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  1. Strokes on the steel do not sharpen your knife. They straighten the 'feathers' (microscopic steel flakes) on the cutting edge.This is for every day use. Once this is not sufficient you put it to the wetstone. Than I polish the edge to a mirror finish. That will keep your 'german' sharp for a very long time.

  2. wÜsthof – I know it is difficult to pronaunce but just for your information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iqm3MPTUy-E

  3. Wüsthoff really has no quality name over here. Even nobody has ever heard of "Wüsthoff"! In Germany you will buy Zwilling, WMF or Chromolith.

  4. Your very beneficial to my choosing a new knife and I've used both as a professional chef. Keep up the great you tube videos !!!

  5. My top 3 gyutos are:

    Takeda 250mm Sasanoha AS Stainless
    Anryu Aogami #2 Blue Steel 240mm
    Misono UX10 210mm Dimpled

    But there is the dimpled Misono Molybdenum 210mm for 159.00 that I would purchase 10times over the Masamoto/Wusthof… My main focus is food release. Thanks for the informational video..don't know how I ended up here. lol.

  6. Wow you actually reply back too
    That's really cool watched your Shun knife video with the so called liquid metal as you called it.
    That knife was beautiful sorry I missed out on that give away
    But hope one day I'm lucky enough
    But thank you I'll stay in touch your awesome with cutlery knowledge thank you !!!

  7. I'm just here to read comments from people who will try and debate knives all day but can't even make a grilled cheese.

  8. Hi there! Really love your videos!

    I do have a question. Do your wusthof knives get superficial scratches on the sides of the blade? Mine got quite a few on both side from nowhere. Would you recommend also using sandpaper to remove the scratches? Thanks!! I got the creme set and they are just too beautiful to bear scratches..

  9. can you demonstrate/recommend your regular maintenance or preparation of the knife before/throughout a cooking session and weekly?

  10. Molybden is a fun little Element added to steel for durability.

    Without an american accent it's quite easy to pronounce really P:

  11. These are clearly reviews for the common user, people. Most need to have softer steel and aren't willing to drop thousands on sharpening supplies. Most of the best knives ever made have been horribly damaged by idiots with too much money and not enough respect, knowledge or concern for their tools. I think this is a great review in that respect. I might get one for my mom.

  12. IKEA 365 + knife also Made of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, will it as good as the Masamoto?

  13. doesnt want to use the tip to crush garlic. slams butt of knife with point facing neck lmao great vid tho

  14. I bought a Wüsthof Classic set 25 years ago.
    Lost one paring knife and the steel fell off its handle but the others are still practically like new.

  15. I just bought a brand new Classic Ikon 8 inch. Cost… £25 inc sales tax. From genuine dealer… therefore not a knock off.

  16. I have that exact Wusthof and prefer it to almost all of my japanese knives. For santokus and stuff though I definitely go with japanese, but for a straight up Chef's knife I think Wusthof makes the best.

  17. A lot of good comments here and they're right. It comes down to your own cutting style, what type of cutting and kinds of food you intend to prepare, how sharp does it need to be, how hard does the metal have to be, but more importantly, at least for me, it's how willing you are in maintaining your knife. A $1000 knife is not worth a penny if it's dull and not taken care of. Keep up the good work Mr Tran.

  18. I’m planning to buy a Wusthof knife set for my mom, her knives are really cheap and crappy so I think this would make her cooking experience better. My question is, when I buy the Wusthof Knife are they sharp and ready for use? Because I don’t know how to sharpen knives yet and I don’t know which wet stones to even use! Please help

  19. I have a few of the Wustof classic ions now. I started my knife collection with global knives and didn't like them too much so went looking for something nicer. Have been very happy Mainly cos of how they feel in my hand. And as you said. Really fast to get a useable edge on.

  20. 6:15 Good thinking not crushing the garlic with the knife because you might damage its tip. But why are you swinging it into the air? You might break it.

  21. So i dont need a razorsharp knife (thats what my straight razors are for) just a pretty durable edge that is still sharp enough to cut meat, seasoning and vegetables without tearing or squishing 🙂

    So that means the german knifes are for me? I read that japanese knifes get sharper, but as i know from razors, a sharper edge is thinner and therefore less durable.. Would you recommend stainless or carbon?

    Is there a big diffrence in sharpening?

  22. I´ve bought a Wusthof Classic Ikon chef´s knife, but I didn´t feel so great about the handle. It´s quite strange and heavy . The balance is too much towards the end of the handle. I´m thinking about selling it and buy a Zwilling Pro instead. What do you think? Is it a good change? Is the steel as good as the wusthof? Or should I just try harder to get used to the handle ? Nice channel by the way!!

  23. I have few wusthof knives and I sharpen them about once a month or so. I made myself something that looks like an apex sharpener, except I use proper sized wet stones. This way I can set my angle to 14 degrees and polish cutting edge as precisely as it gets with 3000-5000 grit stone. I never use steel because I can't hit an angle by eye. This way, my knives stay razor sharp for most of the time.
    So for my kind of use, this 58 HRC steel is perfect. Not too hard to sharpen and not too soft to be a butter knife.

  24. Good video. However, I have to say this. (Your comment at 4:44) you need 10 – 15 minutes to sharpen.., I tell you that If you do take care of your knives each time you use, you can spend only less than 2 minutes. Of course, you need proper stones, knowledge and technique for the sharping. BTW, the stick only ruin the knife, so you may need 10- 15 minutes to fix it by the stones.

  25. So does the wusthof come in different types of steel? I'm looking at a price comparison and there's two with the same size but one says 4596/23 and the other one 4996/23 where 23 is the length in metric, and the 4996 one costs around $160 as you said and the 4596 about $100.

