Jamie Oliver gets a Grilling

Jamie Oliver gets a Grilling

Out of all the parts of Italy that I’ve been to before I feel more like a little white English boy than i ever have done before. I think I’ve arranged to meet the guys at about four. So we’re on the grill tonight. But it don’t exactly look like I’m expected does it? Me and you on the ‘griglia’? The truth is I don’t know why the bloody hell I’m doing this and I’m a bit scared. It’s eight o’clock and the sauces are ready, but contrary to our earlier agreement Mr grill-man is having none of it. Trying to get them to try something new is like trying to get them to take a new mortgage, you know what I mean? I mean you could say Jamie Oliver what a catastrophically fantastic… So with no one taking the apparent risk of me grilling their fish I’m going to have to go and buy my own and see if I can give it away. What they’re saying is the fish are so fresh don’t mess with it. This is all kind of, you know, life shaping experiences. I ask him where I’m going to put it because I don’t, I don’t think they particularly like me. You’re my only customers, that’s only because I’m giving it to you. Come on you’re Italian. He thinks it’s beautiful. See now Alf Garnett behind me, grumpy bollocks, is getting the arse ache because my fish tastes better. I’m really enjoying this. I mean the flavour from the charcoal and then of course when you put the fennel in it’s a very subtle flavour but the fish grills, inside the fennel kind of steams a little bit you know? Even the man says it’s good now. I was going to go back to my camp today with a bit of a complex, I’ve got to be honest. A nights work for free and no one likes any of the stuff.

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  1. Even Jamie has a hard time convincing people he can cook. All it took was to step up and show everyone what he had and even that turned the disbelievers. =)

  2. See a British guy in Italy? Eat his fish, if it's bad embarrass him, if it's good, take more and praise the hell out of him 😀

  3. Hi Mark. Our next live show is in April, we're just working out the details now. Keep your eyes peeled for the date soon. Did you see the last one? What kind of stuff would you like to see in this one? Glad you're enjoying the channel thanks for watching. x

  4. I love these videos! Things don't always go your way at first and sometimes people give you a really hard time. That's why I'm able to relate. You don't break down or walk away. Awesome!

  5. possible they have other foods at vendor where more spice etc is applied ~ thus , fresh fish does taste just fine too. would you of served the very nice fish you made , just by itself ,as a meal ~ food samples are food samples . good video thanks for posting

  6. We just made your gumbo last week after watching your American Road Trip – it was so good! My husband and I love to watch those kind of programs and finding yummy recipes to cook together. I also LOVE seeing the culture you expose us to and discovering new ingredients to cook with. More please!xx

  7. What a prick. Going to another country, telling them they shouldn't cook the way they have traditionally for 1000's of years, and then messing with a man's business by giving away food whilst he's trying to sell food. Jamie truly is a moron.

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