, so be sure to share your
various large family stir-fry creations in
the comments below too. So I’m adding in, this is one cup, actually that’s just a little over one cup of soy sauce. Amelia used my smaller mixing cups with her play cooking
while I was chopping, so that’s the cup I have to use. And now we have, we
have mushrooms in here. We have small onions. I have one little
avocado I snuck in there. We gots a few more frozen carrots, peas, corn, all kinds of veggies. And now I’m going to stir them around and heat them up with this sauce. I’m gonna set my camera
down for that for a minute. So the veggies are all
stirred with the soy sauce, I still have my heat on medium. I’m just gonna put this lid back on, and give those a few minutes. I’m gonna stir this up. I’ll give you an overview of
my real life cooking mess. And I got about a quarter of
the way done with my coffee. So checking in, let’s see. We’ve got our veggies in
here, heating up still. Don’t know where I put my spatula. Actually I think my spatula is in my bowl. And then, I’ve been working on mixing up our shredded chicken and carrots. Those carrots are nice and soft now. And that instant rice looked
like it turned out perfect. So no issues there. And these vegetables are
looking nice and colorful. Now another thing that I’m gonna do, and I know this is getting over more into fried rice land,
but my husband mentioned about me frying up some eggs and putting it in what
I am calling stir-fry. So I’m not doing anything, particularly by anyone’s book. Really what I am creating
here for my large family is a morph between
stir-fry and fried rice. And of course I’m doing my
own thing, how I always do. You do not have to do this step, where you add in eggs,
or of course you can. It’s just another way to get
protein in a growing family. I’ve added in some of the veggies, and just chopping the eggs up a little smaller as we go here. And I believe my other veggies are done, so I’m going to just turn that heat off. I don’t want them to get too mushy. And next I’m just gonna
dump these two pans into the big container of rice. So you can tell this
recipe is more hands-on. It’s not like a slow cooker meal, where I can just dump everything or go, or dump three quarters of what I need, and finish it up in the last 10 minutes. This recipe, I’ve probably
been standing and cooking and doing various things
for about 45 minutes. However, it’s a huge recipe. I have extra rice to fill in if I need to, and this is going to be several meals over the next two days. It’s also a family favorite. So everybody’s gonna love it, and we’re even gonna share it
with guests tomorrow night. Sometimes different meals take more time on the front end cooking for me, but then it saves me time later. Because all i have to do is reheat and go, or serve it a different, creative way, with 45 minutes of cooking
time, in the very beginning. So let’s dump this all together. So now we’re gonna dump our eggs and these little bit of veggies in. And I’m going to give this a few stirs before I add in the last of our veggies. But it is looking really good. I can not wait to get into this. If I can keep my camera
back from the smoke. So here it is, guys, large family style and of course lots of
Jamerrill personalized tweaks, for our stir-fry for today. And now we’re gonna get it on the table. Okay, friends, so I’m
gonna give you a peak at how this large family
stir-fry turned out. There it is on our table. The kids right now are running around washing their hands. And they’ve been outside catching frogs and you know how we are
with frogs around here. So they have to get cleaned
up before they can eat. But, very simply, I’m just putting this stir-fry/fried rice
combo into the bowl. It’s gonna be a yummy lunch for us today. Very easy to reheat. And you can click the link
in the description below to hop over to The Encouraging
Homeschool Mom blog, where I have my attempt at
giving you written directions at that big ole mess I
just made in my kitchen. Also, don’t forget to pick up my Family Favorites Recipe Binder Kit. The binder kit helps you create a nice notebook where
you can pull together all your family’s favorite recipes, your ingredients, your
special tricks, and notes. Organized by appetizers,
or snacks, or lunch, breakfast, dinner, slow cooker, et cetera. You can, it takes a little bit
of time to pull it together, but then once it’s done, it’s done. And you can use the coupon
code JamerrillYouTube. Here it is below, spelled
out, to take a dollar off of the Family Favorites Recipe Binder Kit for a limited time. More details on that again in
the post that’s linked below. I will see you next time, friends, with another brand new video, ’cause we’re gonna eat
our lunch now, buh-bye.

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