  26. @burrfection you need to do a little more research.. when describing the japanese knife you say it isn't too hard and it isn't too soft.. probably because in the Japanese method what they do is use 2 different types of tamahagane.. so they input hard steel and draw it out to so that it is used as the edge whereas the "soft" tamahagane makes up the rest.

  27. the part about being able to call and have it serviced is extremely important. it seems you can't do that since most japanese are imported.

    might as well go german.

  28. I have not seen this anywhere but would you do a vid about cutting boards? Compare plastic vs. wood. What kind of wood board you recommend, what is best for a life of a knife, thickness of board, etc. In one vid you were using dark wood board and that looked very nice so I wondered what kind of wood it was. Thank you. Your vids are very informative and useful.

  29. Very good assessment and accurate info. The Masamoto can get sharper and hold an edge longer. The Wusthof is more versatile. It's a trade off. I own both as well as a MAC pro.

  30. LOL "Why do they name steels molybdenum?" Too funny. Molybdenum is on the periodic table, sir. If memory serves, it's a sliver like white-ish hard metal. So, the name or part of it anyway is, in fact, the material from which the knife was forged.

  31. I actually have that Wusthof at home, and I was just as surprised as you were about how fast I can sharpen it … I originally thought (Damn it, now I have to sharpen my knife every 3-5 days for 20-30 minutes. But in literally 30 seconds, this knife gets so sharp… it's unbelievable). I live in Romania, and I bought a set of 4 Wusthof knives for 100 euros, the best deal EVER, however the only downside is that I could only buy it from 1 website that ships to my country and their HQ is in Slovakia, and that company does not simply have Wusthof knives ready, they have to make an order and purchase it from their main HQ in Germany. So I had to wait 2 months for them to be built and shipped and when they finally arrived… omg was the wait worth it… you have no idea.

  32. in a professional setting, you are using the back of your knife to swipe the product off the cutting board not the blade as that is a cardinal rule to maintaining your edge, so the spine would be worn down to your liking by the end of the first day……..just saying
    you reinforced two good points,….
    1. butt of knife handle, can crush garlic and what have you ,that's a big +++
    2. a few strokes of a steel on the fly, is good enough to make it sharp again, no time to stone it
    these reasons just made me want to buy the 9" inch ikon creme chef's knife ,I've been debating it for years.

  33. I recently bought a Classic Ikon but was sadly disappointed after such raving reviews. The blade it self comes tilted to the right, the bolster is uneven and sharp and the burr was slightly dented and this was all present on 2 of the same knives i tried. 2 blades with exactly the same "defects" seem more like a design feature to seem like they are all hand made. Has any one else seen this on their Wusthofs classic ikon?

  34. I have trouble keeping my wustoph sharp. I work as a cook and it baffles me how people call it a "workhouse" knife when the edge retention is so bad. The steel is soft, which means less time on the stone for sharpening, but more sharpening sessions. The handle is wonderful, but the steel is soft and annoying to use in a professional kitchen

  35. I liked the review but please Its written Wüsthof and not Wusthof, also it hurts my ears how all of the reviewers pronounce it, Its german and the only thing you have to yo is change the U to an Ü wich even if it doesnt exist in English isnt an difficult thing to do.

  36. New subscriber, great video. I am also leaning towards the Wusthof.
    One big question regarding sharpening:
    – Wusthof also sell a hand held pull through 2 stage sharpener, do you have any experience with that type? I have seen a couple of reviews stating that after a couple of months, the sharpener isn't as effective and in fact leaves a blunt cutting edge.
    – Is a whet stone better?

  37. I buy all my cooking knifes at the factory outlet of the Dick (yaya, keep snickering 🙂 )
    knife factory in Deizisau in Germany.
    You can get all their professional grade knifes and kitchen equipment there, for a VERY reasonable price.
    This is stuff that is used in real kitchens and by real butchers. Not by some hipsters trying to impress their friends….

  38. Hey I am a professional line cook and I want to buy a new chef knife what do you Could recommend up to a $150 I love and New York

  39. Lol molybdenum is the element that is added to the steel to change its structure. Take it up w the chemists who name elements.

  40. I found the wustoff for 90 and the other one is 165. That’s a lot of price difference at those price points. If it was a 600 vs525 dollar knives I could understand the discrepancy. But for sub 175 dollar knives, 75 dollars is a lot of difference.

  41. Love the Wusthof Icon. I've owned mine for a little over a year. It made me realize just how dull the knives I've been using were. Seriously changed my perspective and expectation when is comes to knife upkeep.

  42. Ill say this, I have both European and Japanese knives in my kitchen. when it comes to any task that may chip a blade, i grab my victorinox 10 inch chefs knife. it takes a good enough edge to part up a chicken, but is soft enough i don't have to worry about it chipping if it knocks into a bone.

  43. I have a Wusthof , I've never owned or used Masumoto . The japanese one is pretty similar but for me the deal breaker is the shape of the blade and the tip .

  44. Have you rated global knives? I have invested in a few (they are also spendy ) and would like to your thoughts. Thanks for your fantastic honest tutorials and info videos.

  45. Your reviews are awesome and your channel as a whole is just fantastic! I'm buying a Wüsthof Classic Ikon Creme Chef's Knife probably on Monday.I think that the Classic Ikon is better than the Classic because there's no full bolster and for my hands,the C.I. handle is better.
    Thank you!

  46. So which one holds an edge

    I better between sharpening? I have a less expensive set of wurstof henkels. Which sharpen pretty easy, hold an edge ok, but have to spend 20-30 seconds on the steel after or even during a meal prep.

    For me a sharpe knife is one I can shave my arm or legs with.

  47. I personally love my Wüsthof! Use it every time I'm in the kitchen. Never had a chance to use a Gyuto but hope to sometime. Love watching your videos, they are very informational.

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