Jamie Brewer & the Cast of AMY AND THE ORPHANS on Breaking Boundaries Off-Broadway

Jamie Brewer & the Cast of AMY AND THE ORPHANS on Breaking Boundaries Off-Broadway

RYAN: Lindsey Ferrentino’s new play AMY
AND THE ORPHANS stars AMERICAN HORROR STORY’S Jamie Brewer, Tony winner Debra Monk and stage
and screen vet Mark Blum as three siblings who hit the road together following their
father’s death. The title character Amy, played by Brewer,
has Down syndrome. We chatted with the stars to learn more about this barrier breaking production. –The play is sort of about a family’s
relationship with their sister with Down syndrome on the sort of eve of their
father’s passing, which is the last parent to die in the family. The two
older siblings have to sort of decide whether they’re going to leave their
sister with Down syndrome in a group care facility or they’re gonna take her
to live with them at their various homes. –I’ve been part of it ever since
Lindsay Farentino the playwright it’s a personal story of hers. It’s kind of a
memoir to her aunt, hence the name Amy, her name was
absolutely Amy. Then she passed away and a couple years after the Willowbrook state
school closed. –The play is sort of in a larger sense about you know how well do
we understand people within our own family and then how well do we as sort
of a culture understand individual’s down syndrome? Do we see them as
individual people or do we sort of associate them with with their
caretakers? –The cast as well as director Scott Ellis shared what makes Amy and
the Orphans such a refreshing play as well as their hopes to make those who
view it more accepting. — I am always attracted to material that is not
limited to what you expect it’s going to be. You know if something is about a
disability and your anticipation is that it’s going to be earnest and preachy and
this play is the opposite of that. It’s it addresses people with disabilities
but it addresses it with humor and irreverence. –Family is not easy it’s
never easy, but I think at the core hopefully if you can have it is
connection. Connecting, caring, loving one another and trying to take care of one
another and also listening accepting and letting go are also parts of these
things that we learn in this particular show. –We all make judgments and with
everything you know. We walk out of the door we’re making judgment. And it’s I
think with the time that we’re in now it’s a nice reminder that
we’re all in this together. You we’re all different but we’re all in this together
and we need to treat each other with that respect. –It’s the journey that
counts, the destination, it doesn’t matter what the destination is, always listen to
yourself yourself, and listening to the heart,
listening to others around you, being true to yourself and letting the journey
take you to what you feel is right.

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  1. This actually looks really good. I have down syndrome myself so it would be interesting if this play came to Britain one day.

  2. Now this looks like it will be a very interesting play.  Especially now when services to the disabled are losing funding across the country making many families with disabled relatives re-evaluate the service their loved one needs and what they may have to provide.

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