Jason’s Culinary Dream | Stories from the Street

Jason’s Culinary Dream | Stories from the Street

-First you make a red sauce,
then you cook your meat, depending on what you want. You don’t even
have to have meat. You can have a vegetarian option with, like, eggplant
and spinach. But you layer it with red sauce,
lasagna noodles, and then you layer
cheese and meat and more red sauce
and more pasta and more sauce
and more cheese and meat and just layer it as big
as you want it, put it in the oven, and
hopefully it comes out right. Hi.
My name’s Jason. You may think I’m homeless,
but I’m actually a chef. I went to culinary school
about 10 — maybe 10, 12 years ago. I know when I was younger,
my goal was to have a restaurant by 35 and a family, but I’ll be 35 in November, and that hasn’t worked yet. But I still want to be a chef,
I still want my own restaurant, and I still want to have my own
home and a family, eventually. When I was in cooking school,
my father passed away. Went through a downward spiral
with drugs and alcohol. Got back on my feet. Started working again. Lost it all again when my mother passed away
about two years ago, and that’s where I’m at now. I’ve quit drinking
and I’ve quit doing drugs again. But I’m just out here
trying to survive. It’s tough. Everybody needs to eat,
you know? So I’ll always, like —
When I do get back on my feet, I’ll always have
a job, you know, so it’s just getting from point
“A” to point “B” right now. I have a few friends that’ll — They’ll let me come over
to their house, like I said, and cook, you know. And best part of that is
I don’t have to do the dishes. So…

85 thoughts on “Jason’s Culinary Dream | Stories from the Street”

  1. with about 100,000 subscribers, if soulpancake started a donation program these people, it would be very beneficial. just an idea?

  2. most the time the drug dealers also use or sale to survive. so that's kind of a selfish opinion cause your not thinking about how the drug dealers are not homeless just because they sale.

  3. From what I understand these agencies tend to be understaffed and over-crowded with people in need of help. There simply isn't enough infrastructure in place to take care of everyone in need.

    I really hope that through SoulPancake enough attention is brought to this issue to cause real change in public opinion and government policy.

  4. He has been there and done that. He will rise again and hopefully he will attain his dreams. Even though he has a long road ahead of him; I truly hope and pray he will find his way out. God bless you.

  5. I'm trying so hard to not cry because this man's story is so sad! I have mad respect for him ! All he wants to do is follow his dreams ! YOUR NOT ALONE PAL !! Your never alone ….

  6. Keep up with these videos, I truly believe with this getting attention that change will come. Kudos. These videos are inspirational.

  7. People aren't understanding of others, it's sad. I mean by looking at that guy no one would want to give him a job unfortunately, but if you take the time to get to know someone who looks weird or off or whatever you can meet some if the greatest people. I hope this guy gets what he's looking for.

  8. I am amazed he is still dreaming and hoping! Its inspirational. Never judge people, why they do the things they do, you never know what they are dealing with unless you are in their shoes! He has more strength than I will ever have. I have wanted to give up so many times and thats with a roof over my head, food, clothing and lots going for me! He already is a success in my eyes. To have hope. Thats hard to sustain in the best of conditions. X

  9. This makes me put my own dreams into perspective. I complain to myself about how hard it's going to be for me, but after seeing this guy I have nothing to complain about.

  10. My boyfriend is currently homeless and staying with my family. He has nowhere else left to go because his abusive, alcoholic father has kicked him out. He's lost so many friends in the last 12 months. My family is almost ready to cast him out too and I'm so scared he'll end up in the same situation as poor Jason. Needless to say, this video has made me a little emotional. I hope everything goes right for that man.

  11. I hope this video helps to find him a culinary position. We all need to look out for one another, but too often we close doors before we have a chance to understand what someone's been through. Here's to a brighter future and a place of his own!

  12. Perhaps he can cook at a homeless shelter? They always need volunteers and it might be a great oppurtunity for him, idk. Just the first thought that came to mind.

  13. …sad :/ so much talent, I hope he gets up on his feet again 🙂 he kinda reminds me of gregory house from the tv show house XD

  14. Losing one parent sent me on a downward spiral….I can't imagine losing 2 in a relatively short time. I think you can do it, Jason!

  15. You're saying this as if someone is forcing him to live on the street. People die, sure it's sad but doesn't mean you start doing drugs and give up; he chose to do those things.

  16. It's easy to forget that these folks are people with histories and demons and things to offer. What a cool guy we have here. Always remember the humanity in all of us. 🙂

  17. Don't even bother. These sheep will root for any degenerate in these videos as long as it has that sentimental background music. "Sure he molested kids, killed hookers, and shot speed straight into his jugular for 20 years, but everybody deserves a second chance"

  18. What are you talkin about? "So much talent?" He told us how to make lasagna, my 10 year old son knows how to make lasagna.

  19. Wow he knows how to make lasagna. His culinary expertise is amazing. I don't think this douche even went to school. Don't forget these people lie to stay alive.

  20. Hey souldpancake! I knwo you will never see this but I thought I would just say that your videos are so inspiring and really inspire me to do better things in life. I plan on doing some type of video that is kinda in your stile one day, but keep up the good work! It really is amazing how just a youtube channel can really change peoples views in life!

  21. I wasn't lying, it wasl a satirical comment to accentuate my point Since you agree though, that he lies to stay alive, you have to agree that he is most likely lying to the camera to get some cash from the interviewer. I don't want to start an argument, but even if this guy manages to get back on his feet (which I doubt) he will probably just fuck up again. I mean he's been back and forth how many times now? Fuck 'em

  22. There is always humanity! People have opportunities available for rehab, work placement, and sometimes this is a way to get them there. Not luxury, but a start if it is offered and they take it. It can be life changing. I have seen it happen.

  23. Are you guys just filming heartwarming videos about homeless people to get views, or is there a plan/method to help them. If this is just for the views it's pretty despicable.

  24. I don't think you're understanding the reason for these videos. They make these videos to inspire and help show how that the person on the street that everyone avoids is a human with hopes and dreams just like everyone else.

  25. So, sometimes when extreme trauma hits us we turn to alcohol and drugs to ease the pain. When there's no one to talk to, no one to tell us it'll all be alright. When the pain is so extreme we don't know how else to cope. We can't fix each other but we can help each other. Hold someone's hand, cry with them and most of all listen. We all know what that feels like when we need to talk but there's no one around to listen. If we could do that for each other, there might be one less person homeless.

  26. Brother, if I had my own restaurant I would hire you. Hopefully a restauranteur saw this and you are getting ready for work as I write this.

  27. I live an work for a rehabilitation house in Arizona called TLC. We can an will people like hem no money upfront. Only need is a want to be clean from drugs or alcohol. I came here from ohio a year ago they have help me get my life back. An now I work for them tring to pay it forward an help other in need. If you run accross them man agein. Or any one whom needs help like hem send them are way.

  28. Nobody is stopping you. Walk down your street and talk to some folks, find those for whom you can aid in some way….even if it's just by talking to them and more importaly….listening.

  29. Love these stories and would love to help these people get there lives back!
    Sorry to say these people are not survivors. They have fallen and may never get back up. Just listen to there stories. I think many had it too easy as a child and now as an adult cant deal with the pressures of real life so they fall back. Looking for that safe place but it's not there.

  30. just find some local people who need help It dosen't have to be Jason or any other stories from the streets guy

  31. you look hopeless there. just go to Laos or Myanmar or Indonesia. everthing is cheaper there.. and free

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