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  1. I am a new fan of your YT videos! Your videos are pleasant, smart, really helpful. My new lifetime goal: travel yearly to Japan to experience all you recommend! Arigato!

  2. Can you recommend affordable teppanyaki restaurants around tokyo? I've been researching on the internet but so far not much written abt reasonably priced teppanyaki. Thanks!

  3. I'm planning my first trip to Yokosuka, Japan to visit with my sister and her family as my brother-in-law is a contract electrician and will be working there for three years. I appreciate your time and effort to put this video together as it was explained very well, you have a nice poise about you, and now I know how much expect in terms of prices for various foods. Mahalo.

  4. I'm worried because I'm going to Japan in a couple of weeks, and I eat… a LOT! I'm small but have fast metabolism (like an athlete), so I'm gonna end up spending so much on food 😭

  5. Thank you so much for the information…. =) you are so cute, every time I saw you, I alway found my self smiling =)

  6. Great video! You explained everything so well and I think that there is no excuse now to not save money in Japan while eating out – I’m now a new and faithful sub 😊😌!

  7. So would it be realistic to budget ¥2,000 yen a day for 3 meals in Tokyo and Kyoto? I'm just judging based on the prices I saw just now. I'm trying to work out how much I need to save to visit Japan next year.

  8. So, I got a trip to Japan in March and your channel is helping me so much!!!
    I will take some Mexican stuff to give and hopefully I'll see you and give one.
    Thanks you so much for the advices!

  9. Bookmarked and subscribed, thanks for all the info about Japan! it should be interesting if you also post vlogs about overseas travel.. anyways, nice accent! 😊

  10. Thank you so much, ありがとうございます this vid helps me alot… i also get hungry … 😀 anyways, best wishes and stay healthy. Greetings from Germany

  11. Angela – my fiancée Anna and I have been watching loads of your videos and they’ve been extremely useful in getting a better idea of how to have a fun (but affordable) couple of weeks in Japan. Thanks so much – this one was particularly useful!

  12. Hi Angela, I have been looking for information but can't find too much. How do I get the best exchange rate for my USD money? Is there a specific place that you can recommend. Thank you in advance.

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  14. Thank for your trip, we as a backpacker do need budget list especially for food. yours video did help me a lot, hope that you can make a video about local food and way cheaper with local taste (Y)

  15. Very helpful, thank you so much for the guide! I'm going sometime next year with my girlfriend and we're planning as much as we can to have the best trip ever!

  16. Love your videos. My son is allergic to peanuts, would it be hard to find safe places to eat in Japan for him?

  17. thanks for the video – i've been wanting too go to japan for a long time but my family was very hesitant since they thought that it would be very expensive but you've proved otherwise in terms of food which is a really big help.

  18. Will be visiting tokyo for the first time soon. Your videos are great, gives me info and perspective from a local. Thank you! Cheers from Sunny Philippines! 🙂

  19. Just watched 2018, great recomendations on inexpensive places to eat, I would eat in those places even the hamburger places, and u looked awfully cute in the video!

  20. I'd like to see train , ferry boat travel, Heroshima, traditional Japanese homes and Gardens and of course food in what I mention on your travels!

  21. I don't think people "Think" Japan is expensive. People "KNOW" Japan is expensive 😛
    Thanks for the video, nice tips.

  22. Your videos are great!! 🙂 have been watching a lot of japan videos but its hard to find good ones that go a bit deeper into food options、 you really the best!

  23. Just found this channel looking for tips for my trip to Japan.
    Could you tell me what areas in Tokyo to stay away from?
    Thank You!

  24. You mentioned about the “family restaurant” , how do I know what restaurant is the family restaurant ???

  25. 1000 yen for a meal is not cheap.
    Near shopping centre is not cheap
    You must eat where the locals eat…

  26. Thanks for this video! I love tips about cheap ways to eat in Japan. My de-facto cheapo strategy when I was living in Japan was to head to any of the numerous 'Yayoi Ken' restaurants and order the cheapest 'ichiju sansai', a set meal (which is either grilled miso mackerel or deep fried chicken) with unlimited top ups (it's self service, so don't feel shy) of plain, white rice. I would basically fast till as long as I can till about 3-4 pm (there was once I hit a 6 pm record, but it was the summer and I did nothing but hang out at Tower Records listening to records) and head to Yayoiken and eat 6 bowls of rice or something. It's immensely fulfilling for a mere 590 yen. The meal will last you an entire day. Comes with free cold unlimited green tea, pickles and miso soup too. It gets pretty packed during rush hours, but at other times, you can sit there as long as you wish without anyone bothering you, which basically means you can eat as much rice as you like. Some of these branches (like the one in Ginza, several in Shinjuku) are open 24 hours!!!!! That's insanely awesome.

  27. I want only chicken dishes, how do I make sure there is no there type of meat in there like beef or pork, I hate the taste of beef and pork, I only like chicken I don’t even like fish

  28. I spent $30 a day for food and drinks for a week. I splurged one time for a Kobe beef dinner $160. Great trip!!!

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