Japchae (Glass noodles stir-fried with vegetables: 잡채)

Japchae (Glass noodles stir-fried with vegetables: 잡채)

(polka accordion music) – Hi, everybody! Today, we are going to make japchae. Japchae is stir-fried
vegetables, mushrooms, and meat with chewy glass noodles. Does it sound delicious and nutritious? Yes. If you have a big party coming up, you must make this dish. You will get a lot of attention. You’ll be very popular. Years ago, I uploaded my japchae video, but today, I’m going to
make a small portion. First, let’s marinate the beef. This is filet mignon. But, if you are vegetarian, skip this, use more mushrooms. So, I’m using this beef,
but you can also use pork. Dried shiitake mushrooms,
soak this for two hours. Like this. Mushrooms are really thick, so I’m going to slice this… like this. So, if you are vegetarian, just use more shiitake mushrooms. And then, put this in the beef. Slice this. And here, one clove of garlic. Just add here. Sugar, you can use white or brown sugar. Ground black pepper. Soy sauce, two teaspoons. Sesame oil, one teaspoon. And mix. Smells like bulgogi. I’m going to keep this in the refrigerator while I’m preparing other ingredients. Egg yolk. And egg white. Just a little pinch of salt. You can make this method
using this egg white also, make it really white paper like this. You can use this, but egg yolk is yellow color. It really stands out, so pretty. I always make that yellow paper. Wipe off this oil, so that really thin layer is coated only. And let’s turn off. So, there is no heat. This pan is hot. With this remaining
heat, we’re just cooking. Flip over like this. So pretty color. So, both sides is yellow. It’s cooked. So let it cool down. This is spinach. My final product is going to go in this, very important bowl today. So, whenever I finished my cooking, I’m going to put it here. So, first, let’s start with spinach. So, spinach is already cleaned. Around 30 seconds to one minute, cook. Okay, I will just keep boiling this. And then, squeeze out. And then, here, we need
to add some soy sauce. And sesame oil. This is noodles. Look at this size. (giggles) Made with sweet potato starch. So, you can buy this in Korean grocery stores very easily. Or, you can use cellophane noodles. So, when you cook this,
it looks really clear. Looks like glass and chewy. So, that’s why, makes
this dish very special. So, I’m going to use four ounces. Okay, one minute later, just stir this. Here you go! (laughs) I’m going to cut all kinds of vegetables. Around two inch pieces. If this white part is too thick, you can cut it in half. But, today, mine is good, thin enough. Two or three green onions. And then, onion. Onion is really delicious, so I’m going to use around one cup. White mushrooms, cut the tip off and thinly slice. I’m going to cut this red stuff so carrot and red bell pepper, but you can use just only red bell pepper or you can use all carrot. Around 3/4 cup. Remove this inside thing. Cut this one really nice, beautiful, eh? Red color. So, this is just a small
amount I’m going to use. Don’t throw them away. Chop it up and then make stir-fried rice. And then, the jidan,
gyeran jidan, let’s cut it. My cutting job is done now. So, exactly seven minutes
later, I’m checking. This one. (slurps) Noodles are chewy. Well cooked. Really hot. These noodles are very long, so I’m going to cut a few times. Like this. Okay, then, this is our bowl, right. So, everything is done,
we gotta add this here. Sesame oil, I’m going to use. Soy sauce. One teaspoon. And sugar, one teaspoon. And just mix. If you make a big batch, you
can do this in another bowl, but today, we make a small portion, so I’m using one bowl,
everything, like this. Add some oil. Onions. And green onion. And then, pinch of salt. So, we keep stir frying
until this green onion, white part is withered. And then, onions look really translucent. So, you don’t have to wash this. Let’s turn on the heat again. Little bit oil. And this time, mushrooms. Also, pinch of salt. So, when mushrooms are cooked, a little juicy and shiny, this one. Transfer this to the bowl. Next, red stuff. Carrot first. 20 seconds, I stir-fry. And then, this red bell pepper. Okay, done. And then, don’t forget this,
our beef and mushrooms. So, shiitake mushrooms are marinated with bulgogi marinade sauce. And then, when you cook this,
it tastes really like… The texture is like bulgogi. We have to stir fry this until
the beef is no longer pink and also mushrooms are well cooked and softened and shiny. I will just use one large garlic clove. There you go. Soy sauce and sugar. One tablespoon, soy sauce. One tablespoon, sugar. Ground black pepper. This is the black pepper. I want to add a lot because black pepper
makes it really tasty. And more sesame oil. (slurps) Mmm. Awesome. Delicious. And then, sesame seeds. Crispy sesame seeds. This is egg. I will just add this here. Oh my, isn’t it pretty! And more sesame seeds. Great! For you guys! I really wish I could share with you guys. Serves four. If you are hungry, two people. (laughs) So, let me taste it, japchae. Today, we made japchae together. Okay. Cheers, everybody! (slurps) Delicious! Sweet. Noodles are really slippery
inside of my mouth. It’s more delicious than usual. (slurps) Mmm. (slurps) People ask me sometimes, “Ooh, Maangchi, when you make japchae, “how come you instead of
just you stir fry all, “everything together, “why just one by one,
individually you cook?” Each ingredient needs
different cooking times, so we have to prepare
these ones all separately. One bite of japchae has so
many tastes and textures. Whenever people make this
one for the big party, always is going quickly. Especially when you go
to a pot-luck party, you brought your dish,
nobody touched this, you’ll feel embarrassed, but japchae is very, very
popular, I guarantee, so make this and share with your family, friends, and co-workers and
everybody (laughs), okay. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye! (upbeat polka music)

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