100 thoughts on “Jan Brewer: Press ripped me, but praised Pelosi for same thing”

  1. When you enter the Viper's Den….expect to be bitten. Democrats are the most disgusting, vicious and corrupt people in America.

  2. Sorry but we're not all "unanamous" or however you spell it. He made the only right decision, and you all know or did you want a war with Turkey too, once they crushed our military in Syria who were only standing about baby-sitting?

  3. It's outrageous how the democrats in rages over the President. We the Americans are so tired of all the bullcrap we have to put up listening to toddlers throwing a fit. Let's all put them in corner for time out in this coming elections four more years.

  4. Is there any truth to the rumor that "Facelift" Pelosi wants to open an Italian restaurant and call it Mama Scumbaggies?

  5. Except Obama wasn’t rude to his political equals, women, veterans, seniors, the handicapped, children, decency… you get points for standing up to a bully, Jan, not for waving your finger under the nose on a Nobel Prize winner.

    Hope this helps!

  6. FOX brings in Liberals to try and present a balanced view, but trying to get one that doesn't sound like fingernails on the blackboard is apparently impossible.

  7. Pelosi is lacking in respect for the presidents position of office. Can you imagine her, office as being third in line for president, acting that way when differing with a foreign government official?

  8. Big difference; Brewer was not the Speaker of the House. The most telling part of that Photo is the looks on the faces of the President's Generals, Advisors and Staff; Pelosi is speaking truth to power, and the President and his men know it… they're hanging their heads in shame. This photo is epic and will live on in history. Nancy Pelosi standing and pointing her finger at the President – the President sitting and taking it like a naughty child, being rebuked for screwing things up badly (and everyone in the room knowing it).

  9. Tarlov doesn't know what was said so it's second hand from Pelosi and Schumer , if it was said Tarlov said it was when Pelosi was leaving so should we speculate why she was pointing her finger at the president because it looks to me like she was very nasty while pointing at the President of the United States, she is Not his equal and doesn't show the man respect I wish he would have told her to leave since obviously she wasn't there for "the people" !

  10. This is a joke by the Democrats they swear up and down from day one trucks you even caught on camera saying we will say and do anything to stop this President and it's Nancy Pelosi Scandal is just one of them that they have every time they have meetings in private Nancy Pelosi throws a hissy fit and then blames it on the president just like I said they absolutely admitted that they would refuse to work with the president they would say and do everything to stop him and this is just another example remember Chuck Schumer said it the president didn't

  11. Well Jan, I doubt that Barack Obama called you a third rate politician. So it is not the same. The press should have ripped you.

  12. The arrogance of Jan Brewer comparing herself to the Speaker of the House. Go back to that hole in Arizona that you crawled out off.

  13. Am I the only one getting really tired of this stuff? Yeah they do some good work at Fox but let’s be honest. For every thing you see a Democrat praised for, you can find an equal or greater number of Republicans being chastised. Let’s vote these people out already…

  14. Remember as a lil baby mommy would point her finger at you and scold you when you were a bad lil boy. See, the 3 generals beside him lowered their heads in shame. But he was ( and still is) to stupid to understand that the nation is firing him. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤨🤨🤨. P S . I believe his followers are too😂😂😂

  15. Let's see, Brewer is pointing out her racist hatred and Pelosi is slapping down a so-called commander for abandoning what were our allies.

  16. The Obama's got a free ride from the MSM from day one because they was afraid if they criticize the Obama's for anything they would be called racist.

  17. Tarlov went from looking like a Mao follower to looking like KK with all that make up and greasy hair. And that voice….scary.

  18. This AWFUL liberal woman is delusional. ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆
    Pelosi has said that President Trump has to be locked up and that he is a traitor to America, rather different from "a 3rd grade politician"!

    However I think President Trump got it wrong. Nancy Pelosi is a FIRST GRATE POLITICIAN…..She is perfect in HER lack of work, spreading lies and deceipt. Sadly that is exactly what politicians are famous for! So at that grading she comes FIRST! – President Trump on the other hand is NOT a politician, but a Business Man and he gets a grading of FIRST RATE for that!

    God Bless him and his family, and all who support him, and may these DemonRats and RINOs get justrice!

  19. Just like you guys praised Melania trump and ripped Michele Obama. Hypocrites on this media channel are the worst “she wore a 3,500$ dress to a restaurant such a overdressed First Lady disgusting”
    “Melania has such good fashion she went to a restaurant wearing a $5,000 dress every First Lady should be like her”

  20. Funny how there's always an excuse for why Democrats are righteous about doing something but Republicans are evil racists for doing the same thing. Such hypocrites.


  22. She is rude and racist I've been watching her whole family from way back and how she got into politics and it's a crooked as the f**** clintons

  23. Someone should get 2 of these finger pointing heroins a brush and show them how to look presentable, at least their clothes weren't wrinkled. Maybe that's next with some stains and since it looks like they don't care how they look a bad case of dandruff always in dark clothing. Hey the liberals want us in rags and homeless…….???

  24. Its not racist to say that rapists and murderers will be coming in through hussein obamas immigration policies, because THATS EXACTLY who obummer wanted in america. Globalist want 2 things,

    1) to fund countries other than there own, and
    2) war

  25. Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was “Trump before we had Trump!” Nice compliment! Arizona isn’t a state to mess with, and open carry makes Dems nervous. Good!

  26. As an Arizona Republican, loved Jan Brewer standing up for our state and the law that she passed! That bill was truly amazing and not racist in any way!

  27. Pelosi REFUSED to read the letter Trump sent to Erdogan, that was provided to ALL the participants. She threw it down on the table, and began her tirade. Pelosi seems to be under the mistaken idea that SHE is the Executive.

  28. Brewer was a complete nightmare for Arizona, of which, years later we are still paying for her varying levels of debauchery. Good job of shutting her down, Fox!

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