Jan Brewer Can’t Say ‘Tuskegee’ at Event for Tuskegee Airmen

Jan Brewer Can’t Say ‘Tuskegee’ at Event for Tuskegee Airmen

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the show I’ve got some video and audio to play for you love jan Brewer the Republican governor
Arizona who already is considered to be kind of racist and xenophobic based on
her involvement in passing that SB 1070
immigration-related law in Arizona colloquially known as the show with your
papers law she’s already kinda von the bar on the fence you’re probably not on
the fence probably on the other side of the fence with Hispanics because if that law and
now she had an event she went to where she
would they were honoring the Tuskegee Airmen now if you’re not
familiar with the disc in the airmen the long and short of it is that it’s the colloquial popular name for a
group of african-american pilots who fought in
World War two formally they were the three hundred and
thirty second fighter group and the 477 Bombardment Group above the United States Army Air Corps
she just can’t seem to say is to say to ski now I’m gonna play the
video for you and we’ve had other incident with jan Brewer
like this if she really has some kind neurological
condition where she can’t properly speak it would
be useful for us to know that because when she can’t pronounce this Kiki and
he’s an event honoring the Tuskegee Airmen and she’s passing anti-hispanic laws it
seems like she might not really care that much about minorities right so if this is all the result of some
kind of medical condition it would be useful to know here’s the video and I thank you everyone up for joining
us today as we honor an important and historic military unit whose contribution went way beyond the battlefield the test icky task you has be good it again yeah I be practicing this all
morning I and I a good last year tuskegee tuskegee have pleaded okay them okay so you know it’s an event to
honor them she’s she’s already kinda did not look
that that favorably when it comes to minority relations and she just can’t can’t even say it this was not the best
display up Jen Brewers reverence or the Tuskegee
Airmen was it it’s incredibly disrespectful II she’s getting a chuckle out of it maybe
some of the other people in the room aren’t you but when you look at it it’s really bad
that you can’t even pronounce the name up what you trying to honor and
presumably you’ve got a lot of time to write to get this down yeah and it’s just one word now the
other thing is you could also not even say the word right you could go up there you
could say I am so thrilled to be here today because this group have men was instrumental in the victory in world
were you know whatever you can figure out a way to not have tickets to say to
ski gear but she didn’t even do that it just all it’s all very
odd which makes me wonder does she have some kind of a
neurological condition that’s causing the speech a mishaps on a she does have a very
strange way have speaking in general so it wouldn’t
surprise me and if that’s the case well I guess
there maybe I’ll be and I would have to apologize but we have yet to hear about that

76 thoughts on “Jan Brewer Can’t Say ‘Tuskegee’ at Event for Tuskegee Airmen”

  1. Can't lay blame here, she has other problems but this seems innocent. Don't get me wrong, I hate her guts. Her policy's are terrible and she treats the president poorly so she can die today for all I care.

  2. Does a psychological disorder count? If so she suffers from republicanism, that seems to have a host of linguistic as well as math and logic based side effects….

  3. I try not to make fun of anybody's speech impediments. You should hear me say: "first, birthday, world, & nuclear". And David, David, David, you of all people cannot throw stones when it comes to curious mispronunciations. That ditz, Brewer, probably wears dentures. And we all have seen her have her "blank out" before, during one of her debates. –Attack the content of her words, not her ability to say them.

  4. Ugggh Jesus, what an insufferable dried-up old hag. I have to wonder if she's aware of the infamous experiments of the same name — The Tuskegee Syphillis experiments are among historical America's darker times, and it's the first thing I think of when I hear that name. So, in her already goofy ignorance, where she can't pronounce a basic word that she apparently pronounced just fine at the same annual event last year, I'm left wondering just how far her Tuskegee ignorance reaches.

  5. Wow guys, this is pretty bad. She wasn't being flippant at all about it, and said she practiced. I definitely have trouble remembering how to pronounce words all the time, especially when I never hear them pronounced in casual conversation. It has nothing to do with disorders, some people just don't have a good memory for words.

  6. I gotta be honest I'm not concerned at all with this, it seems like a complete waste of time to even think about this. She screwed up an important word while publicly speaking, big fucking deal, there are way better reasons to dislike Jan Brewer.

