Japanese School Lunch

Japanese School Lunch

In Japanese school lunch is called kyushoku and both teachers and students from elementary school and junior high have
to eat it every day whether or not you love it
or maybe hate it. Kyushu is healthy and delicious, delicious hmmm, but definitely
nutritious, I mean the taste is kind of bland but are you going to do, its all pre-planned. You know they serve rice almost , every day
every day, every day if it was free okay but yo I gotta pay. SIGH. But what what really gives
me insanity is that there are some variety
just a little karai aji can help calm my anxiety so about the portions, yeah they’re
really small and come on I’m not gonna get anymore tall. But, yeah, I know , I know I
still gotta eat but come on Japan, give me more meat So do i really have kyushoku? Well no because in Japanese society no
one takes priority, Kyushu who teaches equality, you learn learn about responsibility and
all about humility by cleaning their facility but deeper than the umami,
flavor is the daily kyushoku we savor. Teaches kids to be good
Japanese neighbors

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  1. Maybe you think it's bland coming from Jamaica where there's a lot of flavor. But in Ohio … We got no flavor at all. Japanese Kyuushoku is actually too salty & oily for me. I ended up having serious stomach problems.
    As for the proportions, they're HUGE!!!
    Kyuushoku has 850+ calories!!!!! That's almost my daily intake in just ONE MEAL! :O I gained 30lbs my first year in Japan eating Kyuushoku.
    But, needless to say, ^-^ i LOVE your video! This is awesome! <3

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