  7. He occasionally says some things a little off, his Spanish first language sometimes confusing him as to what is considered proper, I can't cite examples for you, but he has done shows addressing various such concerns. In one video, he cited the Oxford Dictionary's alternative pronunciation to defend himself against accusations of him getting words wrong. David is aware of this quirk of his speaking, and he makes attempts to correct himself.

  8. Jan Brewer is basically uneducated. She is so proud of the fact that she is governor but never had much formal education. She used that as an excuse to cut funding for the states Universities. She suffers from Republicanism, remember Bush's nucular?

  9. republicans do have this problem, reminds me of sarah palin asking to call joe biden, "joe" during the vp debates because she kept calling him "o'biden" in practice.

    out of all the recent republican idiot governers jan brewer is one of the most ridiculous.

  10. Remember when President Obama was first running for president and the right wing was vilifying him for pronounced Pakistan?

  11. I am not sure that this has anything to do with her being racist (although many other things she has done, has) but I really don't understand how that was hard to pronounce. At least, write it down phonetically so you don't botch it later.

  12. She sounds like a meth head. She looks like a meth head. Look at her teeth.She is from the meth capital of America.

  13. I guarantee 1000 x over that if she was standing in front of a group of white WW 2 vets ,she would have made triple sure she was able to pronounce whatever difficult words appeared on her script.Its incredibly disrespectful and not the first time that Shes shown disrespect like that to Minorities whoever they may be.She has previous form

  14. No it's not like a Fox story using the race card.. If you know you 're guving a speech to people to honor them, how difficult is it to go over it once at very least and if there is a word or more you can't say ,get an aide to simply write it put phonetically . no big deal to do that .People like her need to be called out.This might be a small matter but its representative of her dhole party and that's the point

  15. you seem to be comparing a 'news reporting' channel to an 'opinion' channel, which is one of the main red flags about lack of media literacy, something we speak about very often on this show.

  16. begs the question, why did you click the link if you think its stupid? The content of this video is summed up pretty well in the title, what did you expect

  17. Not saying THIS incident makes her a racist. However, you would think a Governor who is supposed to be honoring a group at an event would be able to pronounce the name of said group correctly. It is pretty disrespectful and unprofessional. Given Brewer's rocky history with other races, to not even look like she's making an effort is pretty pathetic. At least when it comes to people like Bachmann we know they're out of their minds, Brewer is just a piece of shit.

  18. David I find Jane Brewer horrible and I feel sorry for Arizona. But to me you have to give her a break on this one. Not every Politician or Public Speaker gets every word right. And I'm a Democract saying this.

  19. This woman is shockingly stupid. Every time she is in the news, she is saying something mindless. During the debates, she blanked and stared at the cameras without a clue. How on earth was she elected? It was just like bush with "subliminable." That should have ended his bid for the White House. Could anyone be surprised he was such a lousy president, when it was clear he was intellectually impaired? Same with this dimwit.

  20. This is an elderly lady who can't remember how to say a strange word. There are plenty of real things to criticize republicans about, stay away from this stuff.

  21. My impediment is sexier than that. You got me on "woild" but I'm more a furst, birfday and nukular kind of guy. 😉

  22. CC sez: the Tuskegee-airmen, disc in the airmen, to ski, this Kiki, the Tuskegee Airmen, test icky task (brewer), tuskegee(Brewer), tuskegee(Brewer), have pleaded(Brewer), the Tuskegee Airmen, to ski gear. Soooo CC Vs. Brewer… 2 of her 4 mispronunciations were the only times the word Tuskegee alone was translated correctly. She wins the "Smarter than the CC award"! what an honor.

  23. Have the people claiming it's a problem with her dentures actually watched the video? She can pronounce every other word ok but not Tuskegee? The lady is what, 70-80 years old and she probably hasn't really heard about Tuskegee until now or has never paid attention. She represents her constituents quite well: dumb fuck, illiterate, ignorant even about the history of their own area and country, not to mention the world.

  24. Bah, Jan Brewer is a pretty horrible person but I give her a pass on this. I can relate to not being able to say various words in front of people that I know how to pronounce. IMO this actually humanizes her and makes her not seem like the horrible person that she is.